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Split Movie One Shots *Only The Sexy*

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Dennis had taken 3 new girls for the Beast. Holding them in 3 different rooms this time.

One was a little more womanly then the other 2, she had long black hair that was silky and her eyes sky blue, she had a very curvy shape and fair skin.


Patricia comes in to check on the girl and give her something to eat. The girl's sitting on the bed staring at her with those big blue eyes.

Patricia sees something in her eyes she can't place, but she's also a little intimidated by them.

She sits the tray down next to the bed on the table. The girl turns her head and looks up at Patricia and smiles.

"Your not going to give us a hard time are you young lady?" Patricia asks her.

The girl says "Where is he?"

Patricia looks at her and raises a brow in question. "Who do you mean? Dear."

"You know exactly who I mean, the one you wait for." The girl says to her.

"You don't need to know anything at this point my dear. But you will soon."

The girl jumps on Patricia and bites Patricia's arm. Patricia screams out in pain and knocks her off of herself and runs out the door.


15 mins later.

Dennis comes in angry. He's got his hands in tight fists and has a sneer on his face.

"What the hell did you do?!" he comes towards the girl then stops seeing her sitting on the end of the bed with her legs open with a smirk on her face.

He sees blood on her hand and mouth from biting his/Patricia's arm. She looks up at him and then puts her hand near her mouth and licks off the blood off her fingers slowly.


Dennis at this point is a bit shocked. She gets up from the bed and walks over to him.


Eyeing him up and down she puts a hand on his shoulder and runs her hand all around him as she walks around his body leaving a little line of his own blood on his shirt from her fingers.

He swallows hard not sure how to react. "Wha..what are you doing?"

She gets really close to him and leans in and lifts her leg and wraps it around his hip and leg.

Her hands on his chest rubbing in circles.

The girl leans in and kisses him her tongue entering his mouth fast and he feels like he's being devoured within a kiss.

Dennis feeling himself get hard. While her crotch rubs up on his groin hard.


He shudders a little when she nips his tongue and sucks on it.

"Do you like that Denniss" She hisses in his ear. The way she's making him feel is like being drugged. Almost in a haze of lustful passion.

"Your for the Beast not me" Dennis tries to tell her in a breathy matter.

She whispers "I know I am, but doesn't mean I can't have fun with you awhile." She nibbles his earlobe. "Uhh fuck" He moans.


The girl smiles with bloody teeth and pushes him onto the bed and gets on top of him.

Her hair looks wild now and her eyes are bloodshot. She looks like a wild animal.

Without warning she rips his shirt open and then claws at his pants. Ripping them to shreds.

Dennis is a bit freaked out now, but then she starts licking all over his chest and nipping at it.

He says "But I found you for him, I can't let you do this." She licks his neck and sucks on it.

"Oh poor Dennis, Don't you know? You didn't find me. I found you. Iv'e been looking for you and your horde for years now." She grins.

"Who are you?" Dennis asks.


"I'm the The Beast's Mate. I'm the hordes mate, and Protector of Kevin." She tells him.


Dennis gets wide eyed. He can't believe what she's saying.


"You don't believe me do you Dennis? Here let me show you" She takes a hold of his hand and leads him into the room with other girl.

The blonde girl looks weak laying on the floor. She leans in and starts grabbing at the blondes torso and clawing at her skin making the blonde scream. She then bites the blondes neck and rips her throat out, she then moves down to her legs and bites into the thighs of the blonde and rips the flesh with her teeth.

The sounds of flesh ripping and the site of the blood flying all over the place makes Dennis almost sick to his stomach. At least when the Beast did it to someone he couldn't watch it really.

The girl stands up and turns to him. "You see" her naked body splattered in blood. She's breathing hard now and licks her lips.


"Doesn't he want to come out to play?" She asks him.


Dennis then doubles over in pain grabbing his head and falls to the ground to his knees.

Breathing fast and hard, his veins start showing and his eyes become bloodshot. He looks stronger now. He raises from from the ground and stands before her.

He looks at her and grins. She reaches out her hand to him. "Come"

The Beast walks to her and grabs her and holds her close and whispers "My mate, my bride, the future mother of the pure race. You are glorious."


"We Are the more evolved" she whispers.