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I Thought You'd Never Ask

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Jaime tapped his foot anxiously while he waited for the bell that would signal the end of his school day. He really needed to stop hanging around Bart so much, he was picking up too many of his habits. Jaime had noticed that he’d gotten less patient since spending so much time with the impulsive speedster. Still tapping his foot, his eyes wandered from the clock to his surroundings, and he found another set of eyes already staring at him from across the room.


Usually when someone gets caught staring, they have the common sense to look away and pretend like they weren’t just staring, but not her. Her eyes lingered on his for a little too long, and she winked.


[Prolonged eye contact is a tactic used to assert dominance. Eliminate the threat!]


Jaime ignored his scarab, trying his best not to talk to himself in front of the class. He must have looked terrified of her, but he was pretty sure she wasn’t holding eye contact to assert dominance.


Jaime broke the eye contact after she winked and sunk into his chair, trying not to look as uncomfortable as he felt. He never knew how to act in these kinds of situations. What are you even supposed to do when someone winks at you? Jaime became painfully aware of his facial expressions. Every muscle in his face tensed, despite his desperate attempts to appear relaxed. She probably wasn’t still staring, but he felt like she was. He felt like everyone was. His foot started tapping even faster- even Bart would be proud of how fast he was tapping. He couldn’t wait to get out of here.


Jaime shared a few classes with her, but they rarely talked. This wasn’t the first time he caught her staring, though. It seemed like it had been happening all week. Jaime didn’t know her very well, but she was good friends with one of his best friends, Brenda. She was nice enough, but attention always made Jaime uncomfortable, and he felt like everyone could tell.


Can’t the bell just ring already?


Luckily, he was distracted by his phone buzzing, and pulled it out to see a text from Bart.


Bart: jermano! Where are you right now?


Jaime: it’s ‘hermano’ (eye roll emoji)


Jaime snickered as he sent the text, and his phone vibrated again less than a second after he hit ‘send.’ He was actually glad for the momentary distraction.


Bart: Really? I thought j was like the spanish h? I’m confused


Bart: where are you??


Jaime: that explains why you keep mispronouncing it lol. The h is silent.


Jaime: I’m at school, whydwued


Jaime practically jumped out of his seat when his teacher dropped a text book on his desk and cleared her throat.


“Put it away.” She glared at the phone in his lap.


Jaime quickly put his phone away in his pocket, and once again felt like everyone was staring at him. When he looked around, whatshername caught his eye again. She gave him a sweet smile before reaching for her things to prematurely pack up for the end of class.


Crap, what was her name?


Finally, the bell rang, and Jaime practically scurried out of the room and straight to his locker, almost tripping over himself on the way there. He grabbed his books and turned to head home, but he ran right into whatshername, who had apparently followed him.


“Ay!” Jaime let out a startled yelp and almost dropped his books.


“S-sorry. No te vi.” Wait, why was he apologizing?


Whatshername giggled. “Hey, Jaime.” She looked slightly more sheepish than she did when she was staring at him earlier.


“Hey, uh… hi.” Crap. Don’t let her know you don’t know her name!


“So, the Sadie Hawkins dance is coming up on friday...” Oh no. Jaime knew where this was going.


“Yeah, it is, huh?” He had to have been turning red by now.


“Yeah! Well anyways, I know we don’t really talk much, but I think you’re really cool, and I know this is last minute, but I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go? Like, together?” She bit her lip in anticipation.


“Oh, um, wow… well...” Jaime felt bad. He knew she had been crushing on him for the past few weeks, and he didn’t want to lead her on. She did seem really sweet. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but he also really didn’t want to go to that dance with someone he barely knew. Jaime’s capacity to handle awkward social interactions was pretty much constantly being maxed out because of Bart, and it was really overwhelming. He realized he’d been lost in thought and she was still waiting on an answer.


