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The first thing Yoongi noticed as he slipped free from the confines of sleep was how utterly warm he was. From the very tips of his ears to the tips of his toes, warmth wrapped around his entire body like a fluffy blanket that wasn't going to let go. Letting out a soft puff of air, Yoongi clenched his muscles tightly before releasing everything in a long drawn out purr that vibrated deep in his chest. He was laying down, he knew that much, because he was slowly stirring from another nap and he wasn't the type to fall asleep without curling up on his side. Not anymore, at least. 

Judging by the smell, he was in the guest bedroom and the more he nuzzled his nose against the fabric his face was pressed against the more time he had to think about how he ended up like that. He recalled texting Jungkook for a long period of time after shuffling into the guest room and plopping down on the bed. Namjoon had been busy working at the desk pressed up in the corner of the room and though the man didn't acknowledge that he had entered, Yoongi knew Namjoon knew he was there. After curling up with his favorite plush fish, Yoongi must have drifted off as he was prone to do. 

Yoongi let out a soft breath of air and nuzzled more into the body sized plush fish he had come to love and call Maku. When Namjoon wasn't around, Maku became Yoongi's snuggling partner which was exactly why the man bought the fish for him in the first place. Sometimes Yoongi had Jungkook to snuggle, or even Taehyung, but today was a slow day and Namjoon had been busy working so Yoongi snuggled with Maku until he passed the fuck out. 

The silver blue plush fabric was soft against his nose as he continued to nuzzle it, scenting it even if he didn't need to anymore because it already smelled like him; apples and cherry blossoms. He just liked to nuzzle it a lot. It made him feel good for reasons he didn't understand and he figured it had to do with the animalistic part of his DNA that he didn't understand sometimes.

Either way, Yoongi enjoyed the feel of the body length fish tucked up close to his body. He had both arms wrapped around the girth of it, tucking the head against his cheek while the tail was tucked between his legs and curled around his balled up body almost perfectly like it was made just for him. Yoongi loved it. He loved that he could just lay there, curled up on the bed, surrounded by warmth, without a care in the world. A year ago he wasn't so lucky but nowadays he could lounge around the apartment without a care in the world.

His chest was full to bursting with warmth and though there was a prickling at the back of his neck, something sensual and familiar, Yoongi chose to focus on the feel of the soft plush fabric against his cheek and nose. He could fall back asleep like this but he remembered passing out while talking to Jungkook and that meant Yoongi probably had a paragraph of messages waiting for him. Maybe even some from Taehyung or Jimin. He wouldn't be surprised. He had no idea how long he had been asleep but judging by the lack of clacking keys in the room, Namjoon was already done with work. 

It was with a foggy mind and a tingling buzz over his skin that Yoongi noticed another scent starting to break through his own. Spruce wood. It was a strong scent. A scent that sent little tingles all over his entire body and he parted his lips to let out a soft sound, twisting slightly so his nose was pointed toward the air of the room and inhaled deeply. His body convulsed slightly at the overwhelming scent and he squeezed his legs together tightly, abruptly realizing he was already turned on. Maybe from a dream? He couldn't remember. 

Namjoon was rarely quiet no matter what he did but he had somehow managed to pad into the guest room without Yoongi noticing and now there was a large warm hand brusing through his hair. Yoongi made a noise of pleasure and arched his head into the hand, spirals of pleasure spreading over his skin as those long fingers started to scratch at his twitching ears. Yoongi loved Namjoon's hands. They were large and soft and warm and even though he broke a lot of things by accident, he was always so wonderfully gentle with Yoongi. 

Slowly, Yoongi relaxed his hold on the fish so he could roll onto his back, keeping his hips aligned with the fish so he could raise his arms above his head, stretching out. He was still wearing the pink hoodie and black briefs he'd thrown on that morning and he felt so comfortable he didn't want to move. But Namjoon's hand was gentle as it brushed back strands of white from his brow and Yoongi wanted to hug him or something. Maybe drag him down for some cuddles. He was in the mood. 

It wasn't until Namjoon's free hand dropped to the curve of his back that Yoongi realized his hips had been moving on their own accord. How long he had been humping Maku, he was unsure, but it explained the prickling warmth swarming through his body. Waking up more, Yoongi finally noticed how the tail of the fish was tucked tight between his thighs, pressing right up against his hardened length hidden in his briefs and his hips were rolling slowly, grinding ever so slightly against the plush fabric and well, it wasn't the first time Yoongi woke up in such a position. Maku was made for grinding on anyway and Yoongi felt no guilt for doing so. 

After a few soft encouraging rubs against his exposed lower back, Yoongi finally pride open his eyes to see Namjoon settled on the edge of bed with him, smiling down at him with that dimpled smile that made Yoongi's heart thump. He let out a faint churp of a sound and rolled back into the plush fish, burying his nose in the fabric while Namjoon chuckled softly at him. It always took Yoongi a little bit of time to wake up, especially now since he had the privilege to take his time and Namjoon was patient. 

The hand in his hair remained, petting softly and gently while the one on his back encouraged him with soft pushes to keep moving his hips. Now that he was more awake and more aware, Yoongi rolled his hips in a better rhythm, biting his lower lip at the scratch of pleasure it caused. The animal instincts buried deep in his DNA thrived on the rush of pleasure every time his length ground hard into the plush fabric and he'd hump pretty much anything given the chance. He much preferred Namjoon's thigh over Maku but he would make due with what he had, especially when Namjoon was encouraging him. 

Mind still a little foggy from his nap, Yoongi could only focus on the gentle rolls of his hips, the overwhelming scent of Namjoon and the pleasure sparkling through his body. 

"Baby." Namjoon's voice was soft, so perfectly soft, in his ear and he twisted his head toward the voice until plump lips pressed against the apple of his cheek. Yoongi let out a pleased sound and nuzzled against Namjoon's cheek, scenting the man he was lucky enough to call his. Yoongi could tell the other was aroused, could smell it but it seemed he found more pleasure in watching Yoongi grind his hips against the plush than making either of them move. Namjoon was like that. Preferred to let Yoongi please himself instead of focusing on his own pleasure and Yoongi added that on top of the skyscraper pile of reasons he loved the human. 

Nails dug gently into the soft skin just above the curve of Yoongi's plump bottom, right at the hem of his briefs and he let out soft moan, leaning back into that grip before rolling his hips forward. It wasn't the perfect type of friction but it was enough to get off in his sleepy state and they both knew that. Yoongi couldn't say why he'd woken up turned on but it probably had to do with Namjoon and he was more than fine having the man help him. 

"You're so pretty like this, Yoon." Namjoon murmured softly in his ear, his lips curled up into a faint smile that Yoongi could see through his heavy lidded eyes. 

Pretty. Yoongi used to hate being called pretty because it usually led to him being shoved or pushed but he liked it when Namjoon called him pretty because he meant it. There was always a faint tone of awe to his voice when he called Yoongi pretty, like he almost couldn't believe Yoongi was real and in his arms and free to finally touch. It was one of the many ways Namjoon told him he loved him and Yoongi gobbled it up like a starving fiend. 

Pleasure coursed through Yoongi's veins at the word and he clutched the fish tighter, gripped his thighs even harder around it and then he brought his hands up to clutch at the head of the fish tucked under his chin. His claws kneaded the fabric gently, helping his pleasure along and then Namjoon was there again, pressing gentle kisses against his face. He could feel the soft plush fabric against the bare skin of his stomach, his hoodie have ridden up at some point and it was probably better that way so it didn't get messy. It was his favorite hoddie after all.

The majority of thought escaped Yoongi's body when Namjoon dropped his hand to curl ever so gently against the curve of his bottom and encouraged the sharp little rolls of his hips with perfectly timed squeezes. His climax came at him like the gentle crash of a wave on a bright sunny summer afternoon on the beach. He whined in the back of his throat, buried his face in Maku and rode out the pleasure with slight little rolls of his hips. Namjoon murmured to him gentle words that Yoongi couldn't quite make out but filled him with warmth nonetheless. 

By the time Yoongi fully came back to himself, he was purring loud enough to fill the room and his hands were still kneading the head of the fish between his palms. Namjoon was smiling at him, so soft and so warm and Yoongi wanted to kiss him. So he lifted his head ever so slightly and Namjoon got the memo. He tilted down to slot their mouths together in a soft kiss and Yoongi finally felt complete. 

"What were you dreaming about?" Namjoon asked softly once he pulled their lips apart. There was a curious expression on his face but his dark eyes were twinkling and Yoongi could tell the man already knew the answer to his question. 

