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Split Movie One Shots *Only The Sexy*

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It had been a year after Casey Cooke was abducted and all the events that happened.

She now lived by herself in a apt and had a job. Her uncle now in jail because she finally spoke up to the police about him. Now she was free to live how she wanted.

She had been at work all day and was tired to the point of passing out. She slipped her shoes off and her clothing and washed up a bit in the bathroom getting her night shirt on.


She lifts the covers of her bed and slips in feeling warm and safe. Casey does have dreams at times of what happened to her and of the man with 24 personality's .

She feels to tired to care about her nightmares/ dreams that happen often and falls into a deep sleep.


Later on..

Someone comes in the open window. He looks around and sees her in her bed with her hair spread out on the pillow and her lips as plump and sexy as ever. She's even grown up more looking even more like a woman.

Dennis sits on the bed as lightly as possible not to wake her. He leans forward and smells her hair.

He thinks *Just how I remember her but even more beautiful.* She's moving a little now and saying things under her breath. He knows she's dreaming.


He leans down and whispers into her ear "Casey oh Casey"

She has a soft tiny smile on her face. "Denniss"

He smiles at her so glad she remembers his voice so well. "I missed you Casey, I really did."

"I missed you too" she says softy. He lowers the covers on her some to look at her body and can't help be in awe of how much she's changed. Her body filled out nicely, the curves of her breasts and hips. "You are perfect Casey." He says to her.


"Dennis, Dennis..I want you." She says with a moaning cry. He lifts the blankets off of her all the way. "And I want you" he says to her then licks her neck. She moans.

She then opens her eyes and sees him. Her breath hitches but then she relaxes.

"Your here, your really here" she says in a breathy matter. Dennis kisses her and starts slipping her underwear down. She closes her eyes loving the way his hands are touching her and the feeling of his lips against hers.


Dennis gets out of his clothing and is now naked. He pulls her shirt off. He gets in bed and on top of her.

He looks her in the eyes and says "ooh Casey I've always wanted you. Everything about you drives me crazy. " He positions himself at her opening and slides in when he's in all the way they breath out a sigh of relief. That inner torment of not being together in each others arms now gone.


Dennis says to her "You feel better then I even dreamed." He starts moving on her and she wraps her legs around him to get him closer and deeper inside her.

"Oooh Dennis you feel so good" She kisses him. Dennis feels better then he's ever felt in his life. "Harder, Dennis" She whispers.

He can't help but grunt as he picks up the pace and pushes in harder. "Oh fuck Casey."


She bites her lip, the feeling of his cock moving against her insides of her wet pussy. She feels every inch of him. He even has her up more so he can hit her sweet spot. "Uhh mmm" she moans. She can't get words out of her mouth because the feeling is so strong.

Dennis isn't letting up, he's enjoying how she feels and the way her walls clinch down around him. "Tight soo tight" He moans.


They hold on to each other rolling around on the bed. She ends up on top of him and he holds her hands so she can have something to brace herself on.

He looks up at her and watches how her head is thrown back with her mouth open breathing. Little mewls leaving it. The way her breasts sway as she rides against him.

She can't get enough of him and he can't get enough of her.

They both hit their climax and scream each other's names.

They both lay down together holding one another. "I love you Dennis." She says softy.

He kisses her head "and I love you Casey."