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Here we go again...

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They asked me to look after him. Well, they didn’t say it like that, of course. They asked me to keep an eye on him and to ensure that he would guard the vault and not wander around saving the world twice before breakfast. I was flattered. Of all people, they asked “me”, Nardole. I felt important...until I realised that it was probably the worse assignment ever; that and the fact that no one else wanted the job. How do you prevent someone from saving the world when the world needs to be saved? Do they really expect me to become the bad guy in this story by preventing the Doctor from doing what he does best? Where were they when Cybermen appeared from nowhere to claim Earth and its inhabitants? No one moved a finger. They all looked the other way, hoping that the Doctor would save the world.

So yes, Cybermen again. Not their first time around, but this time it was different. They were different. I can tell that when the Doctor saw them, he was shaken. They looked...old. And they were, in a manner of speaking. They had put their hands on a time travel device and had used it to go back in time and prevent their planet to be destroyed. Sadly for them and luckily for Earth, they got it wrong and ended up in the future, unable to go back. That’s what their leader told us when we met. They had located the TARDIS thanks to its unusual time signature. They had a plan and we didn’t like it, especially the Doctor. They told us that they intended on stealing the TARDIS, go back in time and kill the Doctor who had defeated them and destroyed Mondas to save Earth.

The Doctor, our Doctor, wasn’t happy at all.