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365 Days of Writing-A Personal Challenge

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Before I begin, I want to let you know some things about this project.

1. This project is an attempt to save my own life.

Ever since becoming accustomed to my new job and my life post-graduation, I've been struck, over and over, with the feeling that there is no more for me to do, this is the most there is, and that there will be no more.  I know better than anyone that if I want to be happy, I have to accept my life as it is, not living in either the future or the past, and I hate the present I am existing in.

So I'm changing it.

By doing this project, I am giving myself focus, a challenge, a goal to work towards, and something to make each day worth living.

2. This project will feature a lot of disturbing subject matter, so please be wary of the notes at the beginning of each piece.

As you can already tell, I deal with suicidal thoughts.  I also live with seasonal depression (It's winter where I am as I begin this), depersonalization as a way of life, PTSD due to my parents' deaths, and periodic derealization.  I don't plan to explicitly talk about any of these subjects in the future, but they WILL affect my thought processes and ways of dealing with the world, and frankly, noone knows what the future may bring, so it might become important to me to discuss one of those topics in the future.

3. This project is for me.

I am a femme DFAB gender neutral person with a vagina who was socialized as a woman, and is generally perceived as a woman, even though my proper pronouns are xe/xir/xirs/xirself rather than she/her/hers/herself.  I'm also a fat black demisexual with a preference for women and femme people of other genders.

Yes, I AM a special snowflake, the specialest you've ever seen, motherfucker.

If that isn't enough, I'm a poor womanist working in solidarity with POCs who aren't black, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, and polyamorous people, trans and intersex people of all gender identities and presentations, physically disabled people, and mentally disabled people.

My identities and platforms inform my experience and will inform my writings.  I may explicitly address some of it, and some of it I won't, because there are other people who can and HAVE said it far better than I ever could.

4. This project will feature things that are important to me.

There will be poetry, prose, fiction, rants, and diatribes on how the government should run, as well as what I'd do if I had the money for it.

What you're getting will be noted in the notes at the beginning of each piece, and possibly in the title as well, so you CAN skip things you aren't interested to see.

5. You are allowed to disagree with me.

I have very strong opinions on anything I have an opinion on.

You don't have to agree with me.

But I don't have to care about your opinion.

I want you to think my writings are good, but again, this stuff is written for ME.  If you don't like the princess being black, or the princess and the warrior both being women, or you think my fantasies about how the government should work are unfeasible, I do not give a good goddamn.

At best, I will delete such commentary and move on with my life.  At worst, I will mock you, ruthlessly and enthusiastically.

6. I am willing to be called out.

If I've said or implied something offensive to marginalized groups, I will look into my wording and my premise and see how it can be done better.

I don't know everything, and I want to learn.

(If I've said or implied something offensive to men, cisgendered, heterosexual, or white people, it was on purpose.)

7. This work is dedicated to my god and goddess, Hermes and Hestia.


If you've read all this and still want to continue, then please do.

I hope to bring you along on this journey with me, but if I lose you along the way, it was nice to have you for the time I did.