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Adding Spice

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"Professor!" Harry snapped back.

Severus sighed. "Harry."

"Yes, Severus?"

"What is that?"

"It's a Muggle thing... thought I'd try it." Harry wriggled his orange clad hips enticingly.

"I find I must repeat myself. What is it?"

"It's edible underwear." Harry grinned.

"Edible?" Severus was confused.

"Come and try it out." Harry offered.

Following into bed, Severus touched the garment. "It doesn't feel edible."

"I can just take it off." Harry bit back a sigh.

"No, no. There have been things we have tried that have been pleasurable. This is just... implausible." Severus looked dubiously at the orange garment.

"Then ignore it and kiss me." Harry offered.

Knowing when to give in, he did as ordered. Soon, Harry was between his legs, giving an expert blow job.

Severus tried to not feel too smug when Harry came at the same time, untouched.

He drew Harry up to him and they looked at the ruin that was the edible underwear. Curious, Severus ran a finger through it to taste...

"Blech! What was that?" Severus quickly cast a mouth freshening charm.

"It was supposed to be pumpkin spice." Harry charmed the mess away.

"Next time, I'll be glad to taste just you."