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Lustful urges of the Faunus

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Blake hurried quickly back to team RWBY’s dorm room, trying not to let anyone notice the flustered look on her face and the awkwardness of her walk. In truth, she wouldn’t have realised if anybody did take notice to her, since her mind was preoccupied with feelings of fear and embarrassment of being caught, and of course, sexual frustration due to her being in heat.

You see, a secret of every faunus is that they, like many types of animals, all have mating cycles. These cycles of being in heat affected the lives of both male and female faunus severely, especially women. Their cycles start when they reach sexual maturity, and happen every month, lasting from a day to a week. For male faunus, they will experience an increased sex drive, giving them the urge to have sex every few hours, and an increase in penis size, with it growing to sizes of at least ten inches and up to fourteen. Female faunus, on the other hand, have more severe changes. They too feel the urge to mate every few hours, but they also experience growth. Their breasts will grow, but the main change is that female faunus also grow a penis when in heat. This penis will grow, along with testicles, in front of their vagina, and grows to lengths between eight and twelve inches.

This was the problem Blake was having now. She had worked out her cycle wrong, and had gone into heat a day before she had expected, which had led to a very awkward situation in the library, when her penis had started growing under the table, and she had been forced to abandon her literature to return to her dorm to ‘take care of her needs’.

As she stumbled through the halls, thankful that they were practically empty at this time in the evening, Blake could feel her member grow hard already. She could usually tuck it back to hide it during the day, but her natural bodily functions had caught her off guard, leading to the situation that she found herself in now.

As she finally reached her dorm, she fumbled with the door, before finally unlocking it, and dashing in, locking the door behind her. As she made her way to her bed, about to rip off her skirt and start masturbating, her eyes caught movement on Yang’s bed. She looked up to the bunk, and yelped, covering her hard-on as she spotted Yang sat on her bed.

“Hey Blake.” She said, not making eye contact, while Blake panicked about what she would do. “What’s with the rushing in? Did you need-” Yang’s question trailed off, as she looked at Blake, and her eyes immediately went to her crotch.

“Erm... Blake?” She asked, putting her scroll down. “What, what is that?” She asked her faunus partner, pointing towards her groin.

“I... I, please, Yang, can you just... leave? Please, there’s something I need to do...” Blake explained, trying to keep her erection discrete, though she felt as though she would explode if she didn’t masturbate soon.

“Blake, why is there a bulge in your pants?” Yang asked, seemingly refusing to budge until she got answers. She jumped off her bed and walked towards Blake, causing her to worry. The sight of Yang’s body didn’t help her situation, with her swaying hips and bouncing boobs only serving to fuel her arousal further.

“P-please, Yang, just give me a few minutes alone and I’ll...” Blake started, but was interrupted by Yang lunging for what she was hiding, causing Blake to stumble back, tripping as she fell against the wall, and Yang fell onto her belly, with her face only a few inches from Blake’s crotch. As yang looked up at Blake, she was greeted with a most shocking sight.

Yang realised that the thing in front of her was a huge penis, at least ten inches long, and it was attached to Blake. It had burst through her underwear, and pushed up her skirt, exposing itself to both girls. Blake realised, and racked her thoughts to think of a way out of the situation, while Yang couldn’t take her eyes off the appendage that was standing fully erect, dripping with precum.

“Blake... you have a... “ yang managed, struggling to her feet as she backed away from her partner, her expression a mix of curiosity and fear.

“Yang... I can explain...” Blake started, resisting the urge to masturbate. “It’s just that faunus... they go through cycles... like, heat cycles, and... this happens to girls. I’m so sorry, but I really need to...” She didn’t finish her sentence, as more precum oozed from her penis.

“So, you were coming here to, you know...” Yang realised, as Blake nodded, shutting her eyes, and unable to resist much longer.

“Please, I just have to-” Blake gasped, opening her eyes as she felt Yang’s hand grasp around her penis, causing it to twitch erratically. She looked up at Yang, who was smiling at her.

“Blake, if you needed someone to get off with, you could have just asked me. I’m more than happy to help.” Yang told her, slowly rubbing her hand up and down Blake’s member, causing the faunus’ eyes to roll back.

“Yang, please, are you sure?” She managed to ask. Yang nodded, licking up the length of the member, causing precum to drip down the length and onto her tongue. Yang proceeded to lift her head to the tip of Blake’s penis, opening her mouth wide as she took the head inside her mouth, sucking the tip while maintaining eye contact with her partner, before she took more of Blake in her mouth. The cat faunus moaned, her eyes clammed shut as yang bobbed her head repeatedly on the first few inches of the penis. As she moved her head further down the member, Blake heard yang gag as the tip of her penis hit the back of her throat.

“Yang, maybe we should,” Blake gestured towards the bed. Yang took her mouth off of Blake’s penis and grinned.

“Good idea.” She agreed, as she lay on Blake’s bed, peeling off her top and pulling her shorts off. Blake hastily removed her shoes, skirt, shirt and bra, so that they were both naked. After making sure the door was locked Blake headed back towards Yang.

