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John knew from the moment Claudia told him she was pregnant the child was not his. How could it be when they went on a 'break' from their marriage because of the fights they kept having? 


She wouldn't tell him who the father was, he didn't mind that, even if he was a bit bitter about it. But when he asked if she told the father, she just smiled sadly and told him that; "He'll know the moment my child is born." 


He didn't mind the fact that the child would not be his, he would still treat it (or was is them?) as his own. Claudia herself said that the father would not be able to get involved with the child, although confused, he let it be. If the father didn't want anything to do with the baby, then tough luck buddy but you just gave up the right at being the baby's father.


He told Claudia that and she just smiled sadly, a knowing glint in her eyes. She said nothing, surprisingly.


Because she knew that the man she had layed with would never be able to be a father to her child because of his nature and the law. But she knew he would protect their child (or children) until his fading days. This was his first child after all.


Months passed and they learned the gender of the baby. It was to be a girl, much to Claudia's surprise. She had thought because of her child being a Firstborn it would be a boy, but it looks like she had been wrong.


John had laughed at his wife's face when she learned that little tidbit. She had been so sure of the child's gender that she already picked out a name. She had wanted to name the child after her father, Mieczysław, who died the year before due to frontotemporal dementia, and Erebos for some unexplainable reason. When he asked, Claudia just shrugged and told him it was an inside joke.


"But come oooon~! I had a name picked out and everything!" The Polish woman scowled up at the sky angrily. Thunder boomed (dare he say it) uncertainly.


John eyed her warily. Claudia was a firm atheist so why was she shouting at the sky? And when the hell did it start thundering? "Dear..."


She turned to him looking murderous. "What." She snapped, baring her teeth at him.


"Why don't we just call her Mieczysława instead of Mieczysław? That's not a big difference and you'll still be honouring your father that way." He explained in a soothing tone of voice.


Claudia's face brightened at the idea but she still looked troubled. "Hmm, good idea. But what about her middle name?" 


Before he could even open his mouth her eyes lit up and she grinned. "I know! Her middle name will be Vladís. It's an old Norse name meaning 'goddess of the slain in battle'." Before John could get a word out about the strange and more than a bit morbid name, Claudia continued as if in a trance, "He won't mind. He might even like it. After all, my little Mieczy is a..." She trailed off, staring blankly at the sky.


"Claudia?" John placed a hand on her shoulder, brows furrowed and a frown on his place. His wife blinked and then smiled as if nothing happened.


"What do you say? Do you think Mieczysława Valdís Stilinski is a good name?" She asked cheerfully.


John chalked her spacing out as pregnancy hormones (oh how wrong he was), and grinned. "Not bad, I guess. Though I still think we should name her Leonardo – or, well, Leah in this case." 


Claudia rolled her eyes, "I do not give a damn about your man crush on DiCaprio, we're not naming our daughter after him." 


John sulked.


And that was the end of that discussion.


Months passed by slowly (at least in John's opinion, because goddammit Claudia was terrifying when she wanted peanut butter and jelly sandwich with pickles and dark chocolate, with mayonnaise, she hated mayonnaise) and finally, on a hot night in 1995 Claudia experienced her first contractions. John rushed her to the hospital where Melissa (who herself had given birth in December to a wonderful baby boy she named Scott and declared that he and little Mieczy would be best friends) and the doctors did the rest.


Surprisingly, the birth happened without any complications.


"It's surprising," Melissa later told the new parents, "usually when a woman's giving birth the first time it's really painful. I should know." 


Claudia's eyes shot up and she glanced at the full moon outside the window. In the distance, howls could be heard. The mother smiled gratefully and whispered something in a language John didn't understand, but recognised as Latin.


"Change of plans," Claudia turned to them with a beaming smile, a bundle in pink clutched to her bossom, "her name'll be Mieczysława Diana Valdís Stilinski." John opened his mouth to protest at the ridiculously long(er) (and language confusing, because Polish, Latin/Roman, Norse and whatever the hell his last name is? Polish and Norse and Stilinski had been enough) name, but Melissa beat him to it. 


"Isn't that name a bit..." She fumbled for the right word. She didn't want to offend her friend. A woman out of labour was emotional.


Claudia rolled her eyes. "Ridiculous? Mind blowing? Language confusing?"


Melissa winced. "I was going to say long..." She told the brunette awkwardly.


"Hmph," Claudia stared at her daughter lovingly, "I think it fits. After all, tonight is the full moon and the Brauronia festival."




Claudia smirked. "It's a festival held in honour of the goddess Artemis. Coincidentally, she's also the goddess of childbirth. And Diana is her Roman name."


"I don't remember you being a Greek myth fanatic." Melissa raised an eyebrow. Claudia shrugged. "I'm not. It's more of a genetic thing. My little Mieczy's dad is Greek... And Roman sometimes." Her words caused the two Americans to be highly confused.


Mieczysława Diana Valdís Stilinski was born on a warm Thursday on the fourth of April in 1995, at 02:06:54 am. The birth was surprisingly easy and the new parents were overjoyed. Claudia was smug that the girl had as much (if not more) moles as she did.

(Though John always wondered why she had black birthmarks in the shape of wings on her back. And why some patches of skin were a teakwood colour (though that was mainly in the chest, back, stomach and thigh area).)