"You." Yoongi snorted, rolling his eyes as he rolled over onto his back, wincing at the way his sensitive length rubbed against the plush fish. "Who else would I dream about?" He brought his arms above his head and set about stretching, arching his back and purring at how good it felt to be out of the ball he always curled up in when he slept. 

"Just making sure." Namjoon mused, reaching over to ruffle Yoongi's pure white hair. "I actually came in here to wake you up but you were humping Maku and I got distracted." The apples of his cheeks were flushed lightly and Yoongi could see the slight bulge in his jeans that he wanted to reach for and maybe take into his mouth. Namjoon liked when he did that, though he had to be careful of his teeth. 

Yoongi groaned in pleasure and hugged Maku to his chest once more, eyeing Namjoon up through his lidded eyes, twinkles of gold making Namjoon smile all the more. "Hm? What's going on?"

"Hoseok and Jihoon are coming over in a bit." Namjoon sat up from where he had lounged on the bed and tugged his phone free from his pocket to check the time. Yoongi instantly perked up at the names and shifted to sit up on his knees, running a hand through his messy hair. "They should be here in about ten or fifteen if you want to clean up."

Yoongi hummed and straightened out his hoodie. He could do with a quick clean up and a change of clothes considering he just came in his undies. Though that did leave the matter of Namjoon's arousal. Yoongi slipped off the bed to his bare feet before reaching out to pat Namjoon's dark hair softly. "I'll take care of you later."

Namjoon perked a brow at him before he realized what Yoongi meant and the flush on his cheeks was well worth it. For a man who had no qualms picking Yoongi up and shoving him against a wall, he still blushed like a virgin when Yoongi even brought up their sex life in casual conversation. It was cute and Yoongi loved him for it and he couldn't help but lean down to kiss him. 

"I'll clean up Maku for you." Namjoon told him once they pulled away and Yoongi nodded in thanks. From the look of it, the fish didn't suffer too much but it was made out of a cleanable fabric for such accidents considering it was literally made for hybrids to do what Yoongi had done. Truthfully, his briefs suffered more than Maku but Jihoon was coming over and the last thing Yoongi wanted was for the kid to smell something he really wasn't ready for. 

"Thanks. I'm gonna clean up." Yoongi rubbed at his stomach through the fabric of his thick pink hoodie as he left the room, knowing Namjoon would take care of everything. Their bedroom was on the other side of the small apartment and it didn't take him long to shuffle in on his bare feet. Their combined scent smacked him in the face as soon as he entered and a smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he picked out a clean pair of underwear to wear. He planned to stick with his pink hoodie since it had been saved from his little fun time but he picked out a pair of shorts to wear because Hoseok didn't need to see him running around the house in his underwear like he preferred to do. 

The apartment only had one bathroom but it was across the hall from their bedroom and was more than large enough for the two of them. Plus, it had a tub. Yoongi was so grateful they had a tub. As much as he would love to dip down in fragrant water and soak for a while after play time, he didn't have the time. A shower was his best bet and so after shutting the bathroom door and placing his clean clothes on the counter, he started to undress for his shower. Yoongi liked his water steaming hot so it took a minute for the water to get hot enough for him and he took the time to send Jungkook a quick text before setting his phone down on the sink counter. He wasn't all that fond of showers because it was easier for his ears to get wet and he really hated getting his ears wet. But washing his hair was a necessary evil and so he had little choice in the matter. 

Yoongi smiled fondly at the assortment of washes and lotions littering the shower cady. Namjoon had two bottles but the rest were his because he was spoiled and he knew it. Namjoon spoiled him absolutely senseless and Yoongi didn't have much of a will to fight it anymore. When he was young, just a kitten, and had the luck of having a kind older woman as an owner, she spoiled him too. It was so nice to go back to that. He spent so long on the streets without wash and lotions and even proper food that Yoongi was willing to let Namjoon spoil him absolutely rotten like the pure breed he was. He didn't care anymore. As long as he was clean, had a full belly and love, Yoongi was happy. Namjoon gave him all of those things and move. 

Namjoon. Maker, Yoongi couldn't imagie where he would be without Namjoon. Fumbling, awkward but warm Kim Namjoon who took a chance on him. Namjoon who stumbled upon a sick Yoongi on the streets and took him in because he didn't know what else to do. Namjoon who was the first human in so very long to show Yoongi kindness after years and years on the streets. Namjoon who took care of him but gave him the type of freedom most of his kind weren't allowed to have. Namjoon who helped Yoongi find what he had spent so very long looking for. A home

There was Jungkook too. Namjoon helped Yoongi find his lost brother but a home was just as important. 

Namjoon who kissed him like he was the most precious creature to ever put his hands on and Yoongi was lucky, he knew he was lucky. Without Namjoon, he'd probably be dead though that wasn't something he liked to think about often even if it were the truth. Being taken in by a kind human was one thing. Falling in love with that human was a whole other ordeal. Yoongi felt he was lucky to have his human love him back and he wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. 

The shower washed away all of his sins and made him smell even more like cherry blossoms which was good enough for a visit from Hoseok and Jihoon. He was rather excited for it, truth be told. It had been three days since he last saw Jihoon and he could imagine the kid had whined to Hoseok until he finally agreed to bring him over again. Yoongi recalled having a similar conversation with Jungkook before he fell asleep so he was sure he would see his brother soon as well. Jimin had no qualms bringing Jungkook over anytime his heart desired because Jungkook was about as spoiled as Yoongi and he was happy about that. Jungkook deserved to be spoiled rotten and Park Jimin was doing a decent job at it. 

Ruffling the towel over his hair and ears, Yoongi stood naked in front of the mirror above the sink and took the time to check over his body. He was still thin but the longer he spent with Namjoon, the less his ribs could be seen and finally he was starting to look healthy after so long. He twisted his body from one side to the other, checking over his back and his hips and though he really was thin, there were little healthy patches of fat collecting in all the right places. Especially his thighs, they collected fat first but Namjoon liked those so he didn't mind. It was also a nice thing to look in the mirror and not see bruises. 

Things were better now and even if Yoongi still had nightmares occasionally, he had Namjoon to hold him close and remind him that he was safe and that was all that mattered. 

Emotion crawled up the back of Yoongi's throat as it sometimes did when he thought too much about his life a year ago. A year ago he was struggling to survive the cold. A year ago he was dirty and a little broken and eating out of trash cans. A year ago he didn't see himself still alive a year from then and yet... 

Yoongi took a deep breath to ease the emotion crawling over his skin as he hung the wet towel up to dry. He didn't have time to blow dry his hair like he would have liked so he left the snow white strands alone. His ears twitched at the sound of movement in the rest of the apartment and Yoongi vaguely wonderd if their guests had arrived. He hummed and gave his reflection one good check over, sharp gold eyes trailing over each soft curve of his face. Back on the streets, his eyes gave him away for what he was no matter how hard he tried to hid it. They weren't human. Where human's had white in their eyes, Yoongi had nothing but twinkling gold and a black diamond like slit. Cat eyes, considering he was one and Jungkook had similiar eyes, though his were green instead of gold. 

Yoongi liked the soft curves of his face, the slope of his button nose, the plush of his naturally pink lips, the creamy pale tone to his skin. He was pretty and he knew it. It used to be a thorn in his side but not too much anymore. He rather liked the way he looked with his snow white hair and equally white pointed ears settled at the crown of his head. His tail was just as pretty, currently curled around his waist, long and extra fluffy from the shower. Jungkook liked to pet it and sometimes he would let Jimin play with it too when he was feeling extra kind that day. Taehyung wasn't allowed near it since that time he accidently bit it but Yoongi let him play with his ears so that was good enough for the dog hybrid. 

What Yoongi loved the most, something that wasn't even natural, was the soft pastel pink collar buckled around his supple neck. It wasn't anything extra fancy because Namjoon didn't entirely know what to get but it was pretty and pink and Yoongi loved it because it was the first item Namjoon gave him. The strip of leather was thin, less than half an inch in width and the underside was as soft as plush against his sensitive skin. It wasn't the most expensive collar Yoongi had worn but he still loved it. He loved how simple it was, how it fit his neck perfectly and the color complemented him well. He had a matching black one but he only wore that one outside of the house. When he was home, he wore the pink one because he loved it so very much. 

Satisfied with his appearance, Yoongi hurried to get dressed. He could hear voices which meant Jihoon was there and a thrill of excitement made him move a little bit quicker. The white shorts he pulled on were hidden beneath the length of his hoodie but he paid it little mind as he quickly ran a comb through his naturally messy hair. He gave up on it after a minute, stuffed his phone in his hoodie pocket and left the bathroom behind, much too excited to see Jihoon again to waste time. 