Before Yang could do anything, Blake had straddled her stomach, rubbing her penis over Yang’s breasts. She then buried it between them and began to thrust into her tits, rubbing her boobs on her penis. Yang also opened her mouth, so that each time Blake thrusted while tit-fucking her, the tip of her penis entered her mouth. Blake sped up her thrusts, applying more pressure to Yang’s tits on her penis. As Blake thrusted further into Yang’s mouth, yang gagged as the penis once again slipped down her throat, as the blonde squeezed her tits together around Blake’s penis.

After a while, Blake couldn’t hold it in anymore, and released her load over into Yang’s mouth, not only filling her mouth with cum, but also coating both her tits, face and even her hair in her faunus cum.

“Yang! I’m sorry!” Blake apologised, but yang didn’t seem to mind, wiping Blake’s semen off of her face.

“It’s fine.” She told her. She looked down at Blake’s penis, noticing that it was still fully erect. “Do you... need any more help?” yang asked her.

“I usually need to go a few time to finish completely.” Blake explained. Yang looked eager to help.

“Well, kitty cat.” Yang smirked seductively, licking Blake’s cum from her lips. “Knock yourself out.” She gestured to her vagina, to which Blake was happy to oblige.

Blake positioned herself between Yang’s legs, ready to enter her. Her penis was already sufficiently lubricated in both her own cum and Yang’s saliva, Blake quickly entered Yang with all her force, burying more than half her member inside Yang. The Blonde gasped, but Blake didn’t take any notice, busy with fucking her teammate and best friend with her enormous dick. She retracted her penis slightly, before pushing it in even further, almost all the way in, making Yang moan at the slight pain, but mostly the pleasure. Blake’s penis felt so good inside her.

Blake pinned down Yang’s arms to either side of her head, as she thrusted further into Yang with all her strength so that her entire member was inside of Yang. She pulled out slowly, before slamming it back into Yang, who screamed out loud, while Blake ploughed her pussy, neither of them making any attempt to be quiet, as Yang simply lay on Blake’s bed, allowing her partner to repeatedly slam in her vagina with immense power and force.

Yang felt herself build up to climax, before she came, further lubricating her walls, while Blake didn’t seem bothered. As Blake retracted her penis, Yang expected another thrust, but was surprised when Blake grabbed her shoulders and flipped her onto her belly.

“Blake, what are you doing?” Yang asked, with no reply from her partner, who simply grabbed her hips so that her penis was positioned right behind Yang’s pussy. With no warning, Blake began furiously fucking Yang’s pussy from behind. The blonde girl screamed in ecstasy as her pussy was pounded from behind with various fluids from both Blake and herself dripping from her hole.

Blake leaned forward and reached for Yang’s head, grabbing a fistful of yellow hair and pressing Yang’s head into her pillow. Yang moaned into the pillow, as Blake continued to fuck her from behind, all of her ten inches penetrating Yang, as she could feel herself building up to release her load again. Without warning, Blake thrusted hard into Yang, as she came uncontrollably inside her partner, moaning as she dug her nails into Yang’s huge ass, while Yang bit down on the pillow, her eyes watering as she felt Blake’s faunus cum fill her up.

“Oh Blake, that was amazing!” Yang exclaimed, but Blake refused to allow her to get up, as she began fucking her again, pulling out to allow her cum to drip from Yang’s pussy, before ramming back into her partners vagina with all her force. Yang moaned Blake’s name loudly as she took all of her faunus ten inches into her pussy. Clearly Blake wasn’t finished with her, as she pulled out and pressed her member against Yang’s asshole.

“Only one more hole.” Blake said, her voice full of lust.

“Please, give it to me Blake.” Yang groaned. “I want it, i want it so bad!” She begged. Before she finished her sentence, Blake began to push herself into Yang’s asshole.

“So... fucking... tight...” Blake moaned, as she pushed herself into Yang’s ass. She pulled back a little, before pushing forward, building up momentum to fuck her. Yang’s eyes were watering from the pain, but she assured Blake she was fine, and told her to carry on, as the faunus girl fucked her ass with all her power.

Blake released Yang’s hair form her grip, but she kept her head buried into the pillow, and Blake instead wrapped her hands around Yang’s hips, thus increasing the speed of her thrusts, as she was about to cum again.

“I’m so fucking close Yang.” Blake told her, as she sped up her thrusts, not noticing the trickling of blood coming from Yang’s ass. She then suddenly began to cum harder than before into Yang’s ass, filling it up totally with her semen. She pulled he penis out, Yang’s ass dripping with cum and blood, as the blonde collapsed onto the bed exhausted.

“Yang... thank... you...” Blake said, her penis becoming more flaccid now, as she lay next to Yang.

“Don’t mention it.” Yang replied, as she grinned at Blake. The two lay for a while, catching their breath, before Yang spoke.

“Blake, any time you need me to, you know, fuck, just ask, ok?” Yang said.

“Thank you so much Yang. You’re the best.” Blake told her, smiling.

“So, this happens to every faunus?” Yang asked. “So, Sun, Velvet... they all go on a crazy fucking frenzy every month?”

“Yeah.” Blake replied with a chuckle. “Although I wouldn’t mention it to them if I were you.” Yang chuckled, as the two lay in the bed, until they decided that a shower wasn’t a bad idea. Yang offered Blake to go first, since she’d probably have trouble walking for a while.