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Mistaken History and Found Family

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Dear Heir Hadrian James Potter,

It has come to our attention here at Gringotts that you have yet to claim your heirship rings despite your thirteenth birthday having passed. If you did not know already, then you should have been given them at any time before your thirteenth birthday and it would be unnecessary to contact you otherwise, as your thirteenth is the latest you can claim your heirships by choice.

There is also more information we need to go through with yourself, regarding both your accounts and family history.  

It would be within your best interests to come as soon as you can to avoid less trouble it would cause if you do not come without valid reason.  

-Master Griphook

Potter Accounts Manager

Gringotts Bank (English Branch)  


Harry looked over the letter he received, again. It was hard to tell what his reaction was, but he needed to know these things. It had been less than two days he had been staying at the Leaky Cauldron because of the fact he has blown up his Aunt Marge, and the minister had taken care of any trouble that had caused so he wasn’t expelled from school.

Granted he was warned to not go many places, but the bank was the most protected place in England.

Quickly he gathered himself, making sure the room was relatively clean and locking the door behind him on his way out, shoving the key in his pocket as he rushed down the stairs and out the pub.

The entire walk he kept his head down and didn’t look around as much as he would have liked, just trying to get there as quickly as possible due to the feeling of being watched. He didn’t know how accurate that feeling was.

It was busy, mostly with Hogwarts-aged children, but still not quite the rush near the middle and late August. He didn’t run, he refused to, but he got there and Griphook was waiting for him already with a raised eyebrow.

“We’re glad you could join us Mr Potter, please, follow me.” Griphook wore an evil grin, no different to the last time they spoke.

He was taken to a room in a different direction to the tracks leading away from the vaults and down a long corridor before they came to a door with a nameplate stating Griphook’s name on it. Harry thought it was quite nice, elegant and flashy, but not overly so.

“Take a seat,” he was instructed, so Harry did as much because he knew he wasn’t just being polite. “This could take a while, so I hope you left the afternoon free.”

Harry really didn’t have any other plans except maybe peruse the stores, indulge himself, buy new clothes, but that could wait for the next day and he simply nodded.

“You said this was important?” Harry asked after some moments of silence.

“Very much so,” Griphook agreed with a nod. “Tell me, how much do you know of your family and your standing in the wizard community.”

“I know my parents’ names and my mother’s muggle family, but that’s all,” he told truthfully.

“Hm, well, first things first,” Griphook opened a draw to pull out some parchment and a decorative knife. He took the white sheathe off with it’s golden patterns, matching the handle, to reveal a black knife with a perfect point. There were some swirling patterns in gold near the hilt, but it was a simple matt black blade. “Slice open your hand and let several drops fall onto this paper,” he told Harry, handing the blade to him handle first, placing the paper in front of him.

Harry did as told with no questions asked and waited for his blood to leak into the paper, words forming in it’s steed.  


Name: Hadrian James Potter

Status: Pureblood

Birth: July 31st 1980; 3:17am

Parents: Lilian Mabel Potter-Riddle née Riddle (previously Evans - adopted name)(Mother - Deceased); James Charlus Potter (Father - Deceased)

Blood Status: Pureblood - Mother; Pureblood - Father

Godparents: Sirius Orion Black (Godfather); Remus John Lupin (Godfather); Alice Longbottom (Godmother); Bellatrix Black Lestrange (Godmother)

Living Relatives: Tom Marvolo Riddle (Maternal Uncle)

Inheritance(s): Potter Lord; Emrys Lord; Hufflepuff Lord; Gryffindor Lord (Father); LeFay Lord; Ravenclaw Lord; Slytherin Heir; Gaunt Heir (Mother&Uncle); Black Heir (Godfather - Sirius Orion)

Vaults Owned: 234; 283; 637; 845; 873; 938 (Father); 172; 415; 983 (Mother); 573; 374 (Godfather - Sirius Orion) 0011; 0012; 0013; 0014 (Hogwarts’ Founders)

Properties Owned: Potter Manor; Potter Chalet; SeaGrey Cottage; Mistle White Manor; Gaunt Manor; NightViolet House; Grimmauld Place; Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (70% - 30% to the other remaining Heirs, 15% for each of them)

