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Run To You

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Sunshine meets Yoon Bum’s eyes when he opened the room’s blinds.


He opened the windows and the soft wind mixed with the lingering smell of their love making last night. Sangwoo was still lying under the covers. His face was serene as he sleeps.


A smile crept on Yoon Bum’s lips. He hummed a soft song as went down the kitchen to prepare breakfast.


He never knew that he’ll end up with Sangwoo after everything they’ve been through together. All those hardships they faced that made their relationship feel like a roller coaster of hell, and now it made them stronger.



Sangwoo was the broken one, and Yoon Bum was the incomplete.


Maybe it wasn’t destiny that they ran toward each other, because it’s normal that people pass by every millisecond, every minute, every hour, every up and down in a million faces of strangers. It’s a wonder how in those waves of unfamiliar faces Yoon Bum’s heart skipped a beat for a person he just gazed upon for a second. He had never seen the man before, but it feels like he had met him somewhere;


Or maybe he did.


In some alternate universe, maybe he did know him. A universe they also met each other, but ended up bitter and tragically.


 Pain revived in Yoon Bum’s heart in a flash of light. It was as if someone was strangling him and squeezing the air put of his lungs. He fell on his knees as he felt the pang on his chest.


He was conflicted with the desire of both revenge and love.


But in the chaos of these conflicted feelings, the man stood in front of him. The man extended his hand which Yoon Bum hesitantly reached out.


“Are you okay?” the man asked, concern was written all over his face.


Yoon Bum blinked a few times before he nodded.


“You should be careful.” The man smiled, his hand was still holding Yoon Bum’s. “It’s a good thing that you didn’t hurt yourself.”




The man’s gaze was still fixed on him. Yoon Bum averted his eyes out of his bashfulness to the stranger.


“I’m Oh Sangwoo.” The man introduced himself, “I feel like I’ve met you somewhere but I can’t remember when or where.”


 That being said, it was as if a door opened up and Yoon Bum decided to appease his out of control feelings to bring the truth into light.


“I feel like I had already met you somewhere as well.”


 Sangwoo’s face flushed and dazzlingly smiled again before he asked, “Do you like cakes?”


Yoon Bum was confused and felt like it was a déjà vu, but he honestly answered anyway that he does.


“Great, would you like to go out with me?” Sangwoo’s question threw Yoon Bum off-guard.


Yoon Bum closed-open his mouth, and gaped like a fish.


Sangwoo laughed and find Yoon Bum’s reaction adorable. “I meant for a cake, go out with me for a cake.”


“Ah…” Yoon Bum awkwardly laughed and mentally beats himself for what he thought Sangwoo meant. “I guess its fine. I’m free this afternoon anyway.”


“Cool, and I also want to get to know you- uh…”


“Yoon Bum.”



It started alright between them. Sangwoo was funny and teasing Yoon Bum a lot and Bum was acting all shy as ever but eventually opens up and grows fond of Sangwoo. As they both unveil each true nature, they both exposed each other’s demon.


 Sangwoo was a masquerade and hides his true emotions, not even letting anyone to get close to him. There were times when he was like an animal that can sometimes be violent, and most times tamed.


Yoon Bum had experienced and endured the pain and bitterness caused by Sangwoo. But, it didn’t stop him from loving the man. He knows that Sangwoo used to break many people in hopes of fixing himself through that in hopes that their broken pieces will fix him up; but none did.

That’s why from that very moment, Yoon Bum promised himself to never leave Sangwoo’s side and patiently wait for the love of his life to accept him.


Their identities in an alternate universe or in the past don’t matter anymore; whether he was a murderer or a stalker it doesn’t matter. Love is red when its fire is ardent, stronger if it’s violent and pure if it’s real.  He loves Sangwoo, and that alone was enough reason for him to hold on.


 Yoon Bum was the type that cowers himself away from other people because he doesn’t feel any sense of belongingness, he was insecure, unsociable, and also incomplete in many aspects. But even though this fact was clear from the very start, even if he won’t be the one to fix Sangwoo he’s willing to break his incomplete self to be someone that Sangwoo can rely on.


It wasn’t as if Sangwoo has ever depended on him, but Yoon bum wants Sangwoo to open himself to him more and be honest of his feelings.


So, even if it took them a long time, little by little they began to understand each other and after many years of storm and sunny days, they were finally together.


Yoon Bum finally found his home, and it’s with Sangwoo.



“Yoon Bum?” Sangwoo descended downstairs, wearing only his boxers. Yoon Bum always find Sangwoo’s bed head adorable. “Why did you get up so early? Its Suday, I thought we could have morning se…”

Sangwoo didn’t finished what he was about to say because his words were caught on his throat when he saw Yoon Bum, in his boyfriend shirt, was frying sunny side ups.


“Good morning.” Yoon Bum smiled at him. It made Sangwoo’s heart race in his chest.


Sangwoo embraced Yoon Bum from behind and lovingly planted a kiss on the smaller man’s neck. “Good morning.”


Sangwoo breathes in Yoon Bum’s scent and he tightened his embrace. “I love you, Yoon Bum.”


“I know,” Yoon Bum smiled fondly again, “and I have loved you from the moment I met you.”


“Really?” Sangwoo asked unnecessarily asked again. He knew what Yoon bum’s response would be, but he loves to hear it over and over again.


Yoon Bum turned off the stove before he turned around and cupped Sangwoo’s face, “Yes, and I will love you forever and always.”


Yoon Bum’s stand on the tip of his toes and lightly pulled Sangwoo’s head down to kiss his lips.


The sky was clear and blue that day, and there were no longer lonely nights for them. Their once lonely beating hearts became one.