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Split Movie One Shots *Only The Sexy*

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*This story takes place in the film right after Marcia hits Patricia on the back with the chair in the Kitchen and runs off.*


Casey rams the table around to try to block Patricia from chasing Marcia down the hall. Patricia catches it and pushes it away from her and stares at Casey with an angry look.

Patricia says "Go back to your room and shut the door."    Casey looks defeated, so she turns and walks the other way down the hall to her room and does as she's told. Knowing she won't get anywhere with this.


Time jump after Patricia talks to Marcia. Alternate Scene.


Casey is sitting in her room alone and now hoping Marcia wasn't hurt. She tries to listen closely to hear anything but nothing.  She then sees the door open and Patricia walks through clearly not happy.  "Well, your friend will not be in here with you anymore."   

"I'm not very happy with her behavior."  Patricia tells Casey as she sits down on the bed.  "You did as you were told.  You earn good points for that my dear." She says with a small grin.

Patricia scoots closer to Casey and pulls out a hair brush.  "I am going to make you pretty for his arrival, for it will be soon."   She brushes Casey's long silky hair .  

Casey closes her eyes. She almost feels peaceful feeling the way Patricia's fingers running over her scalp so gently. Casey breathes out a little mewl of delight.


Patricia says in almost a whisper  "You, are so different. You have been the only one not to cause so much trouble."  Her eyes are glazed over a little bit.  Her head turned a little to the side.

Casey looks over her shoulder to look up in Patricia's eyes.  She see's Patricia's eyes dancing with something. But what is it? Is it confusion? or....lust.  Casey turns to her and puts her hands on Patricia's shoulder's and kisses her on the lips.  

They part for a moment. Patricia hasn't opened her eyes yet and is breathing faster.

Casey then pushes Patricia back on the bed and gets on top of her. Casey starts kissing her neck and licking it.  

A small moan comes from Patricia's mouth.  Casey kisses her hard and she starts sucking on Patricia's tongue. "Casey..mmm Casey." Patricia moans softly.

Casey stops a moment and leans over the side of the bed and grabs her bag.  She grabs something out of it and lays it to her side.  She rolls up Patricia's skirt and turtleneck exposing her strong legs and sexy chest.  

Casey leans in and licks Patricia's chest, licking around her nipples and nipping at them with her teeth just a little making Patricia moan.


Casey then whispers in her ear "I want to make you feel everything good. Do you want it Patricia?"    Patricia Looks at Casey with lustful eyes and says "Yes, I want to feel it. Please Casey!"    

So Casey Goes down and takes Patricia's erection out and sucks her and licks it getting it ready.   Casey takes a hold of her gift to Patricia and puts it on.  It's a strap on, she lubes it up good and lifts Patricia's legs and spreads them she gets positioned and enters Patricia slowly. 

Casey starts moving on her while her other hands on Patricia's throbbing cock.  To Patricia this is like being penetrated as if she was in a female body. She always wondered how it would feel to have all those female parts.  She always wanted it.  So this was pure bliss.


Casey continues to pump her hand on her and trusting a good pace making Patricia moan louder. A good 10 mins pass by then she shouts "Oh Caseyy...I think I'm comingg!!"   Patricia moans and grunts and her manly hot seed burst out all over Casey's hand and her own stomach.  

Casey slides out of her and leans in and licks it off Patricia's stomach slowly.It takes a few mins for Patricia to recover since she's so dazed.  


Breathing a little more normally she finally says ''Oh Casey, my sweet Casey"   They both get up and get dressed and kiss each other one last time before Patricia leaves.  Casey is smiling at her as she turns to the door and opens it.  

Patricia Turns a little and says "Oh my dear, You will be such a good thing for him, he will be very happy to have you."  She says with a cheeky wink and walks out shutting the door behind her.


Casey is just left standing there with her eyes blown wide.