Creature Inheritance: Sprite (via Paternal Grandfather)



Blocks/Restraints: Creature Inheritance (100%); Magical Core (85%); Nature Abilities (100%); Parselmouth (15% - 85% broken); Animal Communication (90%); Healing Ability (76%) Memory/Intelligence (65%)

Compulsions: Dislike Slytherins, Malfoy Family, and Severus Snape; Trusting of Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Hermione Granger, and Weasley Family; Fall in Love with Ginerva Weasley; Be Curious of the Wrong and Dangerous Things Around Person; Tell Nobody of Abuse Suffered with Dursley’s; Ignore Homework and Misbehave; Ignore What Authority Figures Outside From Albus Dumbledore Say


Harry looked over the list and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Not only about his family apparently being Tom Riddle aka Voldemort, for crying out loud, but about the last things in particular. Griphook coughed, and Harry was startled out of his gawping at the page at the noise.

“I assumed there is a lot to explain?” Harry simply nodded. “Very well. First, you must understand that everything you have been told is a lie. Most things, at least, as you can see your parents were in fact married and were indeed spouse in love who died to protect their only son,” he begins, and Harry nods again. “But it was Albus Dumbledore who murdered them.” Harry swallowed. It didn’t make sense. Not at all, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t if it were explained to him. “Your mother was here after her eleventh birthday, to collect her LeFay and Ravenclaw Ladyship's, while your Uncle came around his thirteenth as well, not fully knowing who he was. The first thing we need to do, however, is give you your rings. Since you are Heir to three of them you are unable to claim the Lordships for these houses, however you may put on the Heir rings along with your Lords for the others.” Griphook then proceeded to take out nine rings, each different and unique, but all giving off the same type of power, that demanded to be controlled or else it controlled you.

“How does this work?” he asked.

“You start with your Heir rings, and they are most likely to accept you. Then you proceed to put on your Lord rings. They do have to stay in...groups, shall we say, and you better hope that none of them reject you.” Harry took that as a prompt to begin, somehow knowing which fingers to put them on without asking.

Gaunt and Black Heir, and Potter Lord all went onto the middle finger of his left hand. LeFay and Emrys Lords went onto his index finger, right hand, and the Hogwarts Founders’ Lords and Heir went onto the middle finger of his right hand also.

There were pulses of magic every time he put a new one on, and he took a moment to adjust to it, flexing his fingers or rolling his next each time a new wave rolled over him. It was a relaxing feeling, he imagines that it is what it would be like to come home to family. He supposes since his family have all worn these in the past then it makes sense, if they have all felt a piece of his ancestors’ magic.

“Well done,” Griphook seemed mildly impressed, before continuing. “Simply by thinking about it then you will be able to make it seem as though you are not wearing then, and once you take off one ring, it will become the multiple it is once more. There is something you will have to look at though, which is appointing a representative for yourself every time there is a Wizengamot meeting, as you yourself are unable to vote until you are seventeen, despite having your Lordships now. May I make a suggestion?”  Harry agrees. “The Malfoy Matriarch or Patriarch, I believe would be a good choice.” Harry raises his eyebrows, especially considering he knows her husband is a prominent member of the Wizengamot. He remembers that Bellatrix was one of his godmothers, despite hearing what she’s done. But clearly the full story isn’t known, so he agrees and makes a note to think it over later once he leaves. “Next, we must do a ritual cleansing,” Griphook says.

“What for?” Harry asks, even as Griphook stands and motions for him to follow before leading him further down the hall and turning left.

“While your rings will have gotten rid of the majority of the compulsions placed on you, and will protect you from them further, you need to take the Blocks off your magic before it restrains too much and you either lose control of them or die, maybe both.” Harry doesn’t say anything as they walk into a large room. There’s already several other goblins there.

“Drink this,” one tells him, so he takes the potion they handed him before climbing onto the bed in the centre of the room. It’s simple in design, not having a headboard or anything more than a sturdy frame though it has runes engraved into the metal.

The process is explained to him, along with why he took the potion and what purpose it serves, but he was too overwhelmed by the situation to really pay attention and just went with their instructions.

Then he was in too much pain to barely comprehend anything aside from the blinding pain he felt running through his veins. He didn’t know if he was screaming or not and he closed his eyes to keep from seeing the decorated ceiling of the ritual room, when it became brighter.

