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Three Sided Coin

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The Second Morning

It was a curious thing, waking up with someone else on your bed. Even curiouser was if it happened multiple times. And yet, when Azusa awoke that morning met with the serene sleeping face of Ui for the second time she did not feel bemused at all. Instead, ironically more bemusing, she just felt at peace.

Blinking the sleep from out of her eyes, Azusa sat up, stretching and yawning as she did so. She could tell she was in Ui's room. The lilac walls and general layout told her as much - though what little light was filtering through the thick window curtains made the walls look a muted grey.

It must have been pretty early. The clock next to the bed certainly agreed with that sentiment - it said it was just a few minutes before six in the morning.

Once again, Azusa had awoken due to cold. She didn't move much in her sleep so it was quite easy to pull the blanket off of her. As it stood, half of the blanket was wrapped around Ui. The other half was on the floor with Jun sprawled on top of it. It was easy to guess which of the three of them was the most restless sleeper. The thought put a slight smile on Azusa's face.

Azusa sighed and carefully crawled over Ui. It was tricky business but she managed to get to the other side of the bed without rousing her sleeping friend. After that, it was just a simple matter of stepping around Jun and she'd be free to go about her morning routine.

She exited her room and did just that.


Ui reached the bottom of the stairs and was met with Azusa humming a a tune as she stood at the sink, running water over a small collection of vegetables. The rice cooker was on the table, also quietly humming as it did its work. Similarly, the cutting board was on the counter with a knife set neatly at its side, waiting to be used. Everything was ready.

Ui couldn't help but smile. "I see you've prepared the kitchen for me," she said as she grabbed a second apron from the wall peg.

Azusa shrugged. "No big deal," she said, turning off the faucet and placing the vegetables into a large bowl. "I could have heated a cup of ramen but you'd probably want to cook breakfast regardless. I figured I should probably just do what I could to help."

Ui giggled. "Thank you, Azusa. I can take over from here."

Azusa nodded, untying the apron from her waist. "She's all yours."


Jun stumbled into the kitchen with a drowsy haze still lingering in her mind. "G'morning," she croaked as she took a seat across the table from the blurry figure she assumed was Azusa.

Azusa chuckled. "You are not a morning person," she noted.

Jun made an garbled moan in agreement. She crossed her arms on the table and rested her head on them. "When's breakfast...?"

"Ui, how long?"

Ui's voice called from a short distance. "I'm just about done here but the rice isn't ready yet. Set the table, Azusa."

Directly in front of Jun, there's was the sound of a chair sliding on the floor as Azusa stood up. "On it."

Rice not ready. That was all Jun needed to know. She closed her eyes and let the world fade away one more.

An indeterminate amount of time passed before Jun was roused once again, this time by the smell of food and the sound of people eating said food. A rush of energy entered her system. Her stomach was demanding that she wake up.

Jun raised her head and clapped her hands weakly. "Thank you for the food," she mumbled. After which, she pulled what she assumed was her plate closer and picked up her spoon. She began shoveling large mouthfuls of rice and omelette into her mouth.

The small part of her mind that was fully conscious could hear Azusa and Ui giggle at the way she was eating but she ignored them. The food was delicious. That was all that mattered.


Azusa stood at the door, putting on her shoes. "Sorry we ended up staying the night again, Ui."

Ui waved a reassuring hand. "It's fine, it's fine. I enjoyed the company."

Next to Azusa, also putting on her shoes was Jun who snickered. "If it means eating Ui's breakfast, I'd sleep over every night," she muttered with a smirk.

Azusa hummed dryly at her friend's joke "Let's not intrude on Ui's hospitality, shall we?" She opened the door. "Well, we'd best be getting home now. We'll see you at school."

Jun gave a lazy salute. "Yeah. Later, Ui."

"See you soon. Stay safe you two."

With that, the door to the Hirasawa household closed.

The Fourth Morning

As they waited at the train crossing, Azusa couldn't help but wonder why they were sleeping over with such frequency. It was notable that Ui's residence was closer to the school than either Azusa or Jun's but that convenience was far from enough reason - at least it wasn't in Azusa's mind.

