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Down the Aisle

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Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own any of these wonderful characters, or even the setting and world of Firefly. They all belong to Fox/Universal and Joss Whedon.
James Norrington and related belongs to Disney, Gore and Ted and Terry.
Setting: Takes place right after Insomnia.
Pairings: Kaylee/Simon, Mal/Inara

Down the Aisle

Chapter 1: The Wedding
Kaywinnit Lee Frye stared in front of the long oval shaped mirror of the windowless room she, and other female members of Serenity were using to change into their pretties and sparklies. After Inara had sent in the sketched out design and the fabric samples to the dressmakers, Kaylee had a few doubts. What if she made more changes in her head, what if Zoe or River did not like their bridesmaid gowns, and worst of all, what if what looked like fantasy come true in her mind, appeared horrible on her.

The doubts were melted away when Kaylee watched herself in the reflective surface and continue to make poses. The top half of her gown shimmered in the light and hugged her chest, while allowing her to breath. Her sleeves ran from the shoulders to her elbows and were the only parts of the gown that contained any ruffles. (Inara had talked her out of gown that was nothing but ruffles) From waist down there were three flowing layers with little white roses sewn at the sides. Kaylee adjusted the small silver tiara, careful to not disturb the hairstyle; Inara had created for her involving rich and bouncy curls, nor the flowing ribbons that were added at the sides.

“Just hope the doc won’t pass out,” Zoe said from behind. “He sees you in this.”

“This isn’t the first time he saw me in a dress,” Kaylee tilted her head back to examine the necklace she had selected from Inara’s collection. The beads of silver and gold, along with the pearls complimented the gown. She was glad she had chosen them instead of something laden with large and colorful stones. It would have appeared gaudy, and clashed, and not to mention hard to find matching earrings.

“Wash was stunned when he saw me in the gown I selected,” Zoe pat her hair. Half of it was piled on top of her head. “ Couldn’t speak for the first ten minutes. It was a simple white blouse and skirt number, nothing like what you are wearing, or what we are wearing.” She pointed to the gown she wore. The material was a shade of lavender at the top that gradually grew darker from collar to hem. The sleeves extended to the elbows and the neckline was a v-cut. There were no ruffles, no poof, no bows or anything.

“Simon isn’t that stupid,” River said, Her hair was styled in what Inara had described as an 18th century style. Kaylee thought it was a good style to have since she would be walking with James, another suggestion from Inara. “Not anymore. He will never not look at Kaylee when she is glittered up.”

“You are not going to threaten him?” Kaylee raised her eyebrows in worry. “I mean if he doesn’t say anything, or maybe something else slips out instead.”

“She isn’t going to threaten her brother.” Inara removed the cap to one of her fancy vase like bottles. “We all are.” She poured a little scented lotion onto her hands before she set the bottle down.

“Oh please don’t.” Kaylee held up her gloved hands. “He is probably just nervous and if he can’t say anything because of what I am wearing means he is looking at me.”

“We are kidding.” Inara smiled as she rubbed some of the lotion on her neck and into her hands. “Would you like some?” She picked up the bottle. “It is better to use than perfume, moisturizes your skin and the scent is not as powerful as perfume.”

“I’m not kidding.” River blinked

“Let me see.” Kaylee brought the bottle close to her nose and inhaled. It had a mixture of citrus and water lilies. “This is nice. I’ll try, but only if everyone can share.”

“I wouldn’t think of not sharing it with everyone,” Inara said.

“Thank you,” Kaylee slid off the gloves and set them on the table before she picked up the bottle. “I’m so glad you are here to help us get all pretty.”

“That is what the maid of honor does.”


Malcolm Reynolds stared into his own reflection in the groom’s room. After hearing about all the details the women were discussing; their hair, their shoes, the jewelry, their makeup, he was glad he was a man and did not have to through all that. Nope, not at all. He and the others just needed the black tuxedo jackets and slacks, button down lavender shirts and eggplant purple neckties. They would have gone with the bowtie, except Simon preferred neckties.

