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Split Movie One Shots *Only The Sexy*

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*Scarlet's voice in dark letters*


Well the days finally came and The horde now had two new girls to give to The Beast.

Patricia had been on Dennis a lot lately trying to keep track of what he was up to lately because of his very odd behavior, she even talked to the Beast but not getting anywhere with it.

Dennis was ready to face the girls with all the things that had happened that past week with Scarlet, Or so he thought..


The Girls were sitting next to each other on the bed holding each other in fear. He comes in unfolds his folding chair and wipes it off with his cloth and then sits down. Not fully looking over at the girls yet, trying to remember the task at hand. That's when he glances over at them.

It's almost funny the looks on their faces, their eyes blown wide and their lips quivering. Holding each other like it's really going to help them.

He brings his hand up to his face and pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs deeply.

"Boy they look so young and fresh, don't they Dennis?"

He sighs and begins the speech to them. "You are here for a great purpose.."

He then smacks his face and rubs his hand down it. "Mmm Young and soo wet"

"Ahhh!" Dennis yells out grabbing his head and stumbling to the door and going into the computer room slamming the door behind him.


Dennis looks into the mirror at his refection, breathing harder.

Patricia says "What on earth is wrong with you Dennis?!"

"Nothing's wrong! I'm fine dammit, just leave me be!" He yells grabbing his head again.

That kind of scares Patricia off and she leaves him.



He closes his eyes, his fists tight. "Dennisss" "Please...stop.." He tells Scarlet.

"Don't be such a scaredy cat.."   "I'm not!"  "Scaredy cat!"   "Ahhh!!" He screams.

"Oh don't be such a big baby.. Go play, have fun, be a man. Stop giving in so easily to people telling you that you can't have what You want most!"

"Give in to your desires.. Feel them..Embrace them. Be the strong one in the game again."

He was getting a little tired of everyone treating him like he wasn't the strongest and biggest anymore ever since The Beast came, things had changed.


Dennis runs his tongue across his bottom lip and steps back into the room with the girls.

 He's standing their and one of them gets the guts to try to attack him and jump at him trying to hit him, he grabs her and runs her into the wall hard. She's struggling but it's not helping her. The other girl ran into the corner of the room and got down. Freaking out.

Dennis still had the one girl in his grip "You think you can try to escape?!" She's all teary and he's staring into her eyes. "Dennis kiss her. Take over"

He then takes a hold of the girls face with both hands and kisses her deeply. She struggles some but in a few moments her hands stop gripping his shoulders and fall limp to her sides. Her body relax's.

He rips her shirt open, buttons flying everywhere and he drops to his knees kissing down between her breasts down her stomach. His tongue licks her skin, and his hands come up and squeeze her breasts. "uuh" She breathes out.


"You're doing so well"

"I know you love to worship them. Unlike the Beast he just wants to tear their sweet bodies before you can have your fill. How shameful."

"mhm" He mumbles as he's licking the girls torso slowly. His hands come up and unbuttons her pants and he pulls them down her legs and throws them on the bed. The girls pussy is right their in front of his face. "Taste her Dennis"

Dennis's hands grab her thighs and brings her legs up to rest on his shoulders, and he dives right in, his mouth on her wet pussy, licking and sucking on her. The girl is struggling to breathe as Dennis keeps tonguing her. "ahhuhh" she cries.


The other girl in the corner see's Dennis's hand come up and give her the come here motion. She slowly gets up and walks over to them. He snaps his fingers and points to the bed. She sits down.  He grabs the girl he's working on and picks her up and lays her on the bed with a thump.

The girls are laying next to each other both in a daze staring up into his blue eyes.

"Mm fuck those filthy Impure's *laughing* " 

He bites his lip and unbuckles himself and takes himself out, The girl that was in the corner he takes a hold of her legs and pushes himself into her. She cries out "It hurts" He looks at the other girl and says "You rub on her and get her wetter"  The girl looks at the girl that's being fucked and reaches down and rubs her clit. The other girl is a on edge but finally gives in, enjoying the feeling.

The girl starts moaning under him that only makes him thrust harder into her, the other girl looks up at Dennis with dilated eyes, biting her lip as she rubs the other girl. He smiles at her and brings his other hand over to her and starts fingering her. "Ahhuh!!" She moans.


"Look at them Dennis, this is your dream come true.. Two young girls becoming women because of you. Oh look at them crumble beneath you. Their bodies aching and burning with desire."

His body shakes as he feels the power of what he's doing surge through him.

They actually like him and are not making fun of him. They love it.

The girls are lifting their hips up to meet his fingers and cock inside them, wanting to feel it all. They are moaning out "uhh! ahh!" "Fuckk uuh!" one of them shouts. He thrusts faster and feels it coming hard and fast.

"OOh yes! Cum! Claim them! Set them free!"

Dennis pulls out fast and spills his seed all over their torso and chests with his head thrown back with a loud hungry groan.


The girls are laying their still, both breathing hard. They stare up at him, feeling the high.


Dennis can't believe this just happened.

"Such a naughty boy you are" Scarlet giggles wickedly.