A loud yawn snapped Azusa out of her daze right before the train sped past. She turned to Jun who still looked half asleep. "You okay?"

Jun turned to look at Azusa blankly. "S'okay. Just a little sleepy is all."

Azusa glanced to Ui who stood on the opposite side of her. Ui met her eyes and shrugged. "No reason not to believe her. She's probably fine."

Azusa shrugged as well. "Fair enough."


Azusa sat on the clubroom couch, casually playing a riff of Fuwa Fuwa time on her Mustang. Ui stood at the table, quietly singing along as she poured some tea. Jun was asleep once more, sprawled on the couch next to Azusa.

Jun suddenly stretched, bumping Azusa's side with her head. Azusa stopped playing and frowned in annoyance at Jun. "Ever notice how much Jun moves in her sleep?" she asked Ui offhandedly.

"She does always end up on the floor when we wake up," Ui replied. "You like your tea mild, right?"

Azusa hummed in confirmation as she set her guitar aside. Jun seemed to be snuggling even closer, her head now on Azusa's lap. "I guess you don't want me to play anymore," she grumbled.

"To be fair, you are making a lot of noise while she's trying to sleep. Your tea is ready, by the way. Should I bring it to you?"

"Nah, it's fine. I'll get it."

Azusa gingerly lifted Jun's head off her lap and put a cushion under it. She then stood up and moved to the table.


Azusa rested her chin on her palm as she waited for homeroom to start. Her teacher seemed to be running late and her classmates were starting to get restless. Already she could see some of them standing up and walking to another table to talk to their friends. Much to Azusa's chagrin, Jun was one of them.

"You think she's coming?" Jun asked, taking a seat on the table next to Azusa's. It was a painfully rude thing to do but, thankfully, the person sitting at said table was animatedly talking to the person behind her.

"Maybe," Azusa answered flatly. "Yesterday, she did seem kind of out of it. Maybe she called in sick?"

In an incredible stroke of luck, their English teacher entered the room and announced that their homeroom teacher was in fact sick. He then declared that first period homeroom was now self-study. With that, he left the class to their devices.

"I guess that answers my question," Jun said with a shrug. "Anyway, about last night..."

Azusa rolled her eyes. "No, Jun, you are not allowed to copy my homework."

Jun clapped her hands in prayer and bowed her head. "C'mon, Azusa. Please?"


"Sharing is caring, Azusa."

"Then maybe stop always pulling the blanket off of me?"

Jun raised her arms defensively. "Hey, I have no control over that."

"Of course you don't."

Jun stood, pouting. "Fine. I guess I'll ask Ui then. I know she'll help me."

Two tables over, Ui called. "No I won't."

Azusa smirked and Jun winced. "Dammit."

The Eighth Morning

After a certain point, mornings had become routine. Azusa'd wake up first and get everything ready in the kitchen. Azusa waking up would then wake up Ui who'd make breakfast for them. Jun would wake up at around the time breakfast was ready and they'd eat together, after which, Jun would do the dishes. It was quick, clean, and efficient.

It was that realization that caused Azusa to just stop in the middle of eating.

Jun and Ui glanced at each other worriedly. "Yo Azusa. Something wrong?"

"Don't you think it's weird?"

The two slowly backed away. "What's weird?"

"This!" Azusa vaguely gestured to Jun, Ui, and the table between them. "When did the three of us sleeping together become normal?"

Jun shrugged. "I don't know. Probably the same time I stopped being surprised to wake up in someone else's room? I don't really think it's that bad, to be honest."

Azusa shrunk at this statement. "Well, it's not bad, but..." She shifted in her seat. "I don't really know how to feel about this..."

"Hmm." Ui leaned back on her seat, closing her eyes and crossing her arms. "Personally, I'm just glad I have company. It gets terribly lonely sometimes with sis gone."

Azusa and Jun blinked, sufficiently sobered. The two shared a lighthearted chuckle. "I like the company too," Azusa said in agreement. "Ditto," Jun seconded.

They continued their meal in cozy silence