“Why can’t I wear a white one?” Jayne grumbled from behind. He was the last one to finish getting dressed. “Why do I have to wear this color?”

“Because it’s the same colors as the bridesmaid’s gowns,” Simon explained. “Kaylee selected the color of the gowns and she wanted the groomsmen to match.”

“But I can’t wear this color,” Jayne said. “It will cause people to think I’m sly.”

“Trust me, Mr. Cobb. No one will make that mistake,” James said.

Mal tried to ignore them as he ran his fingers through his sand colored hair and checked to make certain he had nothing on or in between his teeth. He could see their reflections. Simon was adjusting his cufflinks, Jayne still held onto the shirt he was supposed to wear and James was fixing his hair. With nothing out of place he spun around.

“Think I’m too manly?” Jayne ran his fingers across his chin. “Think people are smart enough to know I aint into glitter, or dancing on my toes.”

James turned away from the mirror he was using. “Just what are you talking about?”

“You know, sly, rides the pony instead of the Clydesdale, feels like life is a musical.” He threw up his hands in exasperation.

“I thought you meant look cunning.” James turned back to the mirror and slicked his hair back into a ponytail.

Mal bit his bottom lip to keep from laughing. They were still teaching the commodore about the basics of technology, space travel, Chinese and different planet customs. They had yet to graze the surface of slang.

“He means gay,” Simon said before turning back to the mercenary. “And you will wear that shirt, for Kaylee. You will not ruin this for her, for us.”

“Sly means happy?” James asked as he slid the elastic into place. It was a nice change from that old ribbon he used.

“Kinda hard to put these into words,” Mal said. “It pretty much sums up into what you would call, buggery.”

James stared at him for a full minute before turning to Jayne. “Oh honestly, Cobb, it is just a shirt.”

“And you will wear it,” Mal crossed his arms.

“I’ve got it on,” Jayne said after he had slid his arms into his sleeves and continued to complain as he buttoned up the front, mumbling about wearing a monkey suit.

“Just be glad we are not wearing cummerbunds.” Mal adjusted his tie.

“What is that?” Jayne asked as he slipped on his tuxedo coat.

“A little like a belt,” James explained. “More like a pleated sash.” He turned to Mal. “You are still familiar with them?”

“I wore one once to a formal dance with a young woman on Shadow.” Mal smiled weakly at the memory. He hated how his forehead appeared back then because of a small outbreak of acne and the young woman was pretty, if she was a little bit too chatty.

“I wore them to my graduation and school dances,” Simon said before he stood in front of the tallest mirror in the room. “The first one I wore was mint green. What was I thinking?” He shook his head. “I should have listened to River. She said it looked awful.”

Jayne stared at the three of them. “I don’t like the way you three are bonding like that.”

“We were all once part of the HMS Royal Navy,” Mal said.

“Marines,” Simon corrected. “I was a marine.”

“’Least I aint wearing that outfit.”

Mal placed his hand on Simon’s shoulder. “How you feeling, not nervous or anything?”

“Not nervous at all.” Simon inhaled deeply. “I have my vows memorized and I will be officially wed to Kaylee.”

“Just be careful he don’t say an accidental word.”

“What?” Mal blinked.

“I remembers once when we were undercover,” Jayne stood in front of the mirror with his tie. “I had to be a professional electrician. I was afraid I might have said something I shouldn’t.”

“Like what?”

Jayne shrugged. “Like a woman’s part, like boobies.” He pointed to his chest.

“My God.” James stared at him in revolution. “Is there any possibility for you to be even more disgusting?”

Simon shook his head. “No there isn’t.”

“Jayne.” Mal finally had gathered his wits together. “I have a good mind to kick you out of this fine changing room, except for the fact that you are still not ready. Keep your mouth shut during the ceremony.” He sighed. “I have to keep a close eye on him.”

“Zoe is walking with him,” Simon said.