When the pain released he didn’t move more than heaving his breaths, before twitching his fingers and moving more of his body from there. When he eventually sat up, after what seemed like an eternity, to be faced with Griphook still smiling.

“Come now, Mr Potter, there are still things to discuss.” Harry followed without a word, unconsciously feeling how in tune he is with himself. The magic pulsing through his veins feels more powerful than before, understandably, but he feels more in tune with his surroundings as well, hearing and feeling more. His eyesight, he checks, is still bad but there is something else to it despite the blurriness. It feels like he is no longer holding anything back. He doesn’t know why he feels he was holding something back, because he never knew he was, but it feels like a lot has dropped from his shoulders.

“Now, there are several things that we must discuss, but most importantly, your parents’ wills,” Griphook tells him once they’re sat in his office once more.

“What about them?” Harry asks.

“They’re sealed, meaning only you or the person who sealed them can open them. However the person who sealed them was Albus Dumbledore and it is not wise, as of yet, to open them.” Harry is starting to think a lot of things in his life are Albus fucking Dumbledore’s fault.

 “What can I do then?” Harry runs his tongue over his teeth as his face sets in a scowl.

 “Your parents have left letters for you to open, prior to their wills, with or without them being sealed, place a drop of blood on each once more as they are locked by blood.” Griphook hands him the knife again and two envelopes, one with elegant curls and loops for the letters and the other slanted and neat, but not so large, each saying Hadrian James on them. He does as told for both but then opens the neat and slanted one first.


If you are reading this then myself and your father are dead at the hands of Albus Dumbledore and while I do not know what has happened he is in control of your life, is he not? I apologize for this, so much, but there is nothing we can do now.

Our secret keeper was Peter Pettigrew, he is the one who revealed where we were hidden to Albus and we paid the price. Admittedly it was both Sirius and Tom’s fault for convincing us of the change, but we listened still and Remus was out of country on a mission for Dumbledore for cover, though he was doing my brother’s work.

It would be understandable if you do not know of your history or our history, but I have diaries and letters kept away for you to read so that you can understand. They are kept in a satchel with an undetectable extension charm placed on it in Vault 415. Since the only other thing kept in there is books on shelves, and other papers from my work in the Experimental Charms Division, it should be fairly easy to find. While you are welcome to everything in that vault, I would appreciate if you gave the majority of work to Remus Lupin, who you should find if you do not already know him, as I did leave him the work in my will.

There is nothing I can say other than sorry, and that I love you. I love you so very much my precious, darling fawn. No matter what, I love you and believe in you, but please - no longer trust and believe Albus Dumbledore, or any of his closest acquaintances.

 All my love, your mother, Lily Potter-Riddle


Harry wasn’t sure how to react to the letter, so he opened the next one, presumably from his father.



If you are reading this then your mother and I are dead, most likely by murder. I do not know what has happened in your life, or how you are, or even how old you are. I am sorry that I will not be able to see you grow up but that cannot be helped now.

You need to know several things if you do not already:

1)  Do not trust Albus Dumbledore

2) Tom Riddle, Voldemort, is not evil. Not how Dumbledore says, at least.

3) Peter Pettigrew was the Secret Keeper for our fidelius charm no matter how much we didn’t want it to be. He was the only non-obvious choice who was still ‘a spy’ within the Order, unlike somebody like Lucius Malfoy or Rabastan Lestrange who Dumbledore would not be fooled by. Sirius Black was our decoy, as he was the most obvious.

4) You must not release our wills until you have gone through your inheritance, until you have a trusted amount of adults around you, also, who will be able to help protect you.

If you do not already know, then you are a Sprite. A type of Fae or Fairy I guess you could say, even though they are technically different species, but typically they are mixed into one category. You will come into your majority at sixteen if you are not already. You will be in very in-tune with nature, the ground/plants and air in particular, as well as the animals around you, understanding them in a way similar to other wood creatures such as elves. You will not be able to speak to them directly, unless they are your familiar, but you will get a general...feeling, shall we say. It will almost be as though they are making sounds of agreement even if they are not.

I can not possibly apologize enough for not being there with you, however I hope you can forgive me- us, your mother and I. I love you very much, my son.

