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Turning Circles

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The formal part of class had ended, Miss Lee would let the girls have ten minutes of free skating to cool down, but Kate stayed in the middle of the ice working on her figures.

At the sound of May Roberts laugh, Kate looked up to see that a game of tag had broken out. Kate looked back down at the etchings in the ice, wishing she could be part of the fun.

Kate finished the figure and turned to the boards. “Oh my god!”

Rick Tuttle was talking with Miss Lee and Nancy, Kate's Au Pair. THE Rick Tuttle!!!

Kate stood, shocked, as Miss Lee called her to come to the boards.

A tingle washed over her and settled in her tummy, May and the other girls were looking at her now, it was the most exciting moment in her nine year old life!

Kate stepped off the ice and onto the rubber matting.

“This is Kate.” Miss Lee said. “Kate, say hello to Mr. Tuttle.”

“Ah...” Kate took a gulp off air and tried to get her mouth to work, “Hello.”

Rick Tuttle nodded to her then turned to Nancy, “Boy, do we have our work cut out for us.”