“I got nothing to worry about then.”
Do not worry or even think about what could go wrong. Just think about Kaylee, and how beautiful she will look. The thoughts continued to run through Simon’s mind, as he stood at the tent flap, ready to walk down the strip of carpet, leading to the vestibule. He thought of Kaylee, remembered how pretty she was in that one gown of pastel ruffles. He continued to think of the positive despite the tightness in his chest. ‘ Don’t forget to breath.’

“Son?” The minister raised his graying eyebrows at him.

“Reverend?” Simon blinked.

“It’s time.”

“Of course.” he felt his cheeks and forehead become flushed. He was too busy thinking about Kaylee and the ceremony he wasn’t paying any attention to the music, didn’t noticed the right note where he was supposed to. “Sorry,” he whispered before he followed the minister outside.

They had managed to get rows of benches set up for the guests, several rows of wooden benches and metal folding chairs at the ends. The strip of red carpet was set down the center. Small clusters of flowers were tied to moveable posts set up on the inner sides of the benches and held secure by bows with long ribbons, connecting one post to the other.

It was only when Simon stepped onto it he could see how old and worn it was, with a few areas with the threads missing and a few old stains. He wished it was new, Kaylee deserved a new strip of carpet to walk on, and if they couldn’t get a new one, then possibly one that had a little better upkeep. Hopefully she would not pay the same amount of attention to it as he had, or Leelee will cover it with enough flower petals to hide the troubled spots.

Simon adverted his eyes from the carpet and focused them on the vestibule. The lattice archway was covered in garland and the pulpit itself had to be wheeled out, but the white table skirt hid the wheels. On the left side, the organist’s fingers pressed on the keys, keeping in tune with the string quartet on the right.

He smiled at the guests as he passed by them. Kaylee’s side was filled with what she had said was the entire Frye clan. Simon recognized Kaylee’s mother, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and the friends she grew up with, Monty and his crew were also seated on the right, along with Murphy and the distinguished gentlemen she had befriended at the ball on Persephone.

Zoe’s family sat on the left side, and Simon knew half was the fact there was not enough room on Kaylee’s side, and also because of pity. They were not the only ones. Jonas Hammond and his family, along with Melchior and Brusque were on the groom’s side. Simon’s smile grew when he recognized Petaline and a few other workingwomen from the Heart of Gold brothel, and several of the people he had healed on Verbena, and was that? No it couldn’t be, but it sure looked like Badger. Simon had to blink to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. Hard to believe Badger could appear as a well-dressed individual.

Simon nodded at the minister once more before he took his place at the alter and turned around to face the guests and the rest of the wedding party.

The music changed in tempo as Malcolm and Inara stepped onto the carpet. They walked side by side, each carrying a small golden birdcage. Inara’s bird was a bright red cardinal and Malcolm carried a blue jay. It was Kaylee’s idea to use the birds and they both agreed to the two different birds.

Zoe and Jayne followed. Zoe walked with poignant grace, and pride, not a military pride, but something else made Simon wonder how she walked during her wedding ceremony with Wash. Jayne just walked. He faced forward, did not allow his eyes to linger and continued his pace all the way to alter where he took his place behind Mal and Zoe took her place behind Inara.

River and James were the last two. James was not a stranger to ceremony, although Simon did wonder if he was unfamiliar with this kind of wedding ceremony. His speed was smooth, yet he also did not show any expression on his face. River was well beautiful. Simon hated the fact his little sister as now a woman and the fact that men would see her as a woman. He could not think about that. He had to think about Kaylee. This was their day.

Leelee and Kaylee’s nephew, Robby, walked the aisle together. Robby was careful of the small cushion he carried, along with the two rings placed on the center. Leelee tried to keep his pace, but she kept pausing every now and then to throw a fistful of flower petals in the air, instead of sprinkling it with every step she took.

“Zoe looks a might ‘barrased,” Jayne whispered.

“Quiet.” Malcolm jabbed his elbow in Jayne’s chest.

