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I'm Sorry, Omi

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Kaoru looked up from his book at a grunt of annoyance from Omi.
“What’s wrong?” he asked his boyfriend. Omi looked at him, pointing accusingly at the blank screen in front of him
“It’s this damn computer. It keeps crashing.” Kaoru frowned and got up, going over to stand behind the hacker’s chair.
“That’s odd. I’ll go see how Hide’s system is.” Omi grunted in agreement and Kaoru made the short walk to the student council office. He knocked softly on the door and it was answered by Tetsuya Niwa, who grinned down at him.
“Ah, hello, Queenie. What brings you here?”
“Hi, King. Omi’s computer is acting up and I was wondering if Hide-san was having similar problems?”
“Ok, come on in. Hide, Kaoru’s here to see you.”
“Why?” the usually cool bluenette demanded almost angrily
“Hide-san, does your computer keep crashing? Because Omi’s--” the other boy grinned
“Aha! So it’s not just me, the dog’s is crashing too?” Kaoru nodded, surprised at the change in character. “Then it’s the electrics. The wiring or signal must be wrong or-” there was a knock at the door and King answered, allowing in a very distressed-looking Kazuki, wearing his ‘chairman suit’
“Oh, Kazu- I mean, Mr. Chairman. Can we help you, sir?”
“No, Niwa, I don’t think you can. Everything’s going wrong. Every department’s equipment is lacking or declining in some way and we’ve already gone over this year’s and next year’s budget with the refurbishments in the dining hall.. Plus, I’m going away on a conference so I won’t be able to attend the council meeting next week to ask for sponsorship.”
“I can go in your place if you want, Kazuki-sama.” Kaoru offered, smiling at the taller boy. Kazuki grinned
“Really? Oh, that would be so helpful, Kaoru-chan! Thank you so much.” Kaoru smiled more
“My pleasure, sir.” He said with a small bow.
“Bah! We can’t waste our Queen’s beauty on a boring financial meeting. Kaoru-chan, I can go.”
“No, no, Niwa-san. It’s no trouble, really.” King grinned and ruffled his hair, at which he squeaked and brushed it back to normal with his fingers “What about in the meantime? Omi can’t last a day without hacking something.”
“He can use the back-up laptop in the tech lab, I’m sure Umino-sensei won’t mind.” Kaoru smiled and nodded
“Ok, thanks. I’ll be going then.” He said, leaving, heading back to Omi, who was close to a mental break down “Omi, you can borrow the back-up laptop from Umino-sensei.” Omi nodded and stood up, wrapping his arms around Kaoru’s waist and bending down slightly to kiss him. Kaoru blushed and smiled, kissing back softly.
They went to Umino’s lab together, hand in hand, and knocked on the teacher’s office door. There was a meow from Tonosama.
“What is it, Tonosama?” asked a sleepy voice then the door opened, revealing a dozy Umino-sensei, who was rubbing his eyes “Oh, hi, guys.. How can I help you?” he asked, stifling a yawn and letting them in
“We were wondering if we could borrow the back-up laptop for the treasury, Umino-sensei. The system’s gone down.”
“Oh, yes, of course.. Where did I put it…?” he asked himself, looking around with a finger on his chin. Tonosama mewled at him and nudged his leg forward with his head then jumped on a pile of papers stacked high. The pile collapsed, revealing the back-up computer sitting on a forgotten table. “Oh, well done Tonosama!” he cried, picking up the overweight feline and feeding him a treat, which the cat ate greedily, licking his lips. Kaoru smiled and picked up the laptop
“Thank you, Umino-sensei, sorry for waking you up!”
“Oh, that’s ok, I was just dozing. Bye-bye!” he said, shutting the door, they could hear him talking to Tonosama as usual. They walked back to the Treasury and set up the laptop when Kaoru remember something
“Oh! I almost forgot, I’ve volunteered to fill in for Kazuki-sama in the board meeting next week.” Omi looked round from his stoop as he logged onto the system, frowning
“Really? Why can’t he go?” he asked, standing and facing the smaller boy
“He’s going to a conference and can’t make it so I’m going for him. What’s the big deal?”