Sure enough, Hoseok and Jihoon were in the living room when Yoongi slipped out of the bathroom. Hoseok was still in the process of getting Jihoon out of his snow boots when the boy noticed him and nothing else mattered for the moment. 

"GiGi!" Jihoon exclaimed happily, fumbling over his feet against Hoseok's protests until he was free from his shoes. His little round face lit up like a Christmas tree when his black eyes landed on Yoongi and he let Hoseok tug the hat off his head before he hurried over to Yoongi. 

Jihoon was maybe the cutest thing Yoongi had ever seen in his entire life with his fluffy white hair, equally fluffy white long ears that stuck straight up atop his head and plush white tail. The boy was barely two years old, fumbling on his chubby feet but Yoongi dropped down to his knees, holding out his hands for chubby little hands to grasp onto once he was close enough. Yoongi didn't hesitate to gather Jihoon up in his arms and hug him tightly, tucking him in close under his jaw. Jihoon let out a soft purr and nuzzled into his neck, his tiny hands clutching fistfulls of Yoongi's hoodie. 

"JiJi." Yoongi purred, nuzzling his soft white hair to scent him. He smelled like Hoseok and fresh rain but Yoongi needed him to smell like him too. They were family after all, as long as Yoongi was concerned. Scenting each other was a thing. Jihoon was doing it by rubbing his nose into the curve under Yoongi's jaw. Jihoon was the cutest bunny Yoongi had ever seen and he intended to spend the next ten or so minutes scenting him all up. 

"I swear they love each other more than us." Hoseok sighed heavily though the smile tugging at his lips proved he wasn't upset at all. 

"He does the same thing with Jungkook." Namjoon pointed out, shrugging his shouders and giving them a fond smile. "I'm used to it."

"Seriously, Hoonie's been saying 'GiGi' for the last two days! You just saw him three days ago!" Hoseok groaned and flopped about in that way he had, kicking off his shoes. 

Jihoon ignored Hoseok in favor of nuzzling more into Yoongi and the cat hybrid couldn't help but purr and return his nuzzles. He'd get to Hoseok eventually but Jihoon was priority right now. He was the young one. He needed the affection more and Yoongi was more than willing to give it. 

"Well, while they spend the next ten minutes scenting each other, would you like some coffee Hoseok?"


Yoongi did indeed spend the next ten or so minutes scenting up Jihoon by rubbing their faces together which made the younger giggle and grin. By the time he was fully satisfied Jihoon smelled enough like him, Hoseok and Namjoon had settled on the couch with their coffee and were talking about work, as they usually did. Usually Yoongi and Jihoon played together while the two of them talked about work during their visits and Yoongi was okay with that. 

"Yoongi, come say hi now that you're done." It wasn't a demand, just a suggestion but Yoongi nodded at Namjoon and finally got back on his feet, taking Jihoon with him. 

Hoseok grinned, shifting on the couch to turn toward Yoongi as he shuffled over to them. Jihoon was settled against his hip, smiling brightly with flushed cheeks as he played with one of Yoongi's ears gently. "Hello there, Yoongi!"

"Hello." Yoongi leaned down, holding Jihoon carefully so he didn't slip free and nuzzled into Hoseok's hair in greeting before pulling away. 

Hoseok blinked at him before a grin burst across his face. "You do love me!"

Yoongi rolled his eyes and shifted to sit down on the floor near the couch, releasing Jihoon so he could hurry after the basket of toys Yoongi kept under the coffee table. "If he's family, then obviously you're family."

"Joonie." Hoseok gasped. "Did you hear that? He called me family." Hoseok sighed dramatically and collasped into the couch making Namjoon laugh into his coffee cup. 

"You act like it's the first time he's done that."

Hoseok clutched a hand over his chest. "I'm still surprised okay. You remember when we first met?" He turned to look at Yoongi who was helping Jihoon tug the basket over toward them. "You hissed at me."

"I hissed at everyone. Wasn't personal." Yoongi said with a shrug, smiling softly at Jihoon when he boy offered him a little pastel purple ball with a jingle bell in the middle of it. 

"Mm, but now you're making snuggle piles with Jungkook, Taehyung and Jihoon and letting me pet your ears." He gave them a soft scratch to demonstrate and Yoongi titled his head into the nice feeling. "Ah, it's nice to see you so happy. Hoonie too!"

Jihoon glanced up at his nickname and gave Hoseok a toothy grin before focusing his attention on Yoongi once again. Hoseok and Namjoon fell into conversation about work once again and so Yoongi waited to see what game Jihoon wanted to play today. They didn't have any toys for children like Hoseok had at home. Yoongi had seen Jihoon's play room a few months ago and the boy was about as spoiled as the rest of them, though Yoongi couldn't blame Hoseok. Jihoon was too cute to say no too and it wasn't like he was misbehaved. He was a quiet toddler and when he did cry they were silent little tears because he was truly upset over something. Yoongi preferred his brightly smiling face because he had these cute little dimples in his smile lines and Yoongi loved poking them. 

Instead of children's toys, Yoongi had the large assortment of cat toys Namjoon had bought him over time. It was quite the collection but the basket Yoongi kept under the coffee table was full of all his favorite ones. He really liked the jingle balls and feathered mice. After a few minutes, Jihoon settled with the pastel purple jingle ball and then wobbled over to sit opposite Yoongi, a foot or so away.

Ah, Jihoon wanted to play catch. Yoongi unfolded his legs and spread them out, watching in fond amusement as Jihoon tried to do the same and then he placed the ball on the soft carpet between them. He pushed it gently so it rolled toward Yoongi until he caught it gently between his fingers. He rolled the ball back and the process repeated, the jingle in the ball making such a sweet sound that kept both of their attentions. Sometimes if he was worked up enough, he'd get Namjoon to throw the ball and he'd chase after it but that was pretty rare. Right now, he was happy to roll the ball back and forth, watching with a gummy smile as Jihoon giggled each and every time the ball rolled between his legs. 

Absentmindedly, Yoongi heard the sound of a camera shutter but he paid it little mind. 

"Who are you sending that to this time?" Namjoon asked, sounding fond.

"The group. You know how many pictures I have like this? You'd think Yoongi was his appa instead of me. Gigi was his first word after all." Hoseok mumbled and Yoongi could hear his fingers clicking away at his phone. 

"It's a different kind of love that they have with each other then they have with us." Namjoon pondered aloud. "Yoongi's like this with Jungkook and Taehyung as well. He said it's an animal thing." He laughed softly. "Besides, Jihoon calls you appa now, doesn't he?"

"Yes, he does!" Hoseok practically beamed. "They're so cute together though, I can't be mad. Yoongi's so good with him." Yoongi wasn't sure if they thought he wasn't listening or couldn't hear them but he was listening pretty intently even if his wide eyes were focused on the ball passing between himself and Jihoon. "Have you two thought about adopting?"

The sound of Namjoon choking on his coffee made Yoongi glance up for a second, meeting dark wide eyes. Yoongi just offered him a faint smile before he turned back to Jihoon, heat flaring up the back of his neck because, wow, what a question. 

"Shit." Namjoon cursed softly and coughed a few times to clear his throat while Hoseok snickered softly at him. "Um, okay, wow, we haven't, uh, talked about it. Jeeze, Hoseok it's barely been a year."

"I know. I just think Yoongi'd make a great parent." He shrugged it off like it wasn't a big deal but truth be told, it was. Children wasn't something they had spoken about yet because they were still learning the ins and outs of each other but it wasn't something Yoongi was willing to cross out. They could talk about it some day but right now he was more than content with how his life was. 

Yoongi could feel Namjoon's eyes on him but he refused to look, focusing on the ball jingling softly on the floor. After a moment, Namjoon let out a sigh that was both warm and kind and made Yoongi's spine tingle ever so slightly. 

"Maybe someday."

Hoseok nodded and let out a soft laugh. "Mhm, I'm sure you're both too busy enjoying the alone time."

Well, he wasn't wrong but it was hard to keep from laughing when Namjoon choked on his coffee again. Even Jihoon giggled though he didn't know why Yoongi was laughing. He was laughing because Yoongi was laughing and that was all he cared about. He grasped the ball in his little hand to shake about for a minute before crawling over into Yoongi's lap and curling up. Another nap with someone warm and sweet sounded pretty nice to Yoongi so he crawled up into the oversized armchair closest to them and settled down with Jihoon, ignoring the fond looks the two of them were receiving so he could get comfortable and enjoy another short little nap. It didn't take long for both him and Jihoon to fall asleep to the sound of each other's soft breaths.