Simon did not pay any attention to the men on his left, nor did he turn to the right to see if Zoe did look embarrassed. He continued to stare ahead. When the music paused so did his breath, and possibly his heartbeat, until a new song played, the classic wedding march.

“Whoa.” Jayne let out a low whistle.

“I am only telling you one more time to be quiet,” Malcolm whispered.

“She does appear to be quite stunning,” James whispered.

If Simon could verbally agree he would. He could not even turn his head. He didn’t even have enough strength to swallow the lump in his throat.

Kaylee was breath taking. He had seen the sketches and visualized Kaylee in the gown several times. Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw. She appeared so pure, so elegant in that dress, for a brief second he couldn’t picture here as grease covered mechanic. Each of her steps was dainty, and graceful, as if she were walking across glass. The ribbons attached to her tiara fluttered with each step. She did not look at the worn carpet, and only looked at her father twice.

Caleb Frye’s ruddy face still had the roughness of a workingman; even in the fine tailor suit he wore. The fine wisps of his thinning hair were slicked back. He gave his daughter a small kiss on the top of her head before he took his seat.

“Dear father in Heaven,” the minister said once the music had stopped. “I call upon you to bless this young couple on their happiest day. Today we honor the joining of Doctor Simon Tam and Miss Kaywinnit Lee Fry in holy matrimony.”

Simon tried to focus on the words being said by the minister, but he was staring at Kaylee, all his focus was on her. His eyes locked in with her sparkling jade colored eyes. He could smell the scent of her hair, the perfume she was wearing, and the bouquet of flowers she carried.

“Love is the most beautiful emotion, and the love they feel will be united with a single kiss,” the minister continued before he nodded at Simon.

“Kaylee I should have told you how beautiful you were when we first met,” Simon said. “I felt drawn to Serenity and now I know why. We were met to be.” He turned to Malcolm. “The song from this blue jay will not last forever, and even if it did it would not last as long as the love I feel for you.”

Malcolm bit down on the bottom of his lip as he struggled with door to the cage. He was trying to keep from cursing and trying not to shake the cage and frighten the bird. After the fifth cough from the crowd Malcolm managed to figure out how the door worked.

“Thanks,” Simon whispered as he accepted the bird from Malcolm.

“Don’t mention it,” Malcolm whispered back.

With the bird in his hands, Simon faced Kaylee and waited for her line.

Kaylee stood still, unblinking. She was frozen.


“Are you feeling all right, dear?” the minister asked

“I can’t breath,” she gasped.

“Kaylee,” Inara whispered.

“Is she wearing a corset?” James asked.

“Kaylee, exhale,” Inara instructed.

“You are doing fine,” Simon reassured her. He ignored the pricking sensation on his fingers from the bird’s beak.

“Simon?” Kaylee blinked.

“Yes. I am here. We all are.”

“Where is my bird?”

“Inara still has it.”

Kaylee nodded. “I fell for you the moment I saw you,” she turned to Inara who already had the cardinal in her hands. “The cardinal will not always fly forever, and even if it could, it would not last as long as our love.”

They both turned to the alter at the same time and released their birds into the air. The cardinal flew high in the air and continued onward, the blue jay circled around and landed in the nearest tree.

“Simon Tam, do you take Kaylee to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, to honor and to cherish, and to respect, through richer and or poorer, through sickness and health, until death do you part?”

“I do,” Simon said.

“Kaywinnit Lee Frye. Do you take Simon to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, to honor and to cherish, and to respect, through richer and or poorer, through sickness and health, until death do you part?”

“I do,” Kaylee said.

“Do you have the rings?” The minister asked.

“Right here.” Simon selected the silver band with a sparkling pink morganite. He gently took Kaylee’s hand into his own and slipped the ring on before Kaylee placed the band of copper on his own finger.

“Now if there is anyone here who feels these two should not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace.”

Not a single sound was heard amongst the audience.

“I pronounce you as man and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

Simon did not even wait until the minister had finished the sentence. His lips were already on Kaylee’s.