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The first time Yaoyorozu had met Todoroki Shouto she was fifteen and constantly confused reality with dreams. That fateful day in the coffee shop when she accidentally bumped into him was like a scene from a cliché drama. 

She and her friend Jirou were unconsciously obstructing the door of the coffee shop after Yaoyorozu had pulled Jirou aside to comfort her. That day, Jirou had witnessed her boyfriend of months with another girl. At the time Yaoyorozu almost gave up on love like those of fairytales because the world seemed to continuously remind her of the merciless reality.

Maybe that's why Todoroki's kind smile and sincere apology had made her see him as prince charming. 

Despite being the one who blocked the door, Yaoyorozu received an apology from him. He had apologized because he understood that Jirou seemed to be troubled and that he didn't wish to interrupt their conversation. 

His voice was like music to Yaoyorozu's ears. It was deep and contained a nice husk but felt warm instead of threatening. His looks were top quality however the only thing Yaoyorozu could focus on was his eyes. They were two different shades that seemed to sparkle in the early sun. 

When their eyes met, it had felt like the whole world decided to stop for a few seconds. So, yes, it really had felt like a cliché scene from a drama. Probably the only reason why Yaoyrozu still thought about him even after 5 years had passed. 

"Don't you think it's about time for you to find someone for yourself?" Jirou asked pushing her hair back. They were sitting in the living room of her apartment. 

Momo tilted her head in confusion "Not really, why?" she asked. It was a topic they had talked about before but it always ended the same way. No conclusions. 

Jirou sighed, Momo had noticed her friend getting more annoyed every time the topic came up. 

"Momo, you're almost twenty-one and you've never been in a relationship before!" Jirou exclaimed, her frustration growing by the second.  

"Hey! there's nothing wrong with that" Yoyorozu pouted, she hated when Jirou brought up her age. It was true that at this age most people have been or are in a relationship with someone. For Momo, however, it was more about finding the right person through living her life. If it is meant to be she's sure that person would eventually show up. 

Jirou looked at her apologetically. "There's nothing wrong with that, it's just that I know you think someone might show up eventually at the right time. Of course, you might be correct but I don't think there is any harm in searching for that person as well. Because sometimes they might be so close that we lose sight of them." 

Yaoyorozu knew that Jirou had a point, she couldn't just sit down doing nothing and hope that someone would find her. If it was that easy then surely everyone in the world would be happy. "I know, I understand what you're saying. It's just sometimes I really wish they would arrive in front of me like a prince from a novel or a hero of a comic." 

She looked down at her feet feeling depressed about her own situation. Yaoyorozu felt stupid just by hearing her own words.

Jirou gave her friend a knowing look, "I don't even like those cliché things but even I wish that things like that would happen in reality." Jirou lazily rested her head on the sofa her eyes on the white ceiling. 

A smile formed on her lips when an idea started forming in her head that was usually filled with music. "Remember that dude you used to talk about," Jirou crossed her legs, her finger tapping her chin in thought. "what was his name again? Tokatsu? Tomoya? To-to-something?" 

Momo stared at her friend weirdly, Jirou usually thought of weird things that often got them in trouble. "Todoroki?" Yaoyorozu said despite herself, she was too curious about what her friend had to say. 

"Yeah him! I heard a rumor about a pretty boy who frequently visits this bar I know. They say he has unusual traits that fit Todoroki's appearance. " Jirou said, she's fully aware of how excited Yaoyorozu had become from the little information.

"Didn't you have a crush on him back in high school?" 

Yaoyorozu nodded, after the coffee shop incident she had found out that Todoroki attended a neighboring school. From there on he had started developing feelings for the boy by watching him from afar. She refused to call it stalking, it was merely an observation whenever she happened to be in the same place as him. 

Sadly she had never gotten the chance to talk to him and in their third year, he had disappeared from the face of the earth. That's why she was thrilled to hear that he might be back in town after such a long time. 

"Why don't you pay a visit to the bar, maybe you'll see him there?"