When Yoongi was three years old, he was adopted by a beautiful woman in her late sixties named Min Sunghao. He was known as Hyuk before then but Sunghao chose to change his name the moment she adopted him. From then on, he was called Min Yoongi. Sunghao was healthy for her age and was an entertainer in her early years. Yoongi could remember sitting on her lap and swaying from side to side as she sang beautiful trot song after beautiful trot song for him. She loved to sing and even though she was a little too old to perform any more, she still loved to sing for Yoongi.

Sunghao treasured Yoongi deeply. She spoiled him rotten like the pure breed kitten that he was and Yoongi became accustomed to organic food, bubbly baths, lotions, creams, golden collars and fancy toys. She had the money to spare after all. She had no children to call her own, wasn't able to conceive them, and a husband who left her for someone "younger but no where near as pretty as me, Yoongi darling". She had gone to the shelter in hopes of finding a companion to spent the rest of her life with and she was surprised to find little Yoongi curled up on one of the plush cushions, napping away without a care in the world. She fell in love instantly, so she told him, and for Yoongi it was almost just as instant. 

Sunghao loved and cherished Yoongi as if he were her own child. She showed him the love a young child needed. She raised him and helped turn him into the man he was proud to say he was. And even though she was a bit older, she was always so healthy that the idea of losing her anytime soon had never even crossed Yoongi's mind. 

Sunghao had sheltered him from the world just a bit. Yoongi knew little of death and so when Sunghao fell ill, he didn't know what it meant. He just watched with wide, fearful eyes as doctor after doctor came through her room with the same bad news. Cancer, they said. Stage four, unexpectedly. She was so healthy. They didn't understand how she could aburptly fall so ill. 

Yoongi was eighteen when Sunghao grabbed his hand weakly between her own and explained to him that they only had a little time left together. He cried, begged her not to leave him because he didn't understand and she only smiled fondly at him and kissed his knuckles with tears in her own eyes. 

They spent another month together before she closed her eyes for the last time with her head pillowed gently in Yoongi's lap. 

Life was a harsh blur after that. Sunghao left Yoongi everything. Before she was even diagnosed she had put him into her will to receive every dime she owned. She wanted him taken care of if something was to ever happen to her but she didn't take her ex-husband into account. To him, it was batshit crazy for her to leave her billions of won in the hands of an eighteen year old hybrid. Sadly, the courts agreed. Yoongi was stripped of everything she had left him and kicked out onto the street because no one cared and it was the first time in his life to fall face first into the harsh reality of the world. 

It didn't take long for Yoongi to learn the ins and outs of the streets. He was sheltered but he wasn't stupid. Sunghao had made sure he was well educated, more so than the common hybrid on the street and because of that, he was able to survive. It wasn't easy in the least and Yoongi gained a number of scars on his previously flawless skin but he toughened up. Sunghao would be proud of him and that was the only thought that kept him going for awhile. 

Until he found Jungkook, that was. 

Jungkook was barely fifteen when a twenty year old Yoongi found him huddled between a dumpter and a wall. He wasn't the first other stray Yoongi stumbled upon but he was young, and skinny, and reminded Yoongi too much of himself to just let him go. He took him in, even when he was struggling to take care of himself and Jungkook was forever grateful. Two were better than one on the rough and tough streets and even though Jungkook was younger, he was larger. He grew to tower over Yoongi somehow, even when he was malnourished, but that meant people rarely messed with them anymore. They were making a life for themselves in an old abandoned shed they found near a park and it was working out as well as it could for two stray cat hybrids in the city. 

Seven years they spent together. Seven years where Jungkook came to call him brother and Yoongi came to depend on the company the other was able to give him. Huddled together, they survived bitter winter after bitter winter and Yoongi was finally able to smile after so long of being alone. 

But then, one day, Jungkook didn't come back to the shed after a day of busking on the streets. It was instantly worrisome, because Jungkook always came back but when Yoongi went searching for him, he was no where to be found. Panic was an instant feeling and Yoongi spent day and night looking for his brother only to come up empty handed. He searched and he searched but Jungkook was no where to be found. Yoongi refused to give up however, no matter what the gruesome outcome may be and it was while he was out searching one night with a fever burning high enough to make his vision blurry that Namjoon found him for the first time. 

Yoongi didn't remember much about it. He rememberd his fever and he remembered some ugly stranger shoving him against a wall because he stumbled into him and then he remembered waking up in a soft bed with a dog hybrid hovered over him worriedly. Namjoon had taken him home in his own panic and luckily enough called his friend Seokjin who owned his own hybrid by the name of Taehyung. Having Taehyung around made Yoongi feel better. Knowing that there was a well taken hybrid in the mix made him feel a little safer but he was still unsure about the entire situation.

Namjoon was awkward and a little fumbly but he cared and that scared Yoongi. It'd been so long since someone cared that he didn't know what to make of it. Not to mention he had Jungkook to look for. Namjoon showed him kindness. Namjoon offered him food and a warm bed to sleep on but Yoongi couldn't settle down with the thought that Jungkook might still be on the streets cold and alone. So once his fever was gone, Yoongi left.

It was almost a game after that. Yoongi would leave and Namjoon would bring him back. He fought it at first but over time he came to understand that Namjoon just wanted to help. But Yoongi had to find Jungkook so he continued to leave. He planned to come back but with his horrible sense of direction and lack of knowledge of the city outside of what he considered his territory, Yoongi could never find his way back. Which was why Namjoon always came to find him. Yoongi thought maybe one day Namjoon wouldn't come but without fail, the man came to bring him back to his apartment every single time. 

It was a particularly rough night that turned their tentative relationship around for the better. Yoongi had left, as he was prone to do, with the hopes of finding his own way back this time. He had a collar on for once, an old thick heavy one of Taehyung's that Namjoon had given him just so they could go out in public together. Yoongi didn't mind wearing it because he could leave the apartment with Namjoon and that usually meant stopping for his favorite seafood on the way home. It wasn't cheap but Namjoon never complained about the prices. His producing job paid well and he seemed happy to spend his money on someone aside from himself. 

That particular night was the first time Yoongi witnessed a human stand up and protect him. That night, Namjoon stepped out of his no violence norm and punched the shit out of a drunk asshole who thought it was a good idea to try and feel Yoongi up. Seokjin stopped it before things got too bad but Yoongi had been so terrified since the stranger had straight up smacked him and clinging to Namjoon was the only thing he could do. Things changed between them after that. Yoongi came to fully trust Namjoon and opened up to him, explaining for the first time why he always left and why he couldn't come back. 

Namjoon offered to help him find Jungkook and Yoongi decided this human was a good human and he was going to keep him. Namjoon got him a collar, a phone and an assortment of toys along with all the freedoms a hybrid could ever hope for within the laws of the city. Namjoon showed him love and kindness and though Yoongi had never felt romantic love, he knew Namjoon was different and he was pleased to have the man feel the same way about him. 

As luck would have it, Taehyung had an online friend named Jungkook that he played games with often and as it turned out, he was Yoongi's Jungkook. It was a coincidence really, something that blew everyone's minds but Yoongi was just so utterly thrilled to have his brother back. 

As it turned out, Jungkook had run into a group of assholes before returning to the shed who thought it would be a good idea to rough up the hybrid kid. He'd fought back and though he didn't exactly win, he was proud to say a few them would have scars from his claws for the rest of their lives. But Jungkook had been too hurt to limp his way home and that was when Park Jimin found him. Sweet, beautiful little Park Jimin with a heart the size of the sun and smile to match. He helped Jungkook, offering to take him home and clean him up but Jungkook worried for Yoongi. When Jimin helped him to the shed Yoongi was no where to be seen and Jungkook was losing too much blood so they had no choice but to leave. Jimin promised to bring him back and thus Jungkook went home with Jimin. 

Jungkook never stopped looking for him. Though he found a warm and comfortable home with Jimin, Jungkook never stopped looking for Yoongi. But Yoongi had abandoned the old shed and they never happened to run into each other. Jungkook was happy Yoongi had a home to call his own now but he was more happy to have his brother back in his life. Jimin was happy Jungkook was happy, Namjoon was pleased to see Yoongi smile so widely, Taehyung was happy everyone was happy, Seokjin was pleased they were all together and Hoseok was thrilled to anounce he was adopting a hybrid too. 

