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I pray, sir, tell me, is it possible
that love should of a sudden take such hold?
Per favore, say no
because years and years of hugs, of poetry
Of bruises and scraped knees
made my mind into this mess, il mio amore

Mi perdonato, but it isn’t fair
that the weight of your hand on my shoulder
and your breath in my space
Should taunt me as you speak of her
“I long, I burn, I pine
My cheeks flushed, I nearly breathe, “Me too”

You do not see, mi caro amico,
the yearning in your eyes reflected in my own
And my heart shatters quietly
the pieces gently settling down like rose petals
The blood from my open wound blending in
with the words “I perish” ringing in my ears

I have known you so long
our lives entwined, my existence depends on you
Yet she takes you away
with one appearance, won you before you even knew her
I should not feel this aching
yet tears cannot fall. Non piangere. Sorridere.

I help you achieve her
because I lost you; I never had you
Without your happiness
life is dull and nothing holds meaning
Yet, selfishly my fingers
remain crossed as you court her. Wishing.
Spiacente, spiacente. Perdonami.