“I, uh, I don’t want to lead you on or anything. I’m taken. Sorry.” He lied. He didn’t know what else to do. This way hopefully her feelings wouldn’t be hurt, and he still wouldn’t have to go to that dance.


Whatshername looked slightly disappointed, but not upset.


Just then, Jaime felt himself get practically tackled into a surprise hug that almost knocked him over by none other than Bart Allen. Bart had come out of nowhere, and Jaime wasn’t expecting him at all.


He doesn’t even go here!


Actually, Jaime wasn't sure if Bart even went to school at all.


[Eliminate! Eliminate!]


Jaime had to pull his sleeve down and fight back his armour from taking over and attacking Bart over the alarming embrace.


Bart jumped back from the hug and stretched his arms out into the air in his classic ‘look at me’ pose, grinning way too wide.




“Bart! What are you doing here?” Jaime was trying to hide his irritation. Bart could have just exposed him as Blue Beetle in front of his entire school!


Bart ignored the question and turned his focus on whatshername, who was still standing in front of Jaime, looking very amused.


“Who’s this?” Bart and whatshername both asked simultaneously.


“Oh, this is Bart. Bart, this is…” shit. Jaime didn’t know how to play this off. Luckily, she finished before the pause got too long.


“Nice to meet you, Bart! I’m Blanca! Oh! Is this your...?” She looked at Jaime with a brow raised, gesturing in the direction of the speedster, then enthusiastically shook Bart’s hand, “So, I’m guessing I’ll see you two at the dance then? You’re a lucky guy, Bart.” She winked.


“What dance?” Bart tilted his head like a confused puppy.


Jaime opened his mouth to protest, to tell Blanca that it wasn’t like that. That Bart was just a friend, but she looked like she was about to figure that much out on her own. Her smile faded, and Jaime started to feel guilty. Her feelings would be even more hurt if she thought Jaime lied about why he didn’t want to go to the dance with her, so he went along with it. He grabbed Bart’s arm like a lifeline, hoping he would play along, too.


“Blanca… I, uh, I haven’t actually asked yet.” He said under his breath. Then, still maintaining a death grip on Bart’s arm, he asked. “Bart? Do you wanna.. er... go with me? To the dance?” Jaime cringed internally. He was so embarrassed. Bart would never let him live this down.


Luckily, Bart was a good friend, like, a really good friend, and he caught on. Bart clasped his hands against his heart and swooned.

“I thought you’d never ask, mi amor!” He said in a terrible spanish accent, attempting, but failing to roll the r in amor . Then he threw his arms around Jaime way too enthusiastically and planted a light kiss on his cheek, making Jaime’s face flush into a deep red.


A few moments later, Brenda came running up to Blanca and Jaime with an expectant look on her face. She must have known Blanca was going to ask Jaime to the dance. Jaime was a little frustrated that Brenda didn’t give him a heads up, though.


Blanca didn’t look embarrassed as she answered Brenda’s nonverbal question. “Well, I was going to ask Jaime to the dance, but he’s going with Bart, here.” She grinned, looking genuinely happy for them.


Bart slipped his hand in Jaime’s and leaned into him, grinning wide. Apparently, Bart was an excellent actor. Brenda’s jaw dropped.


“Jaime, I had no idea! You never told me!”


“You never asked.” Jaime said, trying to sound cool, but he had probably never been this nervous before. Unlike Bart, Jaime was a terrible liar.


“Well, I’m happy for you. Anyways, I came over here to see if y’all wanted to hang out after the dance. Since it ends at 8, some of us were going to go to a late dinner. You all want to come?”


Jaime started to say no, but Bart squeezed his hand and looked up at him with big green puppy eyes. Bart’s eyes even got extra shiny, like he was about to cry. His lower lip puffed out and his chin gave way to the tiniest tremble. Anyone who could say no to Bart’s puppy face had to be evil . Like, straight up supervillain evil.


Dammit, Bart.


“Okay. We’ll be there.”  








No te vi: I didn’t see you

Mi amor: my love