A year ago, Yoongi couldn't imagine a happy ending for himself and yet there he was, with a fairy tale-esce happy ending and a full warm family. He had Jungkook back with the addition of Jimin who knew exactly how to scratch his ears just the way he liked and always brightened every room he walked into. He had fun and warm Taehyung who loved him deeply and kind Seokjin who took care of all of them. He had Hoseok who he was happy to call a friend and little Jihoon who came to mean as much to him as Jungkook. 

And then he had Namjoon. 

Namjoon who he loved and cherished with every fiber of his being. He never expected the human to become so precious to him but Namjoon was warm, kind, sweet and everything Yoongi didn't know he needed. Namjoon was supportive and understanding and only put up with his shit when he knew Yoongi was having a bad day. Otherwise, he made sure to keep that open line of communication between them and if that meant bothering Yoongi until he finally admitted what was bothering him than he was more than willing to do it. 

Yoongi could never express how much he loved Namjoon but he was certain the man could tell with all the soft nuzzles and kisses Yoongi liked to lavish him with when he was feeling up to it. Namjoon certainly wasn't complaining after all and reminded Yoongi at least twice a day how much he loved him. 

"Is it getting to be night night time baby?"

The softly spoken words made Yoongi glance away from the dancing girls on the television and bring his attention to the fact that Jihoon currently had two of his fingers shoved into his little mouth. He hadn't even noticed the soft nibble of blunt teeth against his skin thanks to the dancing lights and bright colors on the screen. The music was nice too, though a little too bubbly for his own taste and somehow during the show, Jihoon had decided it was time to nibble on Yoongi's fingers, a sure sign that he was tired and ready to go down for the night. 

Jihoon made a soft whining sound at Hoseok's words and sunk into Yoongi's lap all the more, where he was curled up against his chest in the oversized arm chair they had previously taken a nap in. Glancing down, Yoongi could see plump little lips wrapped loosely around two of his bent fingers and droopy slanted eyes. Jihoon was obviously very tired but he wanted to fight it, shaking his head slowly when Hoseok reached out for him. Separating Jihoon from Yoongi was always a bit of an adventure but it was even worse when the boy was sleepy.

Carefully, Yoongi tugged his fingers out of Jihoon's mouth and wiped the spit soaked digits against Jihoon's overalls causing the boy to whine and whimper. Hoseok seemed to have the solution for his temperament, making a soft noise of understanding before grabbing the diaper bag he brought with him to dig through it. Yoongi dug his clean hand into Jihoon's hair to pet him softly which helped him calm down enough to stop whimpering though he kept grabbing at Yoongi's other hand in an attempt to bring it to his mouth again. 

"He has this giant rubber carrot at home that he chews on." Hoseok explained softly with a tender smile on his face, still digging through the bag in his lap. "He's got a few back teeth still coming in and the doc said chewing on things will make him feel better. He always chews on the carrot when he goes to sleep. It's the cutest thing." He laughed softly and finally pulled out what he had been digging for. It looked like a pacifier but the nipple part was a weird shape and Yoongi could only assume it was for hybrid children like Jihoon. "Here, baby." Jihoon let Hoseok pop the pacifier in his mouth and Yoongi watched in slight fascination as he nibbled and sucked at the tip but didn't managed to break it or chew through it. 

Honestly, he looked damn cute with that white and pink pacifier in his mouth, his rounded button nose even more prominate because of it. Jihoon glanced up at him when he noticed his staring and for a moment, they just stared at each other, the pacifier bouncing slightly in Jihoon's mouth as he nibbled and sucked and Yoongi was overwhelmed with a warm affection for the child in his lap. A soft churp came up the back of his throat, making one of Jihoon's ears twitch and he cupped that cute little chubby face in both of his hands before rubbing their noses together affectionately. 

A bubble of giggles escaped around the pacifier as Yoongi nuzzled their faces together, almost a little roughly so that when he pulled away, their cheeks and noses were flushed red. Jihoon grinned brightly at him, his small eyes disappearing into cute little crescents from his bunched up cheeks. The pacifier hid his cute little dimples but that was okay. Yoongi kissed both of his cheeks anyway and returned his smile softly, wrapping both arms around him for a hug. 

"Separating you two is nearly impossible." Hoseok mused, getting to his feet so he could gather up all their winter stuff in preparation to leave. 

"It's cute." Namjoon hummed and when Yoongi glanced at him, there was something in those dark eyes he couldn't quite read. It wasn't bad, considering it was mixed in with a bundle of love and affection and Yoongi wondered if Namjoon was thinking about the adoption thing Hoseok had mentioned earlier. Heat flared across his cheeks and he dropped his eyes to Jihoon again, if only so his heart didn't pound out of his chest from the look Namjoon was giving him. 

"Okay, I admit it's the cutest thing I've ever seen but," Hoseok dropped down in front of the chair they were sitting in, his smile warm and caring as he held out Jihoon's tiny little green snow boots, "it's time to go home and go to bed, Hoonie."

Jihoon gave another soft little whimper but Yoongi pressed his lips to his hair and that seemed to be enough. Wiggling slightly in Yoongi's lap, Jihoon offered his sock covered feet and Hoseok grinned so wide one would think he won the lottery. Jihoon didn't fight his shoes being put on, nor his coat, gloves and hat. He did, however, fight a little bit when Yoongi finally stood up and tried to pass him to Hoseok. There was a little stuggle with Jihoon digging his nails into Yoongi's hoodie in refusal to be passed off but Yoongi promised they'd see each other soon and after a firm kiss to his cheek, Jihoon finally let Hoseok take him. The boy practicably melted into Hoseok's arms once he had him and as much as Hoseok complained about how Jihoon loved Yoongi more than him, it was obvious to see how much Jihoon truly loved his new father by the way he nuzzled up under his chin and closed his eyes trustingly. 

Yoongi and Namjoon saw Hoseok and Jihoon to the door, bidding their farewells and goodnights and Yoongi was pleased to see Jihoon nuzzle Namjoon's chest when the man leaned down to give Hoseok a goodbye hug. They were all family and it was important for Jihoon to accept all of them so it made Yoongi happy to see his favorite kid give his favorite adult affection. He couldn't keep the curl of a smile out of the corner of his mouth, even after the apartment door shut and Namjoon clicked all the locks closed. 

He felt warm and fuzzy and didn't hesitate to bump his head into Namjoon's arm once they were alone. Namjoon wrapped that arm around his back without question, bringing him in close so Yoongi could nuzzle against his chest. It used to be a thorn in Yoongi's side about how much taller Namjoon was than him but as it turned out, it was a perfect fit and so he didn't mind it so much anymore. He really liked the way his smaller lithe body fit against Namjoon's tall and lanky one. For a man so large with resting bitch face that made him seem terrifyingly intimidating, Kim Namjoon was a huge fucking fluffy teddy bear and Yoongi...

Yoongi loved him. 

Warm soft lips pressed against his temple and Yoongi savored the feeling, letting out a soft purr to let Namjoon know he appreciated the gesture. "Cuddle time?" Namjoon asked, sounding hopeful and Yoongi didn't know why he bothered to ask considering it was almost routine for them to snuggle on the couch before bed but Yoongi appreciated the question nonetheless. 

"You make the tea, I'll make the snacks." Yoongi planted a soft kiss to the curve of Namjoon's jaw before pulling away to shuffle into the kitchen. 

Cuddle time meant snacks, tea for Namjoon, milk for Yoongi, news on the television and soft cuddles on the couch until Yoongi couldn't keep his eyes open anymore. 

The plan for tonight was no different. Namjoon set up the kettle for tea while Yoongi pulled out what he needed to make his favorite tunafish crackers. On the top shelf in the fridge was a large blue plastic container a quater full of the most delicious thing Yoongi ever had the pleasure of putting in his mouth, excluding Namjoon. It was mostly tuna with some spices, celery, and mayo added in made by Seokjin and Yoongi had an addiction to it. It was the first real food he had in a long time the first night he spent at Namjoon's and Seokjin made sure to keep him stocked up on it since. He had at least a few spoonfuls a day, be it a sandwich for lunch or for his nightly snack. Yoongi's mouth was watering from the hint of a scent before he even opened the tub. 

"So did you finish what you were working on earlier?" Yoongi asked aloud as he started spreading the tunafish mixture on a few crackers for himself. 

"Not exactly. I feel like there's something missing but I couldn't figure it out." Namjoon shrugged, leaning against the counter while he waited for the kettle to boil. "I was going to ask you to listen but you were asleep by then."

