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A butcher's prey

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     Reader p.o.v. 

     I flipped through several channels, none of them really catching my interest as I ate my popcorn. My now long hair was pulled into a bun, I'd been to busy to cut it or get it how I wanted, so it just grew out. It now hung to about my waist and mostly got in the way. My finger stopped moving on the channel down button as the news flashed onto the screen. After setting down the remote I reached into my bowl of popcorn and popped a few pieces into my mouth. I lived alone so all I wore around the house was a pair of panties and a large T-shirt. Although comfy it was a bit inconvenient. 

     "A family of six was found dead this morning, foul play is apparent, police are looking into it as I speak" I began tuning out the news man. This wasn't the first slaughter this month, and it was the same M-O as usual. Cut smile, all killed gruesomely in their sleep. I'd taken measures and took up a self defense class much like the one I had when I was little. My phone began ringing, startling me and causing me to drop the popcorn I'd been munching on. After groaning I answered as I began cleaning up the now wasted treat. 


    "H-help please, someone broke in please hur-" My neighbor was cut off as I heard a door breaking down, and then her bloodcurdling scream. Without grabbing my shoes I ran to the door, and then out to my neighbors home. I didn't even bother knocking and went right in to the house. It was quiet now.  Where is everyone??? hurridely I began looking, and soon made my way into the baby's room. Thankfully it was safe. I picked up the little boy, keeping him held close. I kept looking, only to come across the guest room. When I flipped on the light I was met with the mother gutted, and blood drying like paint on the wall. Backing up I ran to the phone.   When I dialed 911 I was met with only the dial tone, the father would be back soon I had to find the killer. After I set the infant in the crib I took a deep breath, and snuck through the house, finding the asshole in the main room. 

I knelt down and began crawling my way over, knowing he wouldn't hear me. From the back I could see dark, shoulder length hair, a white hoodie, and jeans. The hoodie itself was covered in blood, and the scent of it was overwhelming. As I finally made it over I kicked his legs out from under him, effectively making him fall and drop his knife. With ease I was on him and gripping the knife above his throat. 

"You motherfucker.." I couldn't stop my tears as I glared down at the bastards face. He had bleach white skin, a smile carved into his face, and unblinking piercing ice blue eyes. He seemed a bit taken aback as he stared at me. "Give me one reason not to fucking slaughter you like the pig you are!" This guy had killed my friend, hell she was laying dead in the guest room. I dropped the knife, then reared back and punched him in the face as hard as I could. Before I could swing at him again he'd grabbed both my arms and flipped me onto my back, obviously pissed as he held both my hands above my head and put his knife to my neck. His piercing eyes glared down at me, his breathing was a bit heavier before sirens began blaring. Quickly he jumped up and got out through the window, escaping before I could even get up. My heart was racing, when he'd looked down at me an image of a 13 year old boy I used to know came to mind, but he wasn't him. The police busted in and found me laying there, I was questioned rather severely, and told them everything I saw. 

     About eight the next day I was released with a psychiatrist's number. They believed me, as my busted knuckles and slight cut on my neck was proof enough. I made it home, and quickly crashed on the couch before I could even think of locking my door, the sound of a window opening didn't even reach me as I feel into the void of sleep. 

Jeff's p.o.v

I recognized her, I knew I did, but from where?  Noticing her asleep on the couch I went about looking for clues as to where I may find out. As I was rummaging through a shelf, I heard a soft thud and found a photo album on the floor. It had no label, but when I picked it up and flipped it open I found a little girl with a nine year old Liu. An image flashed through my mind of her crying face and I chuckled. Lil (nickname) I finally found you again, just like I promised.  Liu would be her age if I hadn't killed him, she was my little buddy if I recall correctly. Walking over I leaned down and pulled her shirt down slightly revealing a sterling silver chain, with a small knife charm on the end. Definitely my little friend. With a grin I stood up and rubbed my jaw as I recalled her punch from last night. She has spunk, way more than she used to. It was a bit surprising she didn't remember me, but then again I am far mor beautiful than I had been. My hands found their way to her, and I sat and played with her hair. She's all I have left of my brother. Her soft (h/c) locks ran through my fingers like silk. 

"Mmm..." She unconsciously reached up and grabbed my hand softly, holding on without even knowing who I am. 

"Sleep tight firecracker, I'll be back soon..," I gently rubbed her cheek before walking out of the house. This was gonna take some preparation.