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Some gay shit right here

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Aaron sighed, checking his phone. It was third block, and his teacher was playing a movie. Nobody was watching it, just playing on their phones. A few seconds later, he got a text. He couldn't help but grin. It was from a boy named Samuel Seabury. The kid was nice, smart, cute ... but sadly, Aaron thought, he had no idea about internet things.

He shook his head at what he saw on the screen. It was a trollface comic from at least 2009. He secretly loved the man, but he knew he had to educated this poor, lost puppy on memes.

[SENT; Seabae] Sam
[SENT; Seabae] Sam that meme is nearly 9 years old
[SENT; Seabae] Here, let me show you a proper meme

Aaron laughed silently as he sent a picture of the pepe frog. Not the most recent meme but more recent than trollface.

He snorted when he got a text back. Samuel seemed very confused.

[FROM; Seabae] A ... frog? Why is a frog humorous?? Aaron what is this???
[FROM; Seabae] Aaron please
[FROM; Seabae] What??? is this???


He rolled his eyes, a fond smile on his face as he texted back


[SENT; Seabae] It's Pepe, duh.
[SENT; Seabae] Nerd <3


Aaron was surprised at how fast Samuel texted back


[FROM; Seabae] '' <3 '' ????
[FROM; Seabae] Excuse me aaron what was ''<3 '' ????

Aaron sighed, typing back

[SENT; Seabae] A heart
[SENT; Seabae] <3 x1000

Now, Samuel took forever to respond. He saw he message but never responded. Aaron chewed the inside of his cheek nervously. When Samuel finally texted back, it was a doge meme, saying things like "much love" "very romance" which caused him to laugh loud enough for the class to stare at him