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This may be love or a game

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“Robb, can I sleep here tonight?”

“Sansa, you're way too old to be sleeping in my bed.” He feels the bed dip under her weight as she crawled in anyway.

“That wasn't a no.” She giggled as she laid her head on his chest. “Please? Dad's didn't come home again.”

“Fine, don't hog all the covers like last time.” She slipped under the covers, soft skin of her bare legs brushing against his and she lays next to him, smiling in the darkness. It wasn't Sansa's age that made Robb want to refuse her request to stay with him. It was all Theon's fault really. He had sent Robb a link to a porn video and of course he'd watched it like any normal teenage boy. The actress had been the sexiest girl Robb had ever seen, but when Theon pointed out her eerie resemblance to Sansa, Robb had been both horrified and pissed. What kind of bastard sends a porno to his friend because it looked like his own sister? Shame hadn't stopped him from watching it again. Now a month later and Robb had watched the video dozens of times, now he imagined his sister eagerly squirming beneath him as he ate her out. He had watched the video again an hour earlier in fact, and now he tried to focus on anything other than the smell of her hair, and the soft warmth of her body next to his.

She seemed to drift off quickly and after what felt like ages he fell asleep. When he awoke, Sansa was spooned against his chest, his arms tight around her waist. He could hear her sigh, and she seemed to rock against his pelvis, causing all the blood to rush to his cock. He tried to stay still, curious to know what she was doing. He listened to breath hitch and she starts panting softly as she starts to rub in earnest against his erection. Finally he can take no more and he slides his hand down her arm until he reaches her hand, slick between her thighs.

“Robb,” She gasps, “Please.” Her hand falls away and grips his wrist.

“You want me to touch you Sansa?” His other arm squeezes her tight and starts grinding against her ass and presses his lips against her throat.

“Yes Robb, please touch me.” Her head falls back against his shoulder.

He starts by teasing her slit, “Where are your panties, Sansa?”

“I came to bed without them.” She wiggle in his arm a little so she's on her back and her legs fall open for him, “Please Robb.”

He starts to stroke her pearl lightly, “Look at me, sweet girl. Did you plan this?”

She turned her head so they were nose to nose, “Not this. I wanted it, but-” She gasped he applied a little more pressure to her clit, “I just wanted to touch myself in your bed.”

He dipped a finger into her before pressing his lips against her petal soft lips. She's tight around his finger as slowly works himself to the knuckle inside her. She's bucks her hips when his thumb brushes across her clit. “You wanted my fingers in your pussy? Is this what you wanted?”

“Yes, I did. And more. Kiss me again, please?”

He kisses her deeply this time, tongue sliding into her mouth when she gasps as he pushes a second finger and starts pumping slowly, experimenting with curling his fingers. “I could kiss you forever sweet girl. Do you want me to make you come?” She nods, gripping his forearm as she cants her hips to the pace of his fingers. “Say it sweetheart, tell me what you want.”

“I want to come for you. Please, I'll do whatever you want Robb, just please make me come. Your fingers are so much better than mine.” She starts to squeeze her own breasts as she writhes next to him.

“Whatever I want?” He slows his fingers down to a tortuous pace.

“Please Robb, anything.” He bites her neck softly before sliding down her body. He kneels between her legs and kisses the insides of her thighs.

“Your skin's so soft sweet girl,” He laps his tongue at her pearl, grinning when she squirms and moans. “You taste so good, I would kiss you like this forever too.” He buries his fingers to the knuckles and curls them within as he lashes her clit with his tongue.

Sansa cards her fingers through his hair before gripping the back of his head. Her other hand clings to forearm, “Please don't stop, please. I'm so close, I'm going to come. Oh gods, my brother's going to make me come. Robb!” She wails at the end as her hips arch against his mouth and she comes, nails scratching across his scalp. Her body quivers around his fingers and he laps at her release. When she comes down he pulls away and suck the taste of her from his fingers.

He rubs her still spread thighs slowly as she lays sprawled in front of him. “How do you feel sweetheart?”

“So good, Robb. Can I make you feel like this too?” Her question seems innocent, but her fingers are curling in the waistband of his boxers.

“You can. Have your way with me, sweet girl.” He slips out of his boxers and she pushes him to his back.

Sansa kneels beside him before curling against his hip and lays her head on his stomach. She starts to pump her hand up and down his cock before she started to suck on the top half. Her fingers continues stroke his base and shaft and she slowly works him deep in her mouth. “Fuck Sansa, so good. Will you swallow for me, sweet girl?” She moans around his cock and cups his balls as she takes him deep in his mouth. He grips her shoulder and groans, trying his hardest not to buck into her mouth. She works him deeper until finally he's completely sheathed in her mouth, her throat tightening around the head of his cock as she swallows around him. It takes every ounce of self control not to lose himself then, but he manages to hold off and she slowly drags her mouth off his cock, pulling off and lapping the tip and panting.”So beautiful, I love fucking your sweet mouth.” She swallows him whole then, surprising him when he hits the back of her throat and he spills, shooting his seed down her throat.

Once his dick stops twitching she pulls away and sits up, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “How was that?”

Ever the people pleaser, Sansa sounds nervous and he sits up and hauled her into his lap and kisses her, tasting himself when his tongue slips between her swollen lips. “It was fucking amazing. Where did you learn to do that?”

He can't see the blush on her cheeks in the dim light of his room, but she looks away, “I watched some videos, I was curious.” It didn't feel like the whole truth, but he didn't want to shame her. He lays back and pulls her with him, guiding her to rest her head on his chest and he brushes his fingers through her silky hair and listens to her soft breath even out. “Robb?” Her voice is quiet, as if she's afraid to wake him.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Do you think the gods will punish us for what we did? Or do you think that's just something they say so people won't do it because if we had a child together it might not be okay, so as long as you don't have a child, it's fine?” Her words come out in a rush and she props herself up on an elbow to look at his face in the darkness.

“I don't think there are gods.” He reaches out and traces her mouth.

“Does that mean we can do it again?”

“Like right now? I don't know if I'm able sweetheart.”

Sansa giggles and lays her head back down on his chest, “I was thinking tomorrow.”

“I did say I could kiss you forever.” He tried to hide the excitement from his voice at the prospect of fooling around with his sister more, wondering if she would want to go all the way.

“I love you Robb.” She mumbles sleepily before she drifts off, spent.