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After their welcome diversion in each other's arms, Anon and Gibson renew their journey to Argon, no longer feeling distant, and spending their breaks getting to know each other. Their reserves don't recharge as much as they normally would, but they aren't complaining. They're close enough to Argon now that energy runoffs from the city's power plants become more frequent.

Of course, that means their journey takes twice, if not three times as long as it should. But, there isn't a pressing need for them to get to Argon as fast as possible; their only real motivation being the hopeful finding of Tron, and the hope that they can get some sort of direction from the legendary security program. Perhaps even help with the rebellion.

However, the longer they spend together, the less they feel concerned about the problems of the grid. Their world shrinks down to the reach of their arms, and the closer they get to Argon, the slower their steps become, and the longer their breaks last.

Three cycles after their unification, Anon and Gibson find themselves at the outskirts of Argon, atop an outcropping overlooking the city. Instead of its usual stunning blue-white, Argon is glowing orange; a bad omen for the fate of the city, and for their chances of finding Tron.

Above the city sits two massive ships. One, Anon recognizes as the Rectifier, but the other is unknown to either of them. It’s slightly smaller than the Rectifier, and has three dorsal fins that protrude from the body, angled like the feathers of an arrow.

They debate whether to even attempt to enter the city, due to its apparent occupation. There will no doubt be firewalls scanning the disks of any and all programs. Gibson would be identified as soon as they set foot within the city limits.

Anon could enter the city alone, like he did back in Tron City, but he can't imagine leaving Gibson for more than a microcycle, and Gibson feels the same.

"If only we knew someone on the inside," Gibson remarks dismally, after the last idea he had was shot down by Anon. They could think of dozens of ways of getting into the city, but knowing where to go once they were inside was the hard part.

Gibson's remark causes Anon to remember Rocky's parting words to him when he asked where he could find the friendly stripper again: "Well, I've always wanted to see what life is like in Argon. Perhaps we might run into each other there."

"Rocky!" Anon says suddenly, and excitedly.

"What about him?" Gibson asks, jealousy inadvertently affecting his tone.

"He said he always wanted to go to Argon!" Anon says enthusiastically, his glee not helping the twisting feeling in Gibson's gut.

"But, how do we even know if he's there now?" Gibson asks, not really wanting to meet to only other program that can get Anon excited, "let alone how to contact him."

"Oh, right," Anon says, dejectedly, slumping into a sitting position on a pile of rocks.

If it were anyone else, namely someone with more emotional experience, Gibson would have pointed out how overly dramatic Anon is being at the moment. But Gibson has noticed that during their extended trip to Argon, Anon's emotions have suddenly spiked, curiously, soon after their unification; and that they affect him a lot more than Gibson would deem normal.

Admittedly, Gibson's worried. Worried that the amount to which Anon feels could overwhelm Anon.

Gibson is about to approach Anon in an attempt to console him, feeling bad that his questioning of Rocky's whereabouts caused Anon to experience a feeling of disappointment--that is more than likely on the extreme end--when he notices a faint blue glow on Anon's grid-suit. Anon hasn't noticed the glow, having his head in hands.

Gibson turns around to see what is causing the blue glow, and jumps slightly when he sees a circle floating in midair--there isn't really another way to describe it. It's glowing a soft blue, and has a smaller circle spinning from left to right in its center.

Gibson inches towards the circle, curiosity taking hold, until--

"Hello!" The circle says suddenly, in a chipper feminine voice.

Gibson jumps back in response, and pulls his disk out instinctually, taking a defensive stance that Anon taught him.

Anon, recognizing the voice, perks up, and jumps to his feet with a smile on his face, which Gibson doesn't see--not aware of the circle's significance.

"What the hell is--" Gibson starts, but is interrupted when the circle emits a blue light that envelops him, sending a warmth through his body, as the light travels from his head to his feet. He primes his disc in response, the edges humming to life, ready to strike.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Anon says, springing to Gibson's side, taking a hold of Gibson's disc hand, "I know what this is!"

"You do?" Gibson asks, hesitantly.

"Yes, it was how I got into the club," Anon says assuredly, easing Gibson's arm down.

Gibson looks to Anon and then at the circle again, and hears Anon's voice in his head explaining exactly what's in front of him, and wonders why he didn't see it at first. Tentatively, he lowers his disk hand, and deactivates the humming weapon; but doesn't stow it. Just in case.

"So, how does it work?" Gibson asks, examining the circle, but not getting too close.

"Uhm, last time it just scanned me--like it did you just now--and then it expanded into a portal of sorts," Anon explains.

"That easy huh?" Gibson remarks, "so, why isn't it--"

"Welcome programs!" The circle says suddenly, interrupting Gibson, and causing him to jump back into Anon, who chuckles, and squeezes Gibson's arms comfortingly.

The circle then expands to form a blue rectangle, cool and inviting.

"User," Gibson says, ogling the rectangle of cool blue light; approaching and walking around it, curiosity overwhelming his previous trepidation, noticing it can't be more than a millimeter thick, "Where do you think it leads?"

"Rocky?" Anon replies, hopefully.

"Right, it can't be a coincidence that the second we mention him, this thing shows up," Gibson remarks, turning to Anon, "But, can we trust him?"

"Of, course!" Anon says immediately, slightly hurt at Gibson's doubt in Rocky.

Gibson flinches at Anon's immediate response. Jealousy, mixed with guilt at his comment, hits him in his gut. He forces a smile to assure Anon that he trusts him, and reminds himself that Anon chose him.

Anon smiles back at Gibson, and closes the distance between them to plant a kiss on Gibson. He'd come to know when Gibson gets jealous, and uses the kiss to reassure Gibson.

While Anon is disappointed Gibson doesn't trust himself completely to know that Anon only loves him, he's overcome with an immense feeling of attraction to Gibson at his show of jealousy, knowing that Gibson cares enough about him to feel possessive of him; and is curiously feeling aroused at the notion of being owned.

Pulling back from the kiss, Gibson sees a hunger in Anon's eyes that he knows means Anon is aroused, which means that he's been caught being jealous. He can't help it really, he just loves Anon. He loves the wide-eyed curiosity Anon has. Gibson just doesn't want to share.

Gibson and Anon quell the rising need within themselves, knowing they need to at least try to fulfill their intention for coming all this way to Argon, and turn to the rectangle of light that will lead them to a purpose they aren't sure they want anymore; feeling in the backs of their minds, that they already have one.