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Split Movie One Shots *Only The Sexy*

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*In Kevin's head*

Everyone's asleep in their chairs except Dennis and Barry.


Dennis - "Barry?"

Barry - "Yup, what is it Dennis?"

Dennis - "Can I ask you something?"

Barry - "Shoot"

Dennis- "Why... do you have to keep making such a mess in the computer room?"

Barry - "Dennis, It's not tat bad, seriously." He turns back to what he's doing.

Dennis- "Dammit Barry!, You made a mess! There's pencil shavings everywhere and marker marks on the desk!" His face is red.

Barry - "Dude, relax, it's not that bad. Just calm down."


Dennis - "Don't tell me to clam down, You do this all the time!"

Barry - "Dennis, just shut it okay."


Dennis makes a growl sound and jumps on Barry grabbing him and they start rolling around on the ground getting into a fight.


Barry - "Dennis stop it! Your pinching me! Ow!"

Dennis - "Don't be such a pussy, Barry!" he says as he punches Barry in the face.

Barry- "Son of a bitch!" he hits Dennis back in his face cracking his glasses on one side.

Dennis - "Fuck!" He gets pissed.


Barry gets a little freaked out, he really doesn't want to fight like this. He tries to think of something to calm Dennis down fast. Anything.... And an idea pops into his head.

Dennis is about to hit Barry again and Barry grabs Dennis by the shoulders and then Kisses him hard. Dennis just stops.


Dennis - "What was that?" He asks wide eyed.

Barry - "A way to get you to stop and settle down."


Dennis feels confused and sits on the ground. Barry gets beside him and pats his back.


Barry - "Look I know you been stressed out lately, and that makes other things even more painful to face. But right now I want you to relax and trust me. Will you trust me? Dennis."

Dennis - "Okay" he says with a sigh as he closes his eyes.

Barry - "Just relax and close your eyes, okay." He lays Dennis back so he's laying down.

Dennis - "What are you going to do?"

Barry - "I'm going to relive your pinned up stress"


Barry unbuckles Dennis's pants and unzips them.

Dennis grabs Barry's wrist.


Barry - "Just trust me, when it's over you will feel much better." he says in a soft voice.

Dennis lets go of his wrist. Barry slips his hand into Dennis's underwear and pulls out his cock wrapping his hand around it. He starts jerking it off enough to get get Dennis hard.

Barry leans down and whispers in Dennis's ear.

Barry - "If it helps, think of naked girls dancing, since you like that so much. Think of how they move swaying their hips side to side."


Dennis grits his teeth then.

Barry leans down and starts licking Dennis's cock around the tip swirling his tongue around and around.

Dennis makes deep groan sound in his throat.

Barry then licks the under side of his shaft and then puts his lips around it and pushes downwards taking his cock all the way in his mouth.

Barry starts bobbing his head fast sucking and taking it out and licking it once in awhile teasing.


Dennis - "Dammit Barry don't tease me!"

Barry -"Gosh okay sorry. Relax."


He goes back to sucking him off. His tongue licking along the shaft while sucking.

Dennis is trying hard not to moan or make any noise but he can't help himself.


Dennis - "Fuuck..uhh" he moans.

Barry - "Let it all out big guy."

He moves faster with his mouth then it finally happens. Dennis cums.

Dennis - "UUHH!" He moans.

A lot of It shoots hard into Barry's mouth catching him off guard a little on how hard it hits the back of his throat. He gags a little and has to split and he coughs a little.


Dennis is breathing hard.

Barry - "Damn Dennis, what have you been doing? Saving it up or something?"

Dennis chuckles at that.


Barry - "You feel better?"

Dennis - '' Yeah, I think I do." he says with a sigh.


Barry scoots up to him and kisses his forehead.

Barry - "Good, I'm glad I could make you feel more at ease."


They walk over to their chairs and sit down.

Dennis - "Thanks Barry" He smiles.

Barry - " No problem. Just think how much greater it will be when you use the body being with someone."

Dennis - "Oh believe me, I do." He turns his head and falls asleep.