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Saving my father

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Screams were heard from inside a cave in the underworld. A woman with brown straight hair was lying on the bed in the center of the cave. Pain past through every inch of her body, while she was giving birth. The woman was weak and the birth was early because it had still two months to go, past the screams and crying, a voice of a woman was heard yelled at her daughter to push and hang on a little longer. After an hour or so a little baby was born a little boy with green eyes and brown hair.
Two months after his birth, the boy's mother knew that he was almost as strong as his father and because she couldn't fully understand how his powers work therefore she couldn't train him and teach him the evil ways of her kind because the boy wasn't only a phoenix an elite demon witch and a firestarter but also a witch-lighter. So she decides to give him to his father until his older and have control of his powers.
Present day

On the 25 of the February a Saturday morning. The Halliwell family was eating quietly their breakfast until the doorbell heard, the 16 years old boy and only son of Leo and Piper Wyatt gone to open the door ,and believe me when I say, there was no way to see that coming. There was a baby on their doorstep, after remaining speechless for a few seconds...

"MOM!" Wyatt screams and she ran over to him

"Oh My God" his mother said as she pick up the baby

"Who would leave a baby in our doorstep?"

"There is note in here" said Wyatt as he start to read

"Dear Wyatt,

I know this might sound crazy but this is your son. He born on 25 of the December he is a Christmas baby as anyone could say, he was supposed to be born 2 months later but as you could guess he born early. I really wish I could raise him but my mother don't let me and it's better for him to raise in a place he could use his power without fear. So i give him to you because i know you loved him with all your heart.

With love,

Bianca Perry

P.s I haven't named yet since i won't keep him also i think you have to know that I'm phoenix but NOT an EVIL one."

"He is my son" said Wyatt as he took the baby from his mother

"WHAT!?" said a confused "No way, we'll give him for adoption" and a clearly angry Piper

"No way. I won't let you" said Wyatt and he orb to his room and lock the door. Leaving an angry and slight confused Piper and a very confused Leo running to see what happen to cause an early argument on a Saturday morning.
So this the first it's a little short but it's just the begginning. Review if you like and I update as soon as I can.