Momo took a seat at the very corner of the bar, she was wearing a pair of glasses and the menu covered her face halfway. A hopeless attempt to not seem suspicious. She kept telling her self that she wasn't here because of what Kyouka had said and only because she wanted to try some alcohol.

She did, however, ask Kyouka where she got the information about Todoroki from. Jirou had only smiled and said It was a little bird. Yaoyorozu wasn't sure if it had been affection in Jirou's voice when she had answered but Momo would be happy if Kyouka had found someone. 

Yaoyorozu kept an eye on her surroundings, deep down she hoped to see Todoroki again. It had been almost four years since she last saw him when they were still teenagers. Now he would be a grown adult. Her heart does a little flip imagining how he would look.  

There's a sound of a door opening stopping her thoughts and her eyes travel to a guy with messy ash-blond hair. The ash-blond has a scowl on as he started shouting at the bartender. Her eyes widen in surprise by the lack of manner the man has. 

"Hey, old man, can you hand me something fucking strong!" The ash-blond said while throwing his legs on the counter. The bartender just sighed tiredly, he seemed used to this treatment. Yaoyorozu decided instantly that she didn't the boy's attitude.

"Bakugou, what happened this time?" The bartender asked. Momo was quietly watching them from her little corner noticing how calmly the elderly man kept cleaning glasses with a cloth.

The rude guy instantly swallowed the drink he got from the bartender in one gulp then slammed it on the counter making her jolt in her seat. "Thanks to fucking Deku, I had to leave the park because apparently, shout too much," the man puckered up his lips and started talking in a whiny way "It scares the kids." 

Momo assumed that he was imitating whoever it was that he called 'Deku'. The man continued his ranting to the bartender that just listened silently. "Fuck him, he always makes that half an' half idiot agree to his shit."

The bartender nodded to whatever the boy called Bakugou said. Most of the conversation one-sided about meaningless things that Yaoyorozu didn't understand. 

Suddenly another blond entered the bar, he had a darker shade of blond from that of the one called Bakugou. The guy immediately walked up to Bakugou and put his arm on his shoulder. He a little less fit than Bakugou but had this playboy look that practically screamed player. Yaoyorozu also noticed that there was something keen to a lightning stripe on his dark blond hair that made her wonder if it was natural or dyed.

"Bakugou!" he called for the ash blond with a bright smile on his features. "There you are, listen, you have to stop getting so mad all the time. You'll seriously grow wrinkles at this rate-"

Momo saw Bakugou furiously give him a glare that successfully made the other shut up. "fuck off Kaminari, I'm seriously not in the mood"

The playboy (as Momo judged) just shrugged and continued on with no care about the scary look given to him. "Anyway, Todoroki is about to head over here so why don't you try snatching him away from Midoriya? I'll gladly help" There's a barely noticeable tease in Kaminari's voice and Momo was starting to question if he was trying to hide something behind it.

Her head perked up at the mention of the familiar name. She didn't pry any further though, instead, she got distracted by Bakugou's crimson eyes. They were very beautiful. 

The ash-blond put down his drink and looked over at Kaminari. A smirk playing across the other's lips.

"Shit face- " Bakugou began, irritation bubbling inside him. Before he could continue the door opened again and this time Yaoyorozu looked up to finally meet the person she had been waiting for. Todoroki Shouto.

He walked in looking exactly like he did 5 years ago only a little more mature and Momo felt her breath hitching just slightly. He was wearing black jeans with a white button-up shirt that seemed a bit oversized. 

Beside him was another person with green hair, he looked to be almost the same height as Todoroki. Yaoyorozu liked his soft green eyes, his appearance felt more pleasant from those two previous guys.

Her eyes followed them until 'shit face' stood up from his seat beside Bakugou. He took two quick steps right up to Todoroki. Unconsciously Momo gripped the menu tighter when she saw how the blond was shamelessly flirting with her ex-crush. The blond lifted Todoroki's chin to look into his eyes as a form of flirting and Yaoyorozu didn't like it. 

"Todoroki, don't you think it's unfair that you spend so much time with Midoriya? What about us? How about you give us some alone time as well?"

