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Fine Again

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Chapter One

He was sixteen when he first met Ares Cisneros.

It was just after he and Derek had discovered that Peter was the alpha. He had argued with the wolf, already feeling terrible about getting his dad drunk and, of course, because they were both emotionally stunted, things that shouldn't have been said were snarled. Insecurities were brought into the open and he was left feeling rawer than he'd ever felt. Somehow, that had led to him making an hour drive into Beacon County to get drunk.

The jungle, like most other bars in Beacon Hills knew better than to supply him alcohol, he was the Sheriff's kid for fuck sake, but Beacon County's, The Pit had no such restrictions. There, he was an unknown. Just another face, and he loved it. It made him feel free.

At The Pit, there were no werewolves or whatever the fuck else, just Stiles and his drink.


So entranced by the freedom, the relief coursing through him, he didn't notice he'd been approached until a smooth dark voice spoke beside him.

"Let me buy you a drink, beautiful."

He tensed and spun to face the newcomer only to squeak and blush furiously.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

The man was tall, bronze skin stretched tight over bulging muscle, his arms bigger than even Derek's thick ones, and his eyes were a deep hazel brown flecked with green, the color of summer grass and the whiskey in his glass. Waves of dark hair were pulled back into a careless tail, strands escaping to frame his dangerously handsome face and a neat goatee surrounded thin kissable lips. This man was hot. He was dangerous. He was so irrevocably human. And he was talking…to Stiles.

Clumsy, skinny, defenseless…Stiles.

Was this a trick?

A warm callous hand cupped his cheek and he flushed, realizing that the man was still awaiting a response.

"I-uh yes?"

Ares smiled and flagged down the bartender.

From there, things progressed.

They began meeting at The Pit every weekend, talking and drinking, just enjoying each other's company. Each time, Ares would by him his first drink with an easy smile and a compliment that would leave him blushing like a fair maiden in the renaissance. It was an easy routine and it made everything he was dealing with, with Scott and the pack easier to handle.

Ares didn't ask him about monsters, nor did he slam him into walls and snarl in his face. Instead he was interested in Stiles. He wanted to know who Stiles was as a person. He asked about Stiles favorite color and his hobbies. He asked about Stiles' dreams and shared his own in return. It was a novel feeling after spending so long being forced into the background. And if Stiles looked like he didn't want to talk, he talked for him.

There no expectations, no pressure and Stiles found himself unsurprised when he noticed that he was falling in love.

Ares was everything he'd ever pictured in his perfect prince charming from his dry wit to his killer smile and what's more, he actually wanted Stiles. It seemed too good to be true...but he never wanted it to end so he kept his feelings to himself.

Or at least he had planned to.

A year after they met, Gérard Argent happened, leading to Stiles coming to The Pit bruised and battered. Ares had been furious and worried all at once when he saw the bruises and when Stiles tried to feed him the same lie he'd told his father, the man had given him a sad stare.

"Don't lie to me, Stiles. Please, just tell me who hurt you."

He wanted to lie, to turn away from those piercing honest eyes but for some reason he couldn't. The story spilled from his lips unbidden from his father getting the call about Laura's body to Scott getting bit. He told him about how he'd felt as everything was happening, and about Peter's offer in the garage and how afraid he was of losing his father to all of the supernatural in his life. He told him about the kanima and his father's suspension, about feeling like a disappointment to his father, and the guilt he felt for lying and lying and lying. He told him everything, ending with his beating at the hand of Gerard and how he'd found himself wondering if everything would've been better if he died in that basement. He even told him about the few times he'd slept with Derek and how the Alpha always left him feeling used and heartbroken.

Throughout it all, Ares listened to him, his eyes darkening with every word that left Stiles lips and he wanted to cry.

His heart was clenching in his chest and he just wanted the words to stop, so that he wouldn't lose his only friend. The person he was quickly falling in love with. His rock.

If Ares left him, after everything else that had would shatter him.

When he finally finished, Ares stood and he closed his eyes, unable to watch the man walk away, only to jolt as a gentle hand cupped his cheeks.

"Open your eyes, cariño."

He shook his head, but his eyes slid open all the same, burning as tears threatened to spill over. Hazel green eyes stared back him, warm and soft full of something that made his cheeks heat up.

More so, Ares was smiling at him, sad and proud all at the same time and he...he was lost.

The tears he'd been trying so hard to keep back spilled over and a near-silent sob left his lips and he gasped as the hands on his face moved away, strong arms pulling him into a warm embrace.

"Let it out. Sh, I'm here." His friend rumbled soothingly. "I'm here."

