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They're Our Parks Now!!

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They’re Our Parks Now!!

Finn and the other Keepers have crossed over into the Magic Kingdom one night to come up with a plan to defeat the Overtakers once and for all.

Finn: (spoken) I think it’s time for a change of tactics.

The lights in the park all go out at once! The Keepers look around confused and apprehensive. Suddenly, the lights in front of the castle come back on revealing Maleficent standing on the stage. The other OTs quickly surround the Keepers.

Maleficent: (spoken) Right you are, Finn! It’s the Magic Kingdom, you know, and with just the right touch…

Maleficent: (singing) This could be quite the place

Jafar: Full of wholesome, happy faces

Cruella: Hanging out

Ursula: Feeling fine

Captain Hook: Where everyone’s a friend of mine

Hades: Inside this evil joint

Cruella: Every guest gets to the point

OTs: This day will live in infamy

            The Disney Parks are history!

            They’re our Parks now!

            They’re our Parks now!

            It’s a fact you can’t ignore

            Shut the rides down

Willa: Lock the doors!

OTs: They’re our Parks now!

            Raise your mugs

            You thieves and thugs

            Join the rabble-rousing crowd

            They’re our Parks now!

Shere Khan: All the coolest cats fit in so perfectly

Maleficent: Every evil queen gets due respect

Chernabog: (spoken) Love your work!

Kaa: You’ll forget your troubles

            Put your trust in me

Queen of Hearts: You’ve had your fun

Playing Cards: You’ve made your play

OTs: But every Keeper has his day

            They’re our Parks now

Pain and Panic: Down and dirty

OTs: They’re our Parks now

Pirates: Me hearty

Hades: What a place for waking dead

OTs: Things are better

Queen of Hearts: Off with their heads!!

OTs: They’re our Parks now

Big Bad Wolf: What a party!

OTs: Join the fun with no regrets

            Only greedy, dirty cheats are allowed

Cruella: Get those Keepers!!

Captain Hook: Game over, Finn!!

Ursula: Hit the road, Philby!!

Jafar: Take a hike, kiddies!!

OTs: They’re our Parks now

            Don’t bother coming back

            They’re our Parks now!!

The Keepers are taken prisoner and are forced to watch in horror as the Magic Kingdom suddenly becomes “The Dark Kingdom”!!