It took all of Momo's will power in order for her to not walk right up to the playboy and punch him. Her blood boiled the moment she saw the uncomfortable expression on Todoroki's face. 

Despite her anger towards the blond and his bold actions, she couldn't help notice how Todoroki remained quiet. His expression although slightly uncomfortable didn't actually hold any other feelings. He seemed cold, emotionless and just a little dead.  

She was almost glad when Bakugou pushed the playboy away, that was until the ash-blond grabbed onto Todoroki instead. The Bakugou dude was more aggressive with his actions and slammed Todoroki onto the wall. It wasn't a too powerful push so it shouldn't have hurt much, at least Yaoyorozu hoped it didn't. 

Bakugou smirked as Todoroki tried to avert his eyes with no luck because the ash blond was determined to maintain eye contact. Todoroki made a small attempt at removing Bakugou's hand from his arm but it was futile. He just didn't seem to have any motivation for anything.  

Yaoyorozu had prayed that the green haired male would stop this absurdity happening in front of her. However, as he made his way to them he only leaned onto the wall with a small smile on his face. 

Momo had enough when she saw Todoroki's face twitch in the discomfort of the close proximity of him and Bakugou. She slammed down her menu on the table and went straight up to the boys, they immediately stiffened at the loud sound. 

Without thinking any further, she punched the ash-blond while at the same time grabbing Todoroki and making a run for it. The others were too preoccupied in their own shock to react, but from the pain, on her right hand, she knew that her punch didn't really affect the guy as much as she had hoped.

She heard shouting and curses coming from Bakugou all the way outside of the bar but that didn't stop her from running away with Todoroki. Maybe it had been the fear of losing her own life or perhaps the adrenaline just kept her going.

After a while of walking, she stopped to catch her breath almost forgetting Todoroki whose hand she was still holding. To her surprise, he was looking at her reddening hand which she had used to punch Bakugou.

Still, he didn't say anything to her and just remained quiet. She felt a little disappointed because Todoroki's voice was one of the main reasons she had come to like him in high school. 

His expression wasn't easy to read either, she would have been confused if not for the gestures he made. He was holding the injured part of her hand gently and looking up at her making her wonder if he was worried about her.

"Are you perhaps worried about this injury?" She found it weird as to why he would care for a stranger like her in the first place. Sure, they used to see each other around the town but they never really talked. Just a small acknowledgment at times from the nicking of the head at each other when passing by. 

He nodded then looked around until his heterochromatic eyes landed on a water fountain. Luckily for them, they had walked all the way to the nearby park that had fine decorations and useful stuff like a water fountain. 

He pulled her gently to the water fountain to cool off the redness forming on her knuckle. She could only stare as he treated her hand with the cool water. A blush started to form on her face but she was too focused on their hands touching to care. 

It took her years to come this far with her crush, she wanted to cherish it. 

After he had finished he got out a small notebook from his pocket, there was a pen attached to it that he pulled off. He began writing something on it then showed it to her when he was finished. 'Thank you for what you did earlier, you really saved me from them'

Momo stared at the note with confusion, why would he write instead of speaking directly? Yaoyorozu knew he could because she had listened to that sound for so long during high school. No stalking, of course. 

"N-no problem, what was that about, though?" She doesn't ask about it, preferring to tread cautiously. She was aware that it might have been a sensitive subject, so she decided to focus on the scar on his left eye. Momo didn't remember seeing it before he disappeared in their third year. Unfortunately, Momo felt that the scar might have had something to do with his disappearance. 

Todoroki shook his head, there was a very tiny smile on his lips that Momo thought she was just imagining in her desperation. 'Don't worry they're friends, it's just them being playful. I have to ask though, we've met before right?'

Momo had hoped deep down that Todoroki would not recognize her again. She wanted to make a better first impression. However, for her, it seemed that it was one bad impression after another. Especially considering she had just punched her crush's friend. She didn't really regret it. 

She was about to deny any possible relation that the two of them might have when she was stopped by a familiar voice. 

"Well, hello again punching princess, I think we have some unfinished business."