“Well…I just don’t want…. *Sigh* never mind..” Kaoru frowned at his boyfriend but decided it was nothing. He smiled and kissed him. Omi blushed dully and hugged him with a smile, kissing him back and dominating. Kaoru moaned quietly and his thin arms wrapped around the taller boy’s neck. He felt Omi’s deliciously large hands grasp his hips, bringing him closer.
“Say, Koaru… What would you say to going back to my room for some…us time?” Omi asked, smirking down at him. Koaru looked up at him with a smile and kissed him again. When they parted, Omi spoke “I’ll take that as a yes.” He said. Koaru nodded, pulling him back down for another kiss. Omi grinned into the kiss and picked his lover up by the butt, hooking his legs around his own hips. Koaru giggled lightly and tightened his hug around Omi’s neck. Omi carried Koaru with ease to his room, getting a couple of knowing smirks from Niwa et cetera on the way. He let them in, pressing Kaoru against the door as he did so, and they were almost instantly on the bed, practically ripping each other’s clothes off.
“Ah! Omi, h-hurry..!” Koaru cried, his eyes misty and lips pink and swollen from kissing. Omi grinned, pulling down his underwear heatedly, quickly inserting two fingers into his lover’s entrance. Kaoru mewled and groaned loudly, his hands clutching Omi’s shoulders and arm as he moved his fingers inside him “I want yours!! Please thrust your big cock inside me, Omi!!” he screamed.
“Sure, princess, whatever you want, baby..” he said, his voice low with pleasure. Kaoru blushed deeply and shuddered, close to exploding already. Omi pulled him up by the butt as he stood, holding him as they kissed and he fingered him, Koaru moaning and gasping against him. The smaller boy pulled away, panting harshly, his hips squirming against him
“Omi…put it deep…deep inside.. Please!” Omi grinned and kissed him again, removed his fingers and positioned himself against Koaru’s entrance.
“Ready baby?” he asked, whispering in his ear and making Koaru shiver.
“Y-yes..! Do it now..” he panted, his arms tight around Omi’s strong neck. Omi nibbled on his shoulder, moving the skinny hips down onto his hard member. The tip entered his tight entrance fairly easily, making Koaru cry out. “Oh- Ah! More, please put it all in!” Omi grinned and thrusted into his lover, filling his passage completely with his shaft. Koaru screamed in pleasure, his body twitching and convulsing with ecstasy. Omi felt himself harden further and laid them both back down on the bed, pleasuring his beauty all over while they made love “AH! Omi, I love your big cock inside me!” he cried, his hands in his soft silver hair.
“Koaru, you’re so good today!” Omi gasped into his ear, kissing him
“That’s…because…I love you..!” he panted, cheeks pinker than his hair. Omi grinned and they kissed passionately, both grunting against each other. Soon they were both at the edge and Omi pulled Koaru up so the smaller boy was in his lap, still thrusting into his sweet spot and making him cry out every time. “O-Omi…I need to..”
“Me too, Kaoru.. Together, baby..!” he hissed, holding his skinny body close as they neared climax. Omi quickened his pace, stroking Koaru’s straining, leaking member in time with his deep thrusts until they tipped over the edge, crying each other’s names as they came.
They flopped onto the bed, panting. Omi slid out of Koaru, letting the cum ooze from him as he shivered with pleasure.
“That…was…great..” Omi said, playing with the ends of Kaoru’s long pink hair. The smaller boy smiled and nodded, leaning over to kiss him.
“I love you, Omi.”
“I love you too, Koaru… Want another round?”
“In a minute..” he said, panting quietly. Omi smiled and kissed him gently, hugging him close as they revelled in the pleasure and security of each other’s bodies.