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Black Family Magic: Book 1

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Sirius was furious he could tell something was wrong with Harrison (Harry) his precious godson but it did not seem as if anyone else could see it.  He decided that if no one else was going to do something about it he would just have to use Black family magic to correct the wrongs of the last 12 years.  So as Sirius had to watch his godson fall from his broom because of the dementors he griped the wand he had retrieved from the Black ancestral home he called upon his family’s magic. 

Et invocabitis Nigrum Genus magicae praesidio Harrison James Potter-Black et ostende praeteritis et futuris,” he said recalling the words his father had taught him and Regulus. As soon as the words left his mouth Sirius felt magic respond and found himself transported into a room that started filling with people including his brother (Regulus), his cousins (Andromeda and Narcissa), their children and almost every Weasley.  The last person to arrive was Harry and upon his arrival the Weasley twins, Percy and Draco surrounded him to make sure he was alright.

“Why were we brought here and who in toned the family magics protection and why?” Andromeda demanded looking around.

“I did and I did it to protect Harrison.  I believe he has been abused and that Dumbledore knows and is not doing anything to remove him from an abusive home,” Sirius answered only to have most of the adults in the room draw their wand upon realizing who he was.

“Sirius why would you do anything like that when you are after Harry?” demanded Narcissa while standing in front of the children with her wand pointed at Sirius.

“Because he is not after his own godson Cissa. If anything, he is here to protect him from a threat we do not even know about,” Regulus said while getting in between his brother and the other adults.

“There is one way to discover the truth and then after we will discuss what we are going to do.  Sirius will you consent to taking Veritaserum?” Andromeda cut in before her sister or Sirius could responded to Regulus’ statement.

“If you or Reg were the one to brew it then yes I will Andy” Sirius said as he walked over to sit in one of the armchairs on the side of the room across from where Harry was still sitting with Draco and the Weasley boys.  After Sirius was seated Andromeda started going through her potions bag, that she always carried, and pulled out the Veritaserum and uncorked it while approaching Sirius who opened his mouth and let her drop some of the potion on his tongue.  Andromeda stepped back and waited for the Veritaserum to take affect so she could question Sirius.

“Why did you escape from Azkaban?”

“To catch the rat Peter Pettigrew and keep him from harming Harrison.”

“How is Pettigrew alive?”

“When I caught up with him on Halloween 1981 he shouted that I had betrayed Lily and James while holding his wand behind his back which he then used to blow up the street killing all those muggles then he shot a tickling jinx at me and while I was dodging it he cut off his finger and then transformed into his Animagus form which is a rat and fled into the sewers.”

“Why were you chasing Pettigrew that night?”

“Because Pettigrew was the Potters secret keeper and I wanted to capture him and deliver him as a spy to the Ministry.”

“Why was no one ever told Pettigrew was the secret keeper and why did none of this come out during your trial?”

“James and I thought that if everyone thought I was the secret keeper while Pettigrew went into hiding they would be safer and as for my trial there never was one. The Ministry arrived shortly after Pettigrew fled and I was stunned and when I came to I was already in Azkaban and when I tried to ask for a trial I was told that Dumbledore himself testified that I was the spy and the Potters secret keeper.”

“Why did you escape now why not sooner?”

“Because without knowing where Pettigrew is I could not prove my innocence.”

“Are you saying that you discovered his whereabouts while in prison?”

“Yes, during Fudge’s yearly rounds this summer he had the Prophet with him and gave it to me when I asked for it and there Pettigrew was on the front page in his rat form sitting on the shoulders of a boy that the article said was going to back to Hogwarts.”

“Alright I think that we have what we need,” Andromeda said as she got the antidote out and gave it to Sirius.