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Split Movie One Shots *Only The Sexy*

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Barry and Casey spent the whole day at the mall laughing and shopping. Just having a jolly good time.   

They even rode on the little Mall train. Casey was on his lap. They both were laughing so hard. Barry even got to toot the train horn. He got a real kick out of that.


A little later on after 3 train rides. XD


Barry is holding Casey's hand. He starts dragging her in a clothing department in one of the clothing stores. Casey laughs and says "Barry, really? Another one?" He just smiles really big.

"Oh stop complaining baby girl! I'm going to find you something awesome to wear." He says to her. While walking through the departments they run into the lingerie area.

"Omg! LOOK AT THIS!"  Barry says all excited with a jump.   Casey laughs and shakes her head.  Barry says  "Look how sexy and cute this is, you would look Fab in it"   He turns a bit and sees more silky undies.  "Ooo it's got black lace."  He grins and holds them up to Casey's hips.

She just smirks at him and says "No, I Can't wear that."   Barry says" What? Why?".


"Because, it's hot pink for fucks sake."  She says as she laughs.  Barry rolls his eyes at her. "Don't be silly! You would look saucy in this hun."  He tells her and giggles.   He then looks around and sees the dressing room and takes a hold of Casey's hand and leads her into the dressing rooms. He pushes her in a room with the clothes.  

"Barry? What are you doing?" Casey's asks. "I'm saving your wardrobe. Now try this stuff on and give me a fashion show. "He says smirking.    

Casey is in the changing room and look sat the hot pink bra and panties with black lace. She shakes her head and smiles.

A few mins pass by and Barry is waiting outside in the hall.   "You ready? Casey." Barry asks.  Casey giggles and says "yes come on in and see."    

Barry's comes in and locks the door and sits down on the little bench. "Ooh so pretty! Look at you sweetie!"   


"You really think so?"  Casey turns towards the mirror and looks. Barry gets up and walks over to her. "Your bra isn't hooked right. Here let me fix it. Turn around."   Casey turns around to face him and he's standing pretty close to her.

He had taken off his jacket and left it on the bench. He reaches forwards and puts his fingers on the hooks and laces in the front. As he's fumbling with them his hands keep rubbing against her breasts and rubbing her nipples though the fabric.


She starts feels feeling fluttery and her nipples get hard.  Barry smiles and says  "Is it cold in here?" He laughs. Casey's face goes bright red. He then out of no where being silly flicks her nipple through the fabric.  He laughs.

Casey couldn't help herself she lets out a little moan and had closed her eyes.  Barry stops messing with her bra and stares at her.  "Casey?"  He says softly. She still has her eyes closed and says "hmm?"  In a daze.

Barry gets really close to her ear and whispers  ''Why Casey. Your trembling."  Casey says in a breathy matter  "uuh huh"  

Barry gets close to her again and says "Are you horny, baby girl?"

All she can do is shake her head yes slowly.  She has a glazed look in her eyes.  Barry starts unclasping her bra and pulling out the laces. He pulls it off her and he sees how her breasts are also flushed like her face.  


He gently pushes her against the wall and lefts her arms up above her head. He then says "I guess i'm going to have to take care of you then sweetie."   He breathes hot breath on her neck making her quiver. 

He bends down a little and starts rubbing her breasts softly.  She breathes harder.  He kisses them and sticks his tongue out and rubs it across them and over her nipples. She moans.

"Want me to stop?" Barry asks her smiling.  She looks at him and says "No pleasee, don't"  He starts swirling his tongue around her nipples, sucking them.  

"Oh Casey, you are soaking wet Hun." He lightly rubs a finger against her wet spot on her underwear.  She moans "Ooh " She bites her lip.

He smiles and in a whisper.  "You must be very sensitive then, huh?"  She nods.  He pulls her underwear down and get his face very close to her pussy. He then Blows on her clit a few times.


"UUHH Barry!" she moans.    "Very sensitive"  He says licking his lips and looking up at her face. 

"Pleasee, pllea.. "  She breathes out barely able to get all the words out.   Barry then reaches around and puts his hands on her ass. He sticks out his tongue and lightly taps her clit with it.


He keeps lightly tapping it but starts to do it faster.  Casey can hardly keep it together, she tries to grab on to something.  "Oooh Barry.. uuh fuckk"  she moans.   He then grabs her ass and starts tongue fucking her pussy.  Swirling his tongue around and around. He goes from doing that to sucking her clit.

"Ooouhh Barry!!!" She lets out a loud moan as she cums hard.  He laps up her juices and sits back on his knees looking at her breathing hard.


His lips are shiny with it.  He smiles at her and gets up. He grabs his jacket and lays it on the floor.   He then turns to her and gets her to sit on it with him.  She then says to him "U know when we were on the train and I was sitting on your lap. I was.."  She's about to finish when Barry stops her putting a finger on her lips.

"I already know Baby Girl"    he then then unties strings of his baggy pants and takes himself out.


"Are you sure Barry?"  She asks him.  He nods at her and smiles. "I want to make you feel real good hunny."  With hearing him say that she gets on his lap and wraps her legs around his waist.  

She slowly slides down onto his hard cock.  "Casey you feel like heaven" He lets out a little moan of his own.   She smiles at him and kisses him.  He starts pushing his hips up to meet her as she riding him.   

She starts almost hopping on him like a rabbit.  They are going pretty fast now.  Fucking like bunny's.  

Barry then says "Are you late for something?"  *Alice in wonderland joke*  He jokes.

Casey giggles at him. He reaches down and starts rubbing her clit as she's riding him hard.

They are both moaning now.  "Ooh baby girl! You are so tight."   Barry moans.  He then then pushes himself upwards a bit and hits his cock inside her just right.   "Omg! Barryy!" She screams out as she cums.

He then starts cumming  and pushes all the way into her spilling into her.  He grits his teeth and lets out a grunt.

They slump and fall limp and are holding each other. Breathing hard.  They both smile and give each other a kiss.  "You were wonderful Barry" She says with a dreamy look on her face. He smiles at her and says and puts his hand on her chin and lifts it up a bit 


 "You were the sun, the moon and the stars."  he tells her and gives her a soft kiss on the lips.

"Aww Barry you are so sweet"  She smiles.

After a little while they get dressed and they leave the store and walk home hand in hand.