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The Mystery Murder

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Danny was on the telephone that Saturday morning. It was starting to rain heavily once he put the phone back in the cradle. He didn’t want to look at his girlfriend, Kylie Jones – Blake. He’d just received some terrible news about his mother, Daphne Blake. Kylie didn’t get a close enough of a look at her boyfriend’s face. She wanted to know if it was good news or not.

“Is there anything wrong?” she asked.

Danny’s face began to redden because there were tears coming down his face.

“Call the gang,” he said, crying.

He couldn’t even turn to face Kylie.

“You’re not looking at me, Danny. I’d like to know what’s making you upset.”

“You will hear this awful news once the gang come over.”

Kylie got up from the couch. She turned the television off. She stood up to dial their friends. That’s when she saw Danny in tears. She couldn’t say anything to Danny. The gang were in their houses when Kylie called them to tell them to come over right away. After hanging up the receiver, she headed straight for Danny and hugged him.

“Everything will be all right. Do you want the girls to hear this?” Kylie asked.

Danny couldn’t find a way to answer her, so all he did was nod his head.

“The gang is on their way over. I’ll go and call the girls.”

She’d hung up the receiver a second time when they heard the knocking on the door. Kylie went to the door and opened it.

Kylie had a smile on her face when their friend, Gloria Rogers walked in. The girls hugged as Gloria’s brother, Frank Rogers stood behind her. Danny still couldn’t turn to greet their friends. Gloria felt Frank tap her on the shoulder. While hugging Kylie, Kylie could feel Gloria’s body. Kylie could tell while hugging her, Gloria acted like she was taking a shower since her hair was wet.

Gloria stepped into the apartment. The apartment looked like any other: doorbell (duh), washing machine, kitchen, table, chairs, bathroom, you name it. After Gloria stepped inside, she stood next to Kylie so she could let Frank in. Then he and Kylie hugged when Jessica and Ryan Anderson climbed up the stairs.

Frank and Gloria did notice Danny didn’t greet them right away like he always did.

“What’s wrong with Danny, Kylie?” Frank asked when he and Gloria watched Kylie slam the door after Ryan and Jessica.

“I have no idea, Frank. He hasn’t said anything to me either.”

Ryan walked over to greet his friend. This hasn’t been the first time he’d seen Danny feel down.

Ryan noticed Danny still didn’t make eye contact.

“Is something wrong, Danny?” Ryan asked when the doorbell sounded.

Danny still didn’t turn around, but the only thing he did was to open the door. His three daughters, Claudia, Daphne, and Heather stood in front of him. In all of their lives, neither of the girls had seen their father so upset.

“Now that everyone’s here, why don’t you tell us what has made you so upset,” Kylie told him.

Danny finally made contact to his family and friends with a frown on his face. He felt more tears fall on his cheek. He choked when he found the right words.

“I got this telephone call about Mom. She passed away a week from today. I’ve been told Mom was murdered.”

Everyone looked shocked.

“That can’t be right, Danny. Why would someone want to do that to your mother who worked on several cases?” Ryan asked.

Danny shrugged, since he himself didn’t know how to answer this one.

“No wonder you didn’t tell me right away. We’re sorry,” Kylie said to stand on her two feet and gave her boyfriend a hug.

“Sorry, Daddy,” Daphne said.

“I’ll add this on this week’s church program.”

She remained seated, but could tell her father looked like he didn’t want to be with all of the people around him. She’d been a minister to a big church congregation in town. She’d been very successful.

“That’s sweet of you, dear,” Kylie told her blonde – haired daughter.

Like Kylie, Daphne had blonde hair. They both looked like Kylie’s father, Fred Jones, leader of the original Mystery Inc. Group. Everyone found this news shocking. It was only March ssecond. Kylie made the one announcement.

“Like Dad used to say, ‘Well, gang, let’s split up and look for some clues.’”

There was silence all around the living room. Nobody in the living room could say anything.

“I’m sure we’ll find out who this crook could be who would do such a thing like this to your mother. We’ll have to find out exactly why that crook would want to murswee one of he famous detectives in the country.”

After the gang left, Heather, Claudia, and Daphne decided to stick around for a bit longer and see what they would be useful for. Danny still was in shock when their friends once left.

“Sorry this happened to Grandma, Daddy. We know how close you were with her,” Claudia spoke up for the first time since Frank, Ryan, Jessica and Gloria left two minutes earlier.

Daphne looked at the old grandfather clock as it began to chime ten – fifteen that morning.

“Look at the time. I need to head back in town. We’re doing Bible study,” she told her older sisters and father.

Before heading out of the door, Daphne said, “Daddy, I’m not making you, but I think church should do you good in time like this.”

Then she left.