"I can listen now?" He offered. 

Namjoon shook his head. "No, we'll check it out tomorrow. I'm done with work for the night."

Yoongi made a noise of understanding and focused his attention back on his task at hand, moving onto the peanut butter he pulled from the cabinet for Namjoon's snack. Seokjin once told him Namjoon's life had revolved around his job before Yoongi came along. Namjoon would stay up till the wee hours of the night working even if he was beating his head against a brick wall. It made something warm and soft ache in the corner of Yoongi's chest to know Namjoon would rather spend his time with him than working late. 

"Were you talking to Jungkook when you came in?" Namjoon asked to make conversation.

Yoongi hummed in agreement. "He was telling me he and Jimin are probably going to come by sometime this weekend. Which means Jin-hyung and Tae will probably come too, so." He shrugged, knowing Namjoon didn't mind having a house full of people. It was a common occurrence for their weekends, be it at Namjoon's apartment or Seokjin's house. Namjoon never had a problem with Jungkook and Jimin coming over whenever they wanted. "And if they come then Hoseok and Jihoon will probably come too."

"We'll need to go shopping then. Hyung will flip if he sees I'm not feeding you right."

Yoongi snorted as he licked the leftover tunafish juice from the knife he had been using. "You feed me fine. I am going to need more of this though." He gestured at the almost empty container.

Namjoon nodded. "I'll let him know. Speaking of, uh, family." The words came out a little soft and a little shy so Yoongi turned away from sprinkling rasins on Namjoon's peanut butter crackers to look at him fully. He looked fine, aside from the way his hands were curled over the edge of the counter tight enough to turn his knuckles white. "There's something we need to talk about."

Oh. Yoongi let out a soft sigh of relief and placed the knife in his hand down. "We don't need to talk about it right now, Joonie." He kept his voice soft, understanding, and when those dark eyes jumped up at him in surprise, he tilted his head in slight confusion. "We're still new at this." He flicked a hand between them, a warm flush curling up over his own cheeks. "I-I'm not saying I don't want kids eventually but that's a big conversation we don't need to have right now."

"W-What?" Namjoon's jaw plopped open and his eyes went so wide Yoongi thought they might pop out of his skull. Was he wrong in assuming what Namjoon was referring to? "Oh, shit, right." Understanding dawned on Namjoon's face and he quickly shook his head. "N-No, I was talking about my mom."

Yoongi's back went ridged and his ears twitched atop his head. "Your mother?"

"Yeah." Namjoon blinked a few times until the shock wore off and he nodded his head. "My mom. She's, uh, coming to visit next weekend."

Now it was Yoongi's turn to be surprised. "She-What?"

Namjoon's cheeks flushed a pretty color and he glanced to the floor, rubbing a hand over the back of his neck. "She wants to meet you and I figured weekends are best for us and she doesn't mind coming up."

Yoongi's throat went tight and all he could do was stare at his human with wide eyes. "S-She wants to meet me?"

"Yeah." A warm smile curled to Namjoon's lips as he glanced at him. "Are you surprised?"

"I just-" Yoongi cut himself off, his heart pounding much too hard in his chest to keep up with. "I didn't know that, uh, you told her about me."

"I talk to her everyday, did you really think I wouldn't tell her about you?"

His silence was enough of an answer and Namjoon shoved off the counter so quickly that Yoongi stumbled backwards. Namjoon wouldn't hurt him, would never hurt him, but old habits died hard and Yoongi hated the slightly hurt look that crossed that beautiful face. He didn't mean to. He knew Namjoon would never hurt him but he moved so quickly and Yoongi was confused and unsure at the moment. He didn't flinch when Namjoon reached for him, however, and that was a good sign. Long strong arms wrapped him up tightly until his face was pressed into an equally strong chest and the tightness in his chest started to ease out. 

"Yoongi, she's my mom. I told her all about you." Namjoon's voice was soft and tender near his ear and soothed the painful thumping. 

Pouting his lips out slightly, Yoongi curled his fingers into the loose fabric around Namjoon's waist and nuzzled against his chest. "What exactly did you tell her?"

Namjoon hummed, rubbing his palm over the curves of Yoongi's back. "Everything? What we are mainly. And she wants to meet you."

Yoongi crinkled his nose. "You told her what we are?"

"That we're together."

"Did you tell her I'm a man?"

Namjoon snorted softly and nuzzled gently against Yoongi's hair. "I've strayed down a path that was far less than straight most of my life, Yoongi and she's always been fine with that."

"Did you tell her I'm a hybrid?" Yoongi didn't like the way his voice shook over the word but it was the truth, and a fear he had. He knew of Namjoon's mother. The man spoke fondly of her often and she seemed like a nice person but that didn't mean she would be okay with her son dating a hybrid. She raised a great person and Yoongi wanted to have faith that she was a great person too but he didn't know her and he didn't know what to expect.

Namjoon's soft sigh tickled his ear, making it twitch and those large hands gripped his shoulders so he could push him back and make their eyes meet. His face was a mixture of seriousness and affection, a weird combination to be honest. "I told her everything about you, Yoongi, including what you are and she thinks you sound fantastic which is why she wants to meet you so badly." His lips pouted out as he cupped Yoongi's face between his large palms and brought their foreheads together. "She said she really wants to meet the person who makes her son sound so darn happy everytime she talks to him. She's my mom, Yoongi. She's really nice and understanding."

"W-What if she doesn't like me?" It came out as a mumble only because Namjoon would force it out of him either way. 

"She already likes you." He assured him, easing the tightness in his chest only a little. "Besides, what's not to like?"

Yoongi grit his teeth. "You know how I am around strangers, Namjoon. I can't control it. What if she doesn't like that?"

Namjoon's brow furrowed and he rubbed their noses together until Yoongi's vision went blurry. "She understands, Yoongi. She knows what you've been through. I warned her you'll be shy at first but you're super affectionate and nice once you get past that. It'll take time, I know that, but she's my mom, Yoongi. She's my family and I want you to meet her."

Yoongi blinked a few times and pulled back far enough for his vision to clear. "You want me to meet her?"

"Yes." Namjoon sighed heavily, rolling his eyes. "Like how you wanted me to meet Jungkook? It's like that."

"Oh." Yoongi's lips popped with the sound and heat flushed over his rounded cheeks. If it was important to Namjoon that Yoongi meet his mother, than Yoongi would do his best to make sure she liked him. It might not be a hard task according to Namjoon but Yoongi wanted to make a good impression so he would do the best he could. "I-I'll do my best."

Namjoon grinned, his cheeks bunching to show off his dimples and Yoongi's heart thumped hard in his chest. "I know you will, baby." He tugged Yoongi in close again, wrapping his arms tightly around him in a warm hug. "I was thinking if everything goes well, which I'm sure it will, she could meet Jungkook too if you wanted. I know Hoseok and hyung will want to see her and she's dying to see Taehyung again and also Jihoon after hearing about him. And since she's family I thought maybe she should meet everyone, if you were okay with that."

Yoongi hummed softly and leaned up enough to brush the bridge of his nose along the underside of Namjoon's jaw. "That sounds good. We have a big family."

"Yeah," Namjoon chuckled, "we do." He sounded so warm and fond, like he couldn't be happier and Yoongi's heart thumped hard. "She'll love you, Yoon. I have no doubt." He assured and Yoongi pressed closer to the other male to savor the warmth he had to offer, his throat a little tight with emotion. 

Namjoon spoke fondly of his mother on occasion so Yoongi knew she was a good person. He didn't talk often about his family but when he did, he never had anything bad to say. The warmth and love he received as a child made him the warm and loving person Yoongi had come to know and that gave him faith that Namjoon's mother wouldn't be all that bad to meet. Not to mention how honored he felt that she wanted to meet him. He wasn't anything special, as far as he was concerned, but he was special to Namjoon and that was something he was almost proud of. 

The abrupt whistle of the kettle startled the both of them into a soft laughing fit as they pulled apart. Namjoon gave Yoongi's temple another soft kiss before he moved to take the whistling kettle off the stove. Feeling a bit better with Namjoon's confidence in him, Yoongi finished up making the snacks and cleaning up while Namjoon poured the tea and milk. Once he was done cleaning up, Yoongi took their snacks into the living room and placed both plates down on the glass coffee table. While waiting for Namjoon, Yoongi cleaned up the few toys he and Jihoon had played with before stuffing the basket back under the coffee table where it belonged. 

