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Split Movie One Shots *Only The Sexy*

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Claire can hear Dennis yelling "Hey!" down the hall. She comes to find lockers on the side of the wall and opens one of them and gets in.

She hears him coming and tries to keep quiet as possible . He runs past her and she thinks he's not going to find her and breathes a little, but then his face appears in front of the locker staring at her.


Making her jump. "I thought I lost you" He says in a breathy voice. "You uh, can you step outside please." He walks the other way and turns back.

He takes a deep breath and starts buttoning his shirt. " You like to make fun of us, but were more powerful then you think. Step outside please."

Claire opens the locker and steps out slowly with a pained look on her face.

He shakes his head "You shouldn't trick children, that shows who you are." His face then looks down to her shirt " and licks his lips "Your sweater, it's's dirty..Remove it."

She looks down and takes her sweater off and hands it to Dennis slowly as she tries to cover her breasts.


He looks at her up and down and rubs a hand over his head "I'm trying to be good"

She just stares at him.


"That's why, I must let him out to take care of you." Dennis tells her. He goes to his knees and yells as The Beast takes over his body. His veins stick out and his muscles becoming bigger.

Claire is terrified at this point about ready to bolt but he then gets up and grabs her my the throat and lifts her and slams her against the lockers. The back of her head hits hard making her cry out.

The Beast is staring at her breathing hard, He licks her cheek tasting her. "Your going to taste so good when the time comes. Impure."

She's tearing up now breathing hard.


He smiles at her. "Until then, I'm going to be satisfied in a different way." He rips her skirt off and underwear. He lifts her up and wraps her legs around him.

"Pleasee no please!" she cries. "Oh hush, just enjoy while it lasts. Your lucky I'm giving you this before eating you." He slides her pussy down his rock hard cock. She cries out "Noo uuhh!"

The Beast starts lifting her by the hips up and down at a fast and hard pace. making her make a little noise every time she comes down on him. "Uhh!"


He's grunting and closes his eyes enjoying the feeling. He thrusts hard into her hitting her sweet spot. She starts feeling it, and can't help letting out a moan.

He smiles at her knowing she's bending to his will. "uuh! uuh! fuck.." she moans out.

The Beast bites at her neck while he thrusts, letting the blood come rushing into his mouth. Lapping it up like a wild animal.


The Beast lasts a good while not slowing down. Claire is panting at this point her muscles getting a sore but feeling so good. "oHH please! pleease!" She moans loudly.

The Beast throws his head back feeling the rush coming. He reaches down between them and rubs her clit fast making her cum. "ooohahh!" She moans with her eyes closed.


He thrusts hard into her 3 more times and cums hard spilling into her, his hands gripping her ass cheeks hard. His growls very primal sounding.


They are both breathing hard. He then slides out of her and drops her, her knees hitting hard against the hard floor.


The Beast looks down at her and a wicked grin appears on his face. "Be happy, you get this in your last days before your death."

She can't even look at him and is breathing hard. His cum and hers slowly dripping down her thighs onto the floor.

"Dennis will take you back. Goodbye impure and enjoy being worthy enough to have felt my greatness."


He leaves her then. Dennis comes back and walks her to the closet and locks the door.