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Of Knots and Things

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"You can't tie it that way, it'll come loose."

Ryuichi looked up at Ryohei with a slightly perplexed look on his face.


"He's right; you have to use a different kind of knot. Well, unless you want it to...," Keita trailed off, looking thoughtful until Ryohei broke in.

"No, we do not want his clothes falling off in the middle of a photoshoot."


"Stop pouting! It doesn't work on me."

A hand waved in front of the two. "Hello, still here. And still undressed." Ryuichi shifted, one hand on his hip and the other holding the tie. "Fix it, then, if you know how."

Keita reached for the string in Ryuichi's hand, only to be stopped by Ryohei smacking his arm away. He yelped.

"No fair! What was that for!?"

The white material draped around Ryuichi quickly began to look more like the uniform it was intended to, rather than the sheet it previously resembled. Ryuichi's eyes crossed as Ryohei kissed the top of his nose and stepped back, admiring his work and the boy standing in front of him.

"Much better."

"But... why did you get to do it?" Keita fake-sniffled.

"That doesn't work either and you know it. Besides, you would've gotten distracted."

Ryuichi bounced off the table he was leaning against and headed for the door, hooking his arms through his bandmates' and dragging them along.

"Not that I really mind the two of you arguing over me, but we do have a photoshoot to do," he glanced slyly up at Keita. "Plus, if Ryohei got to tie it, that means you get to untie it, right?"


after the shoot...

"Great work today, guys," their manager said as they were going through the pictures. "I guess it was a good thing this was a more fun looking shoot; I didn't think Keita-kun was ever going to stop smiling."

Ryuichi and Ryohei looked at each other and burst into laughter, Keita following closely behind.

The manager just walked away shaking his head. "Boys will be boys."