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The Dragon Family

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Anankos. The great dragon. He helped Valla in it's time of need and burned it into the ground when they betrayed him. They tried to kill him. Him! Called him mad, called him dangerous, when he was the one who brought this country up from it's knees.

So damn them. Damn them all! They were all his pawns now. Living zombies at his disposal. Even his own daughter, Lilith, had turned into a very useful pawn. A pawn born when Anankos was at his weakest point. A burst of lust with a servant girl who was sent by the former king of Valla, Cadros, to deliver him food one night.

Lilith loved her father, adored him even. He made her feel special, above everyone else. Only she was the child of a dragon, only she could turn into a dragon, and only she could enter her father's cave and walk out alive. But Anankos payed the child no mind, as she was half-human from her mother, thus he despised the girl.

When Lilith was little, she would constantly visited his cave, telling him about her life in the castle, working as a servant with her mother, and being among royalty and nobility. He never talked or looked at her, finding her an annoyance.

It once occurred to him that, one day, she could grow as large as he and, if convinced by the people, would try to kill him. To eliminate such a threat he should just kill her now and be done with it. But remembering the last time he killed another dragon, brought up memories of the past that he would rather stay buried. So he let the girl be, and if they were to cross claws then so be it.

However, unbeknownst to him, Lilith would never betray her father in such a way even if her mother told her to. If the people told her to kill him, she would do the complete opposite and destroy the whole capital if they truly wished to have her father's head.

Lilith only wished for him to look at her for once. To look at her with pride in his eyes and be as proud of her as she was proud to be his daughter.

Twelve years later she got her chance.

Her mother had just died the night before and everyone was mourning the loss of a loving servant, friend, and mother. But this was the chance they were waiting for.

That night, the three servants closest to Lilith were tasked with convincing her to negotiate with her father. This was when he first started his rampage on the country. The women, however, had other things in mind.

They barged through her chamber doors and tried to tie her up, but she managed to grab hold of her dragonstone. Though her dragon form was no bigger than a large cat, she still had teeth, claw, tail, and a bit of magic to defend herself. 

The 3 women pulled out daggers, and one said: "Come now, little Lilith, we just want you to come with us."

"And go where?" said Lilith calmly.

"To see your father, of course. I'm sure you've heard what he did to the forest near his cave. We must stop him before he does something that may harm the people!" 

"But he's already done something to the people," Lilith said in a cold calm manner.

"What do you mean, little one?" one of the servants said.

"He's destroyed two villages near his cave and he's already on his way to the next." 

"Who told you this?" The women had worrisome looks on their faces.

"My father. We have a telepathic powers I'll have you know. And he also told me that he's killed King Cardos."

The women stood there in silence, not knowing how to respond.

"He also told me, before he sacked the first village, that while Queen Arete, pities me and would probably never harm me, the servants would try to save their own skins and keep me hostage. But I called him mad. I thought the people who have been with me since birth, the people whom my mother trusted would never betray me like that." 

The blue dragon flew closer to the women, causing them to take a few steps back. 

"But I see now, my mother and I were fools to think so. The only thing we can trust is family, and since my mother is gone, the only one I trust is my father!"

With one whip of her tail, a gust of wind slammed on of the woman into the wall, cracking her skull. Lilith made her dagger fly into the neck of another. The last woman let out a yelp and tried to run away, but Lilith gave chase.

Down the hallway, the stairs, and into the courtyard. She caught up to the maid and made one of the arrows on the ground go through her neck. Lilith felt a bit of pride in her massacre, through it wasn't the first time she's killed to protect herself, she felt as proud as the first time she did. Looking up from the body on the ground, she froze.

In the courtyard, a squad of archers were waiting for her.

"Nock!" shouted one of the archers. The archers readied their weapons. 

"Draw!" All arrows aimed at her. 


"Stop!" said a very affirmative voice coming behind them.

All archers rested their arrows and bowed on one knee.

"Raise," said the voice.

The squad rose to their feet and moved aside. Queen Arete stood in the middle of them staring coldly at the men. Her golden eyes piercing each one their prides, leaving nothing but shame. But her eyes then looked to Lilith.

"Lilith, I'm so sorry." Arete walked hurriedly to her and tried to touch the little dragon but she flew away from her hand. 