Yoongi waited until Namjoon plopped down on the couch with remote in hand before he joined him. He tossed both of his legs over Namjoon's lap as he settled against his side, using the man's broad shoulder as a pillow to rest his head on. Namjoon's arm slipped around his back, hooking a hand against his thin hip to hold him in place and Yoongi felt more than comfortable. Namjoon switched on the news that he liked to watch every night because he liked to stay up to date he told Yoongi once and Yoongi reached over to tug his plate of crackers into his lap. 

Comfortable silence fell between them as Yoongi munched quietly on his delicious tunafish crackers and Namjoon watched the news. Yoongi paid the television little attention as he usually did. He only cared about watching it when Namjoon turned on those music shows because Yoongi liked music and it was always interesting to see if one of Namjoon's songs were on the show. But the news was usually filled with sad things that Yoongi didn't like to hear about so he flat out ignored it. It was an every night occurrence that hybrids were brought up, usually in a negative light and Yoongi didn't want to hear about it. Namjoon liked to stay up to date, so Yoongi didn't complain, but he also couldn't understand why someone would so willingly want to hear about all the bad things that happened that day. Sometimes there were good things and Yoongi figured those were the things Namjoon was waiting to hear about every night. Also the weather, because that was important. 

When his crackers were gone and his entire glass of milk devoured, Yoongi snatched up the blue tablet resting on the coffee table to tug into his lap. When Namjoon watched the news, Yoongi would either sleep, play with one of his favorite toys, text Jungkook or Taehyung, or play on his little tablet Jimin got for him because Jungkook loved his and he thought Yoongi would like one too. Considering Jungkook had texted saying he and Jimin were having 'alone time' for the rest of the night, Yoongi figured he might as well play with his tablet while he settled down from the day. He could text Taehyung but texting Taehyung meant he'd probably spend the rest of the night with his phone vibrating and he wanted to spend some quiet alone time with Namjoon. 

So he left his phone in the pocket of his hoodie and curled up against Namjoon's side and lap to fiddle with his tablet. There were an assortment of games downloaded on the device made just to keep hybrids preoccupied. There were some people out there that worked hard to make things to keep hybrids happy and Yoongi appreciated those people. It was nice to know people cared to some extent. He especially appreciated it because the catching the fish game was maybe one of Yoongi's favorite things to do to pass the time, other than napping. He had managed to unlock all kinds of levels and different types of fish by playing it so often and even Jungkook had yet to get the levels Yoongi had unlocked. 

Yoongi's favorite level was the Japanese Zen garden with all the Koi fish because watching the elegant sparkling fish swirl around in the water always managed to relax him no matter how stressful he was feeling. There wasn't much of a goal to the game per say aside from touching the fish whenever he felt like it but all that did was make them twirl all the more and ripple the water. Yoongi loved it. He loved watching the fish swim about and twirl when he tapped his finger against the screen. He loved how warm he felt curled up against Namjoon, the man's hands resting over the curve of bare his knees and the small of his back.  

It wasn't until his eyes started to feel heavy that Yoongi realized they'd been sitting there for over an hour and a half. The news was replaced with some late night comedy show that Namjoon wasn't reallty watching. Instead, he was watching Yoongi which the hybrid didn't even notice until he finally glanced up from his tablet screen. There was a softness in Namjoon's dark eyes that made Yoongi's lips twitch into a soft smile and his heart to thump pleasantly. They were close, close enough for Yoongi to lean forward only slightly and nuzzle the tip of his nose against Namjoon's cheek. 

The way Namjoon's long fingers curled over Yoongi's thigh, just above his knee, reminded him of the promise he had made earlier that day. Namjoon looked a little sleepy and soft so Yoongi wondered if the human remembered. He purred softly in the back of his throat and pressed his plump lips against the curve of Namjoon's jaw, nuzzling in a little closer so he could purr in his ear. 

"Take me to bed." It was an innocent enough request but judging by the flicker of heat in Namjoon's eyes, the man understood exactly what Yoongi was thinking without being told. Heat flushed through his veins at that look and he bit his bottom lip to hold back a smirk, shifting his legs in Namjoon's lap for only a few second before tossing them to the floor so he could get up. 

"Go do your stuff, I'll clean up out here." Namjoon said as he moved to his feet as well, gathering up their empty plates and glasses with a knowing smile on his lips. 

Yoongi nodded, hovering in the living room for just a moment before shuffling off into the bathroom once Namjoon went into the kitchen. He could feel the laziness of sleep lingering in the edges of his bones and he knew given the chance he would pass the fuck out as soon as his head hit the pillow but he had other things in mind. He was sleepy but he was also feeling a little more warm than normal. Like the tips of his fingers had dipped into the rays of the sun for the warmth to slowly spread throughout his entire being until he was almost bursting with the feeling he couldn't ever seem to put a name to. 

Love was a good start but the feeling held so much more than just that single emotion. Yoongi didn't have words for it but it was always there lately, lingering in the corners of his soul and spreading each and every time Namjoon kissed him softly. It was a nice feeling, one he prayed never went away and he thought as long as Namjoon continued to love him, he didn't have to worry about losing that feeling. 

Yoongi took his time in getting ready for bed because he had a process and he wanted to be nice and clean for Namjoon. He had multiple washes gathered in a little pink basket by the sink but he only used one to wash his face with along with a little slather of moisturizer. He brushed his teeth, washed his hands, combed his hair and tail and relieved himself in the toilet before finally leaving the bathroom. The apartment was dark aside from the small lamp in the bedroom across the hall and when Yoongi stepped inside on bare feet, Namjoon was shuffling through dresser drawers in search of clean underwear. 

"I'm done." Yoongi offered, running his fingers through his fluffy hair while taking the time to appreciate the curve of Namjoon's back side. He didn't have the same plump little perky bottom that Yoongi did but he had a slight little curve that Yoongi greatly appreciated. Namjoon noticed him oogling, judging by the soft smirk on his lips when he stood up again. 

"Alright." He gave Yoongi's head a soft pat as he passed by toward the bathroom. "Be right back."

Humming softly, Yoongi stripped himself of the oversized pink hoodie and shorts, tossing them both into the hamper by the door. He didn't bother to put anything else on considering he liked to sleep nude as it were but he was also planning for something that had no need for clothes. If Namjoon was up for it. Yoongi was always up for it. Had the kind of stamina Namjoon envied but he never left Yoongi unsatisfied. 

The bed was large enough for four people and soft like laying on clouds. Yoongi loved it even though he spent most of his napping time in the guest bed. That was only because Namjoon was always in the guest room working and Yoongi would rather curl up in the harder guest bed while in Namjoon's presence than sleep in the cloud-like bed without him. He was attached to the man, obviously, and the more time he could spend around him the better. Yoongi didn't see anything wrong with it and Namjoon never shooed him away so he figured the human was more than fine with it as well. 

Yoongi crawled around on the heavy blankets for a moment before tugging them all off and to the side so only the soft loose sheet and fitted sheet remained. He shoved the heavy blankets to one side of the bed before plopping down against the cool sheets, shivering at the crisp softness against his bare skin. It felt good, and even a little thrilling, as he wiggled to get comfortable, relaxing back into the pillow that smelled strongly of spruce wood. 

That was where Namjoon found him when he returned from the bathroom in nothing but a loose pair of grey boxers. Yoongi wasn't coy in admitting what he wanted and Namjoon only chuckled softly at him, dark eyes running over the expanse of pale skin available to him. Yoongi purred for him, shuffling to sink more into the bed and spread his legs willing, reaching out for the man who came toward him without question. 

Namjoon flicked the light off, casting them in a white glow from the moonlight flickering through the opened curtains before crawling onto the bed and into Yoongi's awaiting arms. Namjoon was gorgeous in the moonlight. He was gorgeous all the time but especially right now, with that tender smile on his lips and that heat in his dark eyes that was starting to simmer a bit more. 

Yoongi dug both hands into soft black hair and tugged him close, slotting their lips together almost perfectly while Namjoon knelt between his spread legs. Yoongi could feel the love and affection with each press of their lips and large warm hands rubbed up his sides, over his shoulders and then back down again, pausing on his thighs to cup the skin firmly. Buzzing heat spread through his body at the touch to then settle in the pit of his stomach and he wanted nothing more than for Namjoon to grab him a little rougher and take what he wanted. 

Namjoon was gentle though; was always so very gentle with Yoongi and as much as he wished the man was a little rougher, deep down, he greatly appreciated how gentle he truly was. Namjoon was kind and patient, always waiting for reassurance from Yoongi before continuing with anything intimate. Sometimes it was frustrating but mostly it was sweet and they were still learning the ins and outs of how each other worked. 

