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Mistaken History and Found Family

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I honestly really hate to say this but this story just.....I can't recognise the way I write this anymore, I don't even remember what I was properly wanting to write and I've kept putting this off but I simply can't do that anymore. It has been over a year since I wrote anything for this, never mind publishing anything, which was kinda shitty to those who were bookmarked/subscribed and I never really wanted this to happen because I always was disappointed when it happened to fics I was reading. I still am but now I have a much more comprehensive understanding of why this sort of thing happens. 

I remember when I started writing this I wanted to write a story that focused on the religion and how it fitted into their lives and I really liked reading overpowered Harry at the time and I also like writing about characters who are GNC so I figured "hey I'll combine these two things I enjoy reading and writing" but I lost all motivation for it and it wasn't even the occasionally rude comments I would get since those were rare, i just lost interest in what i was writing and since then my way of writing and interests have evolved so much that I couldn't continue this even if I did want to, and for that I'm sorry. 

If you want to know how it ends, it was going to be a cliche happy ending where Harry and Blaise lived together, Tom being happily in charge, Dumbledore and most of the Weasleys being discredited and ruined etc. 

I also realised that in the end I didnt like the way I was portraying the characters. Looking back on it I feel like maybe they were too cliche or like I was trying to be "I'm not THAT type of..." etc, and I just. I dont know. I just cant reconcile with this piece anymore. 

I know I'm not OBLIGATED to give an explanation, however I feel like I owe it to you after so long. 

Recently I've been working on more original works than anything, and I'm hoping to evolve it more and more as time goes on and possibly publish??? I'm unsure but yeah. If you want to hit me up at all then you can message my tumblr at interplanetarygirl or my Instagram at freya_ziabeth 

So long and farewell my guys 😙

- Freya ♡♡