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Moans from Temeria | Witcher X Reader Smut {RQ - CLOSED}

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1st of July, 2017

Hello everyone, thank you for taking time to visit my work on here. This book is completely dedicated to (only) smutty one-shots including The Witcher characters and you, dear reader!
Feel free to check out every chapter, a lot of them are already up!

How to request:

Requesting a one-shot is fairly simple. I work with the prompt system, which works like this. Below the line, there will be listed a few prompts. At the moment, there are 25 but this will expand as soon as this book gets more popular. In front of every prompt, a number is shown. Simply tell me in the comments the number of the prompt you want me to use and the character you want to be involved. Example given: "I'd like to request 5 - Avallac'h". You are always free to not choose a prompt, if you have an idea you can always share it with me, I am open for other ideas!


1. You may only request one character + prompt until I wrote and uploaded it.
2. Requests that do not include a prompt/idea and are just a name of a character will not be written. I can't do anything with just the name "Geralt" or something!
3. If a character is requested too much, I will change the final few requests of that character to another character. This is to prevent me from writing too much about one and the same character.
4. The request has to be logical, so prompt #9 about the pregnancy won't work for one of the Witchers themselves, since they're sterile. I hope you get what I mean! 
5. This final rule is not obligated, but I would really appreciate it if you would give me feedback after I uploaded the request you wanted me to write. It saddens me a bit that people request something and then I never hear of them again, even though I wrote and uploaded their one-shot. I would love honest feedback, to hear your thoughts, what you liked and eventually disliked about it. It would help me grow as an author and deliver better one-shots later on!



List of prompts, part 2

28. I didn't mean to hurt you  ~ Dettlaff
29. Please, don't leave me again ~ Olgierd
30. I want to try something new ~ Dettlaff
31. I expected you to be much bigger... ~ Dandelion
33. I'm here to say goodbye ~ Regis
34. I don't deserve you ~ Vernon Roche
36. I never knew you were that ticklish  ~ Eskel
37. No strings attached ~ Yennefer
38. I can't make you happy ~ Lambert
42. This is not what it looks like ~ Avallac'h
43. I never knew you had a tattoo there ~ Eskel
44. If you get any louder, you'll wake our kids ~ Dandelion
46. It surprises me that you're into something so kinky ~ Vernon Roche
47. So, is this goodbye then? ~ Avallac'h
48. I never want to see you again ~ Gaunter O'Dimm
49. Isn't this illegal? ~ Geralt
50. I wish it was you instead of my hand ~ Lambert

Character list to choose from ( DO NOT REQUEST OTHER CHARACTERS ):

- Geralt
- Dandelion 
- Vernon Roche  
- Avallac'h 
- Gaunter O'Dimm
- Dettlaff
- Regis 
- Lambert
- Eskel
- Olgierd
- Yennefer
- Ciri
- Triss





> Salvation

> Masquerade

> A Round Of Gwent ft. Lambert and Eskel

> Hard As Steel

> Unheard Of 

> COMING SOON: The Agreement ft. Lambert and Eskel


> Injuries

> You Owe Me

> A Round Of Gwent ft. Geralt and Eskel

> Wine

> Upset  

> COMING SOON: Caught Red Handed

> COMING SOON: The Agreement ft. Geralt and Eskel


> Love Me Like A Man

> Heatwave

> A Round Of Gwent ft. Geralt and Lambert

> Dreamer

> After A Long Day's Work

> Inks and Feelings

> COMING SOON: The Agreement ft. Geralt and Lambert

Vernon Roche

> You're Fucking Mine

> Thunder

> Baby

> Until Death Do Us Part

> Experiment


> Let Me Show You

> First Impression

> Love Is Stronger Than Fear

> Sweeter

> Pain And Pleasure


> Midnight Confessions

> Fluttershy

> Honeymoon

> Naive

> A Final Goodbye

Gaunter O'Dimm

> Wedding Surprises

> During The Storm

> Affection

> Possessive

> Innocence Lost ft. Olgierd



Forbidden Fantasies

> First Time

> Attention

> The Bear And The Honeypot

> What A Play


> Stress Relief

> Like Old Times

> Forbidden Chambers

> The Laboratory

> COMING SOON: I Give You My Heart


> Beast

> Flower Girl

> Innocence Lost ft. Gaunter O'Dimm

> The Oath


> Wherever You Want

> Surprise, You're Mine


> Blissful Hate

> Little Secret ft. Ciri and Triss


> Delicious 

> Little Secret ft. Yennefer and Triss


> Slippery

> Little Secret ft. Yennefer and Ciri


> Joyful Reunion

Morvran Voorhis

> Stiff