 Your father, James Charlus Potter.

 Harry sucked in a deep breath. Nothing was explained, not really, but from his mother’s letter she said she had writing which would help him.

 “What do I do now? My dad is telling me to not release their wills yet. Not until I’m sixteen, at least.”

 “There is not much else to do, in that case, aside from go over transactions between your vaults and others without permission but it would be best if you were to visit your vaults if there is anything that you would like to have to inform you, along with money you may require for the upcoming year first, while the information on that is collected.” Harry nods and before he knows it he’s riding on the carts to his first stop at the vault his mother left her satchel in.

 It was easy to spot, as it was a clean vault with no gold in sight, just shelves of scrolls and books, with a few ornaments on a couple of shelves, and it was leaning against a shelf against the back wall on the floor. He slipped it over his shoulder before continuing to his Trust Vault, filling it with more than enough to buy his school supplies along with changing some of it to muggle money which would allow him to buy some clothes that fit. He put the pouch of money into the satchel and they returned to Griphook’s office, where there was now a thick stack of papers on the desk.

 Even Griphook raised his eyebrows as he looked at the top sheet, before handing it to Harry.

 “This is a simple review of every transaction because, as you can see, there have been many,” Griphook told him, handing the sheet to him.

 To: Hermione Granger: 483 galleons (rounded) since August 31st 1992

To: Ginerva Weasley: 850 galleons (rounded) since August 31st, 1991

To: Ronald Weasley: 946 galleons (rounded) since August 31st, 1991

To: Molly and Arthur Weasley: 274, 925 galleons (rounded) since November 1st, 1981

To: Vernon Dursley: 593, 793 galleons (rounded) since October 31st, 1981

To: Albus Dumbledore: 681, 823 galleons (rounded) since October 31st, 1981

 All transactions have been approved by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

 Harry was fuming as he saw the numbers. Granted he wasn’t entirely sure what the equivalent was in muggle money, but he knew that it was more money than he could comprehend as it was. After seeing the properties and list of vaults he had in his possession, he wasn’t under the illusion he was poor in any sense of the word either.

 “Who has been allowing these transactions?” Harry asked, trying to contain his anger.

 “The bank,” Griphook answered calmly, looking as though he was challenging Harry to lose his temper.


 “Because there was nobody to oppose him. Your uncle is not currently around, one of your godfathers is in Azkaban, the other is on the run since werewolves are not accepted in wizarding community, typically. One of your godmother’s is in the Janus Thickey Ward, as I’m sure you’re aware, and your other godmother is also in Azkaban, for putting her there along with other reasons as I’m sure you know.” Harry couldn’t argue with those points, and though his temper was still brimming, he worked harder to keep it, and his magic, under his control.

 “Okay. Thank you for all your help Griphook, I will review the documents and choose a regent for my estate until I am of age. Dumbledore will not hear about this?”

 “As far as he is aware, the laws don’t require you until seventeen,” Griphook smirked and Harry nodded, standing. “He has no control over your actual estate or Lordships, as all your seats at Wizengamot can only be controlled by somebody you appoint. Accounts are different.”

 “I will contact you once I’ve decided what to do. And return with my regent.” Griphook nodded and motioned to the door as it clicked open, so he nodded once more and made his leave, making sure to hear the click behind him before walking back out to the front of the bank.

 He did see the Malfoy family speaking to a goblin and ran a hand through his hair as he avoided looking at them, remembering that Bellatrix is his godmother. Obviously for a reason and Narcissa is her older sister, he will need to get into contact with her and possibly take Griphook’s advice. He knows, logically, she would make a good regent for his estate since she grew up in a strict pureblooded family and will know how it all works.

 The sun was setting and it was easier to spot him, but he still went to Madam Malkin’s to get some casual robes, his school uniform, and some basic shirts and trouser combinations with shoes, since that was the only muggle clothing that was sold in Malkin’s. Typically, he didn’t really like formal clothing, finding it too restrictive, but he didn’t want to wear robes if he met Narcissa, and he didn’t want her to look down on him for wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

 Once he was back at the Leaky Cauldron, he put everything to the side and decided to sit down and begin reading the journals and letters his mother left him.