"You knew about this?" Lilith asked, the feeling of betrayal still edged in her mind.

"No, I just heard about this preposterous idea from one of my handmaidens, and came immediately. I'm so sorry, little one. Come I shall give you my bedchamber to rest in, no one will harm you anymore. Is that clear men?!" Arete snapped a cold look back at her archer men.

"Yes, your grace!" 

"You are dismissed!" 

"Yes, your grace!" They all bowed and hurriedly went back to their post.

"Come now, Lilith."

The queen tried to place her hand on the dragon but Lilith once again flew away from her touch. 

"Let me go."

Arete stared at her, confused. 

"You're not going to be harmed, little one. You are under my protection, you're not being held captive." 

"Yes, I am. I may not be treated as such but I am. As soon as I leave those gates, your bowmen will be ordered to shoot me down. But that's alright, because you won't be allowing me to leave anytime soon will you, your highness?"

A moment of silence filled between the two. Arete broke it.

"Your father has slain my husband and is laying siege to my kingdom. If there is any touch of sanity left in him it must be through you."

"Sorry to disappoint you, but...," Lilith said sadly, "... my father doesn't give a damn about me. So let me go." 

Arete looked at her with sadness in her eyes with a hint of disappointment.

"Will you truly not stay willingly?"

Lilith shook her head.

After a brief moment the queen said: "Very well, you may leave."

Lilith quickly flew up over the castle walls, leaving behind the bloody trial of the women she thought were her friends, the arrows that almost claimed her life, and the Queen who showed her fake pity. She looked towards the horizon and saw the sunrise.

For a moment she thought to just leave Valla behind and go to the world of Nohr and Hoshido. She could work as a maid in one  of the noblemen's houses for the rest of her life or fulfill her dream to become a dancer. For once she could choose, make her own destiny, her own freedom.

Then, an arrow hit her.

Hitting the ground with a hard thud, Lilith returned to her human form and saw that the arrow was ludged in her shoulder. Looking for where the arrow had come from she saw archers running over the hill towards her.

"Find her! Confirm that she's dead! Queen's orders!" one of the archers said

"Damn, you Arete..." she thought.

Despite the pain in her shoulder, Lilith searched frantically for her dragonstone. When she finally saw a glimmer of it under a patch of grass she reached for it, but a hand grab it before she could.

Looking up, she saw someone who shouldn't even be alive: King Cardos. 

"How in the world...?" she thought.

He was the king, yet different. Luckily, Lilith had been around her father enough to know he liked to "play" with his kills. The vague purple aura around the king was his doing.

"Stand behind me," he said handing her dragonstone to her and summoning his lance.

Doing as she was told, Lilith transformed and stood at the ready.

"By the gods, its King Cardos!" one of the archers said, make all others stop dead in their tracks.

"This young woman is under Valliate royalty protection!" the king shouted.

"Your grace, the queen has ordered the head of this dragon bastard. What protection could she have?" one of the archers asked.

"By decree that royalty must have trail before execution." 

"But your grace, she's not-"

"She is the daughter of Queen Arete's first cousin once removed through a bastard lineage. Laws being as they are, even bastards are considered royalty."

As the king waved lineage and Valliate laws in their faces, the archers were completely stunned. If they fired their arrows, they would be defying the king, for one, and if Lilith truly is royalty they would be breaking the law. And so would Arete for giving the order. 

"Do you truly wish to brake the very laws that your world as soldiers are grounded upon? If so, please shoot me down, as I will not rule over a country that won't even respect it."

The archers looked at each other for a moment, bowed their heads and left.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Lilith returned to her human form. The arrow stuck in her shoulder caused her even more pain now.

"I'm going to pull out the arrow." said Cardos, bending down beside her.

Before Lilith could protest, Cardos placed one hand on her opposite shoulder, a hand on the arrow, and yanked it out. 

Lilith thought the arrow going in was the most painful thing she has ever experienced, but the arrow being forcefully pulled out was definitely on top now.

The pain rolling off her wound caused her to cry out, clutching her shoulder. She thought she might pass out.

"Oh no, your bleeding more than I expected." said King Cardos. As he started ripping off pieces of his clothing to wrap around her shoulder.

Removing her hand , Lilith saw her own blood gushing out of her wound.

Then, she passed out.

