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Not Quite the Tunnel of Love

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It starts at the Angel Grove vs Midvale football game. The Rangers are only there because they know Lord Zedd is planning something, and the football game would be a great place to cause a lot of chaos.

They’re right, of course. He sends Tengu down to the field and they grab a couple of kids from the Midvale side of the field. To be fair, Midvale isn’t used to alien attacks.

Fortunately, Zedd keeps the two other teenagers on Earth, and just up in an old coal mine in the mountains. The cave is guarded, but Maggie and Zack are quick to notice the Tengu are focusing inward, not just on the attacking Ranger duo. It’s not long at all before Maggie and Zack are at the back of the tunnel system.

The younger blonde teenager is holding off a massive alien snake by firing off laser beams from her eyes. The older teenager is beaning Tengu on their heads with rocks. When the alien python lunges, Maggie grabs at it to keep the kid of out its jaws.

Maggie finds herself constricted and suffocating. Zack is quick to use his Axe, but Maggie’s armor is crushing her and her helmet isn't allowing her to get enough air. She needs to de-morph. She has to risk her identity if she wants to breathe properly.

The armor fades away and she heaves in a deep breath despite the pain of cracked ribs. Zack and the laser-eye girl deal with the rest of the Tengu while the other teenager drags Maggie to the side.

“Thanks,” Maggie says.

“I should be telling you that. Kara can handle herself, but…”

“How about you don’t tell anyone what the Green Ranger looks like, and I don’t talk about the kid with killer eye beams?”

“Deal.” She helps Maggie up once the last Tengu drops. “I’m Alex. Not that it matters, because my mom will kill me for letting Kara try to fight alien birds.”

“I’m Maggie. And would your mom believe Lord Zedd came after her because he knew something was different about her?”

And, damn it, Maggie probably shouldn't find the hopeful look in Alex's eyes so cute. “Maybe? You think that would work?”

Maggie looks at Zack. “Think we can sell it?”

“Considering everything else we get away with, sure.” He sounds completely unconcerned given Maggie can hear Zordon losing his shit through Zack's comms.

Alex turns to where Kara is fixing her glasses. “Please don’t get me grounded?”

“Alien monster wanted to use me for my powers,” Kara says with a firm nod. “I won’t let her blame you for what I did.”

“Thank you.” She looks back at Maggie. “Thanks for the idea.”

Maggie shrugs as they head out of the mines. “Least I could do to keep a pretty girl from being yelled at.” Maggie slams a hand to her mouth, mortified.

Alex blushes crimson but grins. “Pretty, huh?”

Zack nudges Kara. “Race ya to the exit.”

She takes off and he yells after her as he gives chase.

Maggie tries to find the words to apologize but it’s not happening.

Alex takes pity on her and nudges her shoulder against Maggie’s. “Hey, I’m not offended.”

“Okay. Cool." Maggie takes a deep breath. "Sorry?”

“You’re fine.”

Maggie smirks. “Am I now?”

Alex babbles for a moment before glaring at Maggie. “Not fair.”

“All’s fair in love and war.”

“Still on the fence about which one this is,” Alex mutters.

Maggie grins. “Wanna hop off the fence and find out?”

“You know what?” She smiles shyly as they reach the entrance. “Yeah. Let’s find out.”