Tonight was a warm, soft and slow kind of night because Yoongi was feeling slightly overwhelmed with emotions for the man above him and it seemed Namjoon was attuned with that. His touch was extra gentle, his kisses lingering and his words a little sweeter. He unravelled Yoongi slowly bit by bit with every touch and every kiss and by the time he finally kicked off his boxers, Yoongi was a softly whining mess. He knew his claws were digging into Namjoon's skin slightly but the man didn't complain, just kissed him harder, firmer, let him pull him as close as possible until he could feel Namjoon's chest expanding with his heavy breaths against his own. 

Opening himself up to Namjoon had been like pulling teeth for the longest time but once that hurdle was finally crossed, Yoongi was an open fucking book for the human. He thrived on intimacy and affection and Namjoon had learned, with his elegant hands and bright inquisitive eyes, exactly how Yoongi liked to be touched the most. Softly, and sweetly, with every ounce of love thrown in and shared between them. 

Sex was sex and they had sex pretty often. Yoongi had sex long before he met Namjoon, with only one other person who happened to be Jungkook. But Jungkook was a long time ago and Namjoon, he was diferent. Yoongi liked how his thighs felt wrapped tightly around Namjoon's hips and he liked being spoiled rotten. And Namjoon spoiled him. There were many mornings where Yoongi woke up with small dark marks all over his thighs and stomach because Namjoon wanted to spend an hour lavishing him with his mouth as a form of foreplay. Equally, there were plenty of mornings Namjoon woke up with little pinprick mouth shaped marks all over his fucking body because Yoongi had been in a mood and decided Namjoon needed to know how much he loved every fucking inch of him. 

Tonight, however, Yoongi was soft and pliant, holding onto his human tightly and keeping him as close as possible. His long tail wrapped around one of Namjoon's thighs and their hands clamped together beside Yoongi's head and Yoongi's throat was tight with how much he felt for this human man. He loved him. He loved him so much. He couldn't imagine where he would be without him and even the hint of a thought of losing him was enough to sprinkle tears to the corners of his eyes. 

Sometimes Yoongi cried when they made love. Sometimes Namjoon would kiss his eyes tenderly and murmur how much he loved him until it sunk deeply into his soul. Sometimes Yoongi would cry harder because he couldn't help it and Namjoon would cradle him tightly as he shook from the sobs and emotions until he finally calmed down enough to kiss him back. 

Tonight Yoongi cried, but they were slight tears that curled down the curve of his flushed cheek and disappeared into the pillow beneath his head. Namjoon kissed his eyes anyway, tasting salt on his tongue but Yoongi urged him to keep going with gentle rolls of his hips and tugs on his hair. Namjoon complied but kept his mouth close enough for Yoongi to kiss and nibble at until he couldn't anymore. Yoongi would almost feel sorry for their neighbors for the sounds coming from his mouth if he cared more. Sadly, he didn't care, not one ounce, because Namjoon loved him and Yoongi wanted the whole fucking world to know it. 

Namjoon wanted him to meet his mom. Namjoon possibly wanted to abopt kittens with him. Namjoon very much so wanted to spend the rest of his life with him. Loving, warm, kind, amazing Kim Namjoon loved him and Yoongi didn't know what God he pleased to earn such luck but he would forever be grateful. He would love and cherish Namjoon until his last breath and even then, Yoongi was sure his soul would continue to love the man until it couldn't any more. 

Yoongi reached his peak first, panting and moaning and a little sweaty, clinging tightly to Namjoon and mumbling over and over how much he loved him. It was enough to send Namjoon over and Yoongi savored the way they kissed, the way Namjoon's body convulsed into his and the blazing warmth that engulfed his entire body like a burst of flames. 

He nuzzled into Namjoon's hair for a while until the man finally managed to catch his breath. By then, his entire body felt like it had been dipped in warm honey, heavy and a little sticky. He planted kisses all over Namjoon's cheek and hair until he man finally pulled off him, his smile bright like a trickle of sunshine and settled in the pit of Yoongi's stomach. His eyes sparkled in the moonlight in a way that made him look even more beautiful and Yoongi wanted to kiss him again. So he leaned up, wincing slightly at the ache in his hips, and kissed his swollen mouth one more time. 

Exhausted, Yoongi plopped back onto the mattress and earned a bubble of laughter from his lover. Namjoon patted his thigh gently before slipping off the bed to find something to clean up with. Yoongi didn't want to move, not with his limbs feeling like thick honey but he knew he had to toss the sheet he was laying on so while Namjoon was busy in the bathroom, he flopped around on the bed until he could grasp the sheet and tug it free, rolling it up in a ball and tossing it to the floor. Namjoon returned soon and eyed up the balled up sheet before shrugging and joining him on the bed with a damp cloth to clean his skin. Yoongi spread out on Namjoon's pillow and let the man clean him up, the soft cool cloth making his skin prinkle. 

Clean and sedated, Yoongi rolled over to leave some room for Namjoon and waited for the man to settle down beside him. He grabbed one of the heavy blankets to toss over their naked bodies before laying down beside Yoongi, who quickly curled up against his side and chest. Namjoon's arm went around his neck instinctively while Yoongi plopped half on top of him, leg and arm thrown over his body so he could nuzzle into his neck. 

"To clarify," Yoongi mumbled, his voice a little wrecked and deep, pressed into the curve of Namjoon's neck, "I do want kittens but not for a while." He felt Namjoon stiffen slightly before the tension eased out and his head turned to press his lips to the crown of his head, near one of his ears. "I want to enjoy this peace a bit longer."

A soft chuckle came from Namjoon's chest and he felt the man's grin press into his hair. "Whatever you want, Yoon. I'm ready when you're ready." His voice was a little breathy, like sleep was knocking on his door but their converstaion was important so he was pushing through. 

"Your wants are important too." He pointed out with a mumble, his eyes finally sliding shut because he was so warm and comfortable. 

"You are my want." Namjoon mused before squeaking softly when Yoongi pinched his exposed nipple. "Ah, fuck, okay, sorry." He chuckled and nuzzle more into Yoongi's hair, planting a kiss to his fuzzy ear. "Kittens sound nice someday. Maybe when we have a bigger place? And when Jihoon's bigger cause I doubt he's willing to share you any time soon."

Yoongi crinkled his nose and fought back a bubble of giggles, shaking his head and rubbing his cheek against Namjoon's shoulder. "He shares me with Jungkook."

"Okay but Jungkook is older. I can imagine Jihoon throwing an actual fit if he saw you snuggling another little kid like him." His voice sounded amused and Yoongi remained silent because they both knew Namjoon was right. Namjoon curled his arm under Yoongi's head up to rub the tip of Yoongi's ear between his thumb and forefinger slowly. "We have time. We have all the time, Yoon."

Yoongi hummed and closed his eyes once more, pressing closer to Namjoon. His heart thumped hard in his chest and a smile tugged at the corner of his lips. "I love you."

Namjoon hummed, a sweet sound like he could never tired of hearing Yoongi say those words and then let out a long breath. "I love you, Yoon."

Home wasn't always a place. Sometimes, it was more than that. Sometimes it was a feeling that settled in the middle of one's heart that continued to make it thump and spread blood through veins. Sometimes home was knowing the people around you loved and cared. Sometimes home was anywhere one felt safe, be it an old leaking shed in the middle of a park or a warm apartment on the fourth floor on the west side of Seoul. Sometimes it was a hug from someone considered a brother. Sometimes it was a smile from a best friend. But most of the time, for Yoongi, it was a person. 

And as Yoongi listened to Namjoon's breathing even out in the soft dark quiet of their shared bedroom, he was reminded of what he considered to be home. Once, home had been a large mansion and a soft wrinkled smile. Then home was Jungkook's bunny toothed smile and warm large hands against his cold bitten cheeks. Then Yoongi lost home. For a long time it lingered out of his reach until he gave up searching for it. That was when Namjoon came into his life. 

Home was dimpled smiles and warm gentle touches. Home was a low rumble of a voice and sweet kind words. Home was slightly awkward but full of kindness and good intentions. Home was love, safety and affection all bundled up in the tall lanky form of one Kim Namjoon. 

Smiling softly, Yoongi curled up tighter against Namjoon and let the curtain of sleep hanging over him finally drop and take him down under.

Home wasn't always a place and for Min Yoongi, he was lucky enough to find his home in one Kim Namjoon. Little did he know, he was home for Namjoon in return. But that was a story for another time.