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Warrior Maidens

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Time had become immeasurable to the Amazon tribe as they lived their lives in peace away from man's world; but for one among them the years ticked by in excruciating slowness, filled with want and desire for a beauty that she considered so high above herself, she would gladly give her life away if only asked. She would give anything, if only asked.

Artemis sighed softly while dodging another swing from a deftly handled staff. The ache in her chest had yet to dull even the slightest and she had yet to do anything about it. "I have only myself to blame", she thought to herself while looking at the beautiful, concentrating visage of her raven haired opponent. She dropped to the ground and swept her legs underneath an already jumping Queen Hippolyta. Here the gods had granted her a golden opportunity to be with the one she loves. It was an opportunity that she has been foolishly wasting. When does patience turn into laziness of will? Or is it simply fear?

She quickly returned to her feet, using her own staff as support while jumping to dodge a mid-section kick. She used this dodging move as a platform into a more aggressive head-level kick of her own. Hippolyta's form turned into a graceful swirl of clothing and skin as she evaded by leaping into a back hand-spring.

Artemis wouldn't be able to bare it if those gorgeous blue eyes, which were currently scanning for another opening, were to look at her in disgust if her confession were denied. Not to mention their professional relationship and friendship would be shot. She is after all the queen's right hand woman, a position of great importance to her. Was it worth risking the loss of that precious trust?

"You are not getting tired yet are you, Artemis?" staves clashed. "Not at all my queen, why do you ask?" Hippolyta twirled her staff in front of her, blocking a staff thrust to her shoulder first and then another to her thigh. "Because normally, I wouldn't be able to get past you with this" knocking Artemis' staff to the side with her own, the dark haired woman closed the distance and placed one of her own legs between the red-head's while grabbing her wrist and effectively tossing her partially over her shoulder and onto the ground. Green eyes looked up in shock while blue eyes sparkled with placid amusement.

"Wow mother, I didn't know you still had it in you." Both women turned to the newcomer. They wore identical surprised expressions after seeing who it was. Hippolyta's shifted into a smile while Artemis' blended into her usual impassive expression. The queen offered her hand to the redheaded woman, which Artemis took. Her heart fluttered as their fingers brushed delicately against each other's palms.

"Diana, what are you doing home so soon? Is everything all right?" Diana's amused smile turned sheepish. "Well, you did tell me to visit often" A slight pause "And… Steve and I broke up", the princess said sadly while looking down. The Queen walked over and gave her daughter a warm hug. "Let's go inside and you can tell us all about it". Hippolyta placed a hand on her daughter's shoulder and guided her towards the palace while Artemis followed closely behind.

"We were having an argument about that Candy woman who works in Steve's office. I left to clear my head for a few hours and when I came back he was gone." Sadness creased her brow. "I haven't seen or heard from him since." She let out a frustrated growl "Grrr! Men are so infuriating!"

"Some sparring should get it out of your system". Artemis walked over to stand behind the younger woman and gently squeezed Diana's shoulder in a gesture of comfort. "Or we could always find him and break his legs. All three of them", she offered. "What do you think, Mother? You don't think he's in trouble do you?" The younger dark haired woman frowned with worry. "I think we should reconvene tomorrow after you are more rested. We will be able to sort everything out with fresh minds". "Yes, mother" The tired princess left to retire to her rooms, giving both Artemis and Hippolyta a hug on the way out.

The raven haired queen let out a long drawn out sigh. "I knew something like this would happen." Artemis came around to sit beside her. "We should have never let her go". Green eyes narrowed in frustration, looking at nothing in particular. "I know Artemis, but what choice did we have? She won the contest fairly as was witnessed by the entire Amazon nation." "I know my queen, it was merely wishful thinking. I want to protect her just as much as you do." The redhead hesitated a moment, but decided to place her hand lightly between Hippolyta's shoulder blades. Blue eyes looked into green. They are like purest water, Artemis thought to herself as she had many times before, and found herself wanting to melt into their depths. Realizing that she had been staring, she let her hand drop from its position, lightly dragging her fingers down the back of the woman sitting next to her. An intake of breath could be heard from the raven haired beauty as the result of this touch caused a pleasant electrical emotion to well up inside of her. "Artemis", Hippolyta said softly and gently took the other woman's hand in her own. Pleasantly surprised green eyes met blue again and began to draw closer. "Yes, my queen?" The doors slammed open, startling the two women. They jerked their heads toward the back of the room. "Mother, I found someth-" Diana's words were cut off as a deathly loud explosion erupted from where she was standing. Time seemed to slow again for Artemis as she turned to shield her queen from flames and flying debris with her own body.

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