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Split Movie One Shots *Only The Sexy*

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2 girls were abducted for the Beast's needs to feed and show the world how strong he and the Horde could be. He ran after the first girl down the hall chasing her snarling and laughing.

The girl gets tackled by him and he snaps her neck as she's crying out to her friend at the end of the hallway telling her to hide.

The snap is loud, the bones cracking echos off the stone walls.

The beast leans in and starts biting at her neck pulling the skin and muscle. Blood gushing out all over the place. He laps at it then starts tearing the meat off the bones.  


"So very nourishing."  He says with a grunt.  He takes his time since he knows the other young girl couldn't go that far or hide anywhere he wouldn't be able to find her easily.

A pool of blood all around him and the dead impure. He feasts off her thighs ripping the flesh. He closes his eyes and thinks to himself *Oh the sweetness of this flesh, so very well picked out*    

"I better thank Dennis for these girls later" He says with a bloody smile.

He gets up from the dead girl and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. He sniffs the air and runs towards the smell of the other girl hiding.


The girl is hiding in the computer den dunking behind the many coats and outfits. She's shaking and trying so hard not to make a sound.  Her eyes teary and her hair a mess.  She hears him breathing outside the clothing.  She closes her eyes hoping he won't find her.

Then his hands come though the coats and grabs her by the ankles.  The girl screams and tries to kick at him.

The Beast pulls her under him and holds her down. She couldn't move if she wanted to.  

He says "Don't you know you were chosen for a better purpose?"   She stares at him her mouth agape and crying. "Please let me go, I beg you! Pleaseee.." She says breathing hard.


The Beast leans in closer and smells her and he notices the swells of her breasts going up and down fast as she breathes. How her mouth that is so pink is open a little and her bottom lip is quivering. How her cheeks are flushed and the heat that's coming off her body.

He smiles and whispers in her ear with his hot metallic breath " You are such a beauty "She closes her eyes and turns her head away. He licks her neck and says to her "I can smell your arousal.  Patricia may have told you that Dennis couldn't touch you. But doesn't mean I can't."

She cringes as she feels a small flutter in her lower belly. He lifts himself some and then tares her clothes off like they were only paper.  Littering the floor with them. After getting his pants out of the way he is naked on top of her, his body so strong looking and the veins showing all over him.  

He has blood splatter on his chest and arms.   

He starts licking at her neck again. Nipping at the skin as he goes. He moves down more and does the same to her breasts ,licking and flicking her nipples with his tongue. She's starting to be affected by it, her breathing becomes harder and she lets out a small set of moans.


The Beast just smirks and says "Oh, little one you haven't felt anything yet"  He slides into her as he puts her legs up and around his waist. He starts trusting hard and fast right away.  

She trying so hard not to like it but it feels so good.  "Oh fuck.." shes moans.  He grabs her hips and pushes deeper hitting her sweet spot.  He says "Tell me how good it feels, my beauty"


She can barely breathe, and hardly gets her words out  "Yess uuh soo good...ooh fuck your hitting it!" She moans and then bites her lip drawing blood. Her pussy is so wet it's running down her legs onto the floor. It goes on for so long.

She's getting so close it almost hurts. He's being so primal at his thrusts hitting all the right spots inside of her. He leans in more to her shoulder and bites down a bit drawing blood. 

That makes her crazy.  He starts coming hard inside her as she lets her own orgasm finally come her muscles clinching around his throbbing cock.  They both moan loud together and he lets out a primal like roar.

They both are sweating and breathing hard. He looks down at her and smiles showing his teeth. He leans in and kisses her nipping at her tongue a little.  


He says in her ear "I think I'll keep you. I'll make you pure in the best way possible."  He grins.

He nips her earlobe and she moans.

"My Beauty"  He says in a whisper.