Lilith woke up in a cold, damp place. She looked around in a slight panic. The air smelled of mold and burnt flesh.

This was Anankos' cave.

Now knowing where she was, Lilith relaxed, sat up, and looked around wondering how she got there. Her father was nowhere in sight and from what she could tell from the open of the cave, the night had sneaked up on her.

Then it all came flooding back to her.

Her "friends", the arrows, and King Cardos pulling an arrow out of her.

Looking down at her shoulder she was shocked to see that the wound that she thought would be there was not. Her skin had healed completely, not even a bruise or scar where the arrow had hit.

"I see you have my healing abilities." said a deep voice.

Lilith turned to see Anankos, standing at the opening of the cave. 

Walking closer he said, "If you didnt you would have bled to death right there." Pointing at a corner at the front of the cave, Anankos stepped in a pool of blood that trailed from that corner. Her blood.

Shivering, Lilith stood to her feet and said in a very polite manner: "Father, is there a reason you brought me here? Is there anything you require of me?" 

Passing by her and waving her away Anankos said, "No, there isn't, do as you will. But be warned if you get into a situation like that again do not lean on me to rescue you and if you get in my way, bastard, you will die." 

"Yes, father."

Walking farther into the darker parts of the cave, Anankos never looked back at her. Lilith bit her lip and turned away ready to depart. But she quickly turned back around.

"Father, wait!"

Anankos stopped but didn't turn.

She was looking down, gripping her servant's clothes tightly. Tears began to flow from Lilith's eye's, her face looked angry but her voice did not change. 

"You were right. Everyone in Valla, my so-called friends, the so-called good army, the so-called good Queen Arete. All of them deserve to die, each and every one."

Turning around, he stared at her curiously.

"Did you kill your friends out of vengeance, girl?" Anankos almost sounded a bit shocked that vengeance could be in her vocabulary.

Lilith's face lit up in shock and confusion.

"No! Yes? I... I..."

Lilith dropped to her knees and began to sob.

Anankos walked towards her and Lilith raised her head. He removed his hood, bent down and reached out his hand. Lilith's heart almost burst out of her chest. Her father was looking at her. Her!

"Come, my daughter. I have much to teach you." A smile that she didn't even know existed was on his lips and pride reflected back in his eyes. 

From then on Lilith has been a pawn of her father like the others who have fallen to Anankos' might. Now Anankos, King of Valla.

Next, he set his eyes on the countries of Nohr and Hoshido. The ruling kings had no chance against an undead army and one of the First Dragons. Their armies were quickly slain by Anankos' and both royal families were slain by the Valliate king's own hand. Every son, daughter, niece, nephew, or even a person with the slightest suspicion that they could be a decedent of the royal families were put to the sword.

Anankos was finally ruler of the world. The kingdom that had once betrayed him, now laid in ruins. The two countries that once aided it were under his control. For once, his dragon instincts felt at peace...

Then, his sanity returned.

Anankos wouldn't speak or sleep for days on end. He fasted regularly for two years, weeping through most of them. During which Lilith had to rule as princess regent, telling the people that her father was in a long dragon slumber from the years of conquest draining him. 

One day, without warning, King Anankos came out of his bed chambers and flew to Hoshido. He transformed into his human form and uncloaked himself in the middle of the capital square, which was something he only did if he trusted he was safe among those around him. His long blue hair and golden eyes seemed to look into the soul of all those around him. The townsfolk were silent, mothers hurriedly stood in front of their children, and husbands slowly reach for their weapons. 

Anankos bent down on both knees, bowed his head, and spoke two words: "Forgive me." A single tear flowed down his cheeks and he quickly transformed and flew away, leaving many townsfolk either angered by his presence or confused by his words.

Knowing that most Nohrians stay indoors or underground, he next flew back to the Nohrian castle and went through the secret passage underground accompanied by Lilith. Many Nohrians were as silent as the Hoshidians but a bit braver. They growled at him, spat in his path, and one woman whispered insults. Lilith almost killed the woman but Anankos stopped her, saying that they haven't spat on him or told the insults to his face. No one is that brave.

In the middle of the underground passage, Anankos uncloaked once again and bent down to his knees and said: "Forgive me, people of Nohr." Raising his head he looked at Lilith and seemed to also be apologizing to her, not with words, but with his eyes.