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Split Movie One Shots *Only The Sexy*

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Sofia Pender was sitting in her dark room waiting for anyone to come since Dennis left her there hours earlier. Waiting.... Then she heard keys unlocking the wood door.

It was him but different this time, he was dressed in a blood red turtleneck and black long skirt. And a long necklace with a locket.  He stood there for a moment looking straight into Sofia's eyes.

*He or I guess She * Sofia thought to herself  came in with a tray she smiled.

Patricia says "Well, aren't you a lovely one.  Would you like to come and sit in the kitchen and have a proper meal?"      Sofia answers "That..would be nice. thank you."


"Well come along then dear"  Patricia says softly.    Sofia follows behind her closely to not make her feel like she's up to no good.   They enter the kitchen and it's not to big with faded yellow painted walls.   It has a table that has 3 chairs and a vintage stove. 

"Well dear sit down and I'll whip up something nice to eat."  Patricia said with a smile.    Sofia sits down at the table watching Patricia closely as she's cutting veggies with a good size knife on the cutting board.


Patricia slams her fist on the counter hard. Making Sofia jump out of her seat.  Patricia turns around and says  "I cut myself."   She said with a tear in her eye then she frowned.  Sofia was a bit startled because Patricia was still holding the knife in her hand.  So Sofia starts to bolt to the doorway but doesn't get far. Patricia grabs her from behind and slams her against the table leaning into her pinning her there.  The knife was close to Sofia's neck.

Patricia had a an angry look on her face as she leaned closer to Sofia's face.


"You think you can get away from me so easily?  I won't let you ruin our plans for The beast is coming and he's coming for you!"  Patricia says to her as she leans in more.

"I'm sorry, Please don't cut me."  Sofia in a whisper trying not to anger  Patricia more.   Then something changes.  Patricia is smelling Sofia's hair breathing in slow deep breathes.  She lifts up her head to look at Sofia in the eyes.  Sofia feels butterfly's in her stomach for some reason.


She acts on  instinct and leans in and gently presses her soft lips to Patricia's.  It only lasts a mere moment.  Patricia looks at her with glazed over eyes and she drops the knife. She looks confused but she then leans in and kisses Sofia, their lips move together gently at first then it becomes passionate. 

Sofia Moans softy.  Patricia suddenly snaps out of her daze of lustful thoughts and gets off of her.  Staring and then grabbing Sofia by her hair dragging her by the hair back into her room and throwing her on the bed.   "You think you can trick me like that?! You dirty impure!" Patricia yelled.   Sofia says " I wasn't trying to.."    Patricia yells " Don't even try it! You will be his soon! The beast will come and he will tear you apart!"   With that she walked out and slammed the door.


Sofia was sad now.  Alone in her room again tears running down her face. laying on her bed. At least an half hour ticked by and Sofia fell asleep.   The door creaked open and someone walked in and was standing at the end of the bed looking at Sofia as she slept. The only light in the room was from the bathroom.   


Sofia felt the bed dip and she wasn't sure she should open her eyes yet. Then she feels a hand on her head fingers running through her soft hair.  It felt relaxing and soothing.  She then felt warm breath on her neck and a whisper come to her ears  "I'm sorry I hurt you. I just got scared."

Sofia opens her eyes and sees it is indeed Patricia leaning close again.  Sofia says " When I kissed you back, it felt right."      Patricia says  " Iv'e never felt this way before with anyone"

They lean into each other and kiss.    Then in moments it becomes passionate like it was in the kitchen.  Sofia climbs onto Patricia's lap with her legs on both sides of her. Straddling Patricia's lap.   They both help each other by lifting each others arms up to remove there shirts.  


Sofia reaches down and helps Patricia scoot her skirt up above her hips. Patricia helps slide Sofia's pants and underwear off and Sofia starts straddling Patricia again and her underwear is off as well.  Patricia wishes she had a female body but she knows this will just have to do.

She gets Sofia positioned over her  body's cock and slides Sofia down slowly.  


Sofia moans and says "Ooo Patricia"    Patricia grits her teeth and puts her hands on Sofia's hips and moves her up and down at a good pace.   She closes her eyes and moans  "Iv'e never felt like this before. Iv'e never .. "   Patricia Moans.    Sofia moans with her.  They start kissing deeply, their tongues dancing.    

They make such beautiful music together.   Patricia move's Sofia down onto her back and start's thrusting harder and faster, panting and moaning, full filling that aching need  for both herself and Sofia.  They are getting close, so very close to bliss. They are both sweating and  feel that ache  about to explode.    


They both moan loud as it comes.   "Oooh Fuck!"   Sofia cries.  Patricia lets out a bunch of  mumbled words with a loud grunt.   Patricia slumps forward onto Sofia with her head on Sofia's chest breathing hard.   They both look at each other and say at the same time "I think, I love you"   They both smile at each other and then fall into a peaceful sleep holding each other.