All the pain, and guilt, and fear left him in a rush of silent sobs as he finally allowed himself to break, awed at the man holding him.

It had been so long since he'd let someone comfort him, and tell him everything was alright. Normally it was his job to take care of everyone else, to be in the opposing role for once felt...liberating.

He sobbed until his tears ran dry and his voice was hoarse, Ares keeping up a steady litany of sweet words and stroking his back as he let out everything that had been bottled up since his introduction into the supernatural world and perhaps even before then. When he finished, he pulled away physically and emotionally exhausted, flushing slightly in embarrassment.

"Sorry, I-"

He was cut off by a pair of lips brushing his gently.

"I did not mind." Ares whispered, cupping his bruised cheek tenderly. "Stiles, after everything you just told me, it's obvious that you needed someone to listen. Someone who wouldn't judge and I don't mind being that person. You've been so brave and strong, let someone else be strong for you for a change."

He swallowed thickly, blush deepening at the softly spoken words, and he looked away trying to deflect them so he wouldn't get hurt.

"You sounded like you were trying to date me for a second." Sarcasm, always was his best defense, But Ares forced him to meet his gaze, hazel green eyes serious.

"And if I was?"

"I ca-you can't. You're so, well you and I'm just-"

"Beautiful, funny, sarcastic, wonderful, insightful, intelligent-"

"I'm not-"

"Gorgeous, blunt, witty, sweet, kind, gentle-"

"Ares, I'm not-"

He was kissed again. Just a brief brush of lips and yet it silenced him immediately.

When Ares pulled away, he gave him a stern glare. "If you have a valid reason for us not to date other than your own lack of self-worth, I will stop. But Stiles, I like you. Hell, it's quickly becoming the other l-word and if you don't feel the same way, please tell me. But I refuse to let you deny yourself the happiness you deserve. Hale was wrong to make you feel the way you did. I will not make the same mistake."

Stiles blushed, his heart pounding in his chest. As all the reasons they shouldn't do this flashed through his mind, the main one being that there was a seven-year age difference between them but he couldn't find it in himself to deny himself this.


Ares eyes lit up. "Yeah?"

He smiled. "Yeah."

His heart soared at the smile he got from the older man and when they kissed, well no one had to know he melted.

None of the pack noticed the change.

He expected it from Derek and his pups. They were still working through their own issues and while they like to keep him involved for research purposes, none of them went out of their way to actually get to know him.

Erica and Boyd had pulled him aside and assured him that they hadn't told Derek about Gerard, something he'd begged them to keep to themselves, and he'd thanked them. But afterwards, they were pulled away by Derek and that was that.

Lydia, at the very least should've noticed especially with how he was pretending to moon over her anymore but she and Jackson were so focused on helping the new werewolf heal from the Kanima mess that he'd slipped under their radar.

Not even his dad and Scott noticed, the latter overloaded at work in the aftermath of the Kanima's attack on the station and the murders it committed, while the former couldn't be bothered to look up from his little Romeo and Juliet romance with Allison.

Only two people noticed.

The first was Deaton, who he'd started meeting with the help train his spark. He'd approached the druid the night after he'd told Ares everything, hoping the man could help him train his 'spark' so that he wouldn't feel so useless and defenseless. To his surprise, the vet had merely smiled and agreed, then congratulated him on his new relationship. When asked how he knew, the druid had answered that it was the first time he'd seen him give a genuine smile. It almost startled him that the man knew him well enough to tell the difference. All the same he'd accepted the congratulations with a smile.

The other was Melissa McCall. She'd cornered him when he'd brought her some of his homemade lasagna, knowing it was her favorite when she came for dinner.

She'd taken one look at him and smiled.

"So, who is he?"

"W-what?" He whispered startled, his cheeks flushing and her smile widened.

"Oh, honey. You have the same look in your eyes that your mother had when she first married your father."

His blush deepened. "I- how did you know it was a he?"
She chuckled. "Sweetheart, the only girl I've ever seen you look twice at is Lydia Martin. Even then, I have seen the looks you used to give Danny and recently Derek."

Smiling shyly, he ducked his head. "His names Ares. He's-" He sighed softly, looking up at her with the softest smile she'd ever seen on his face. "He's amazing."


He nodded hesitantly. "Good, no one your age can keep up with you. Just be careful, alright?"

He nodded again. "Dad doesn't know yet."

She shook her head. "Figured. Are you going to tell him?"

He hesitated.

"I think I want to see where me and Ares are going first."

Melissa smiled and kissed his forehead.

"Alright. Don't keep it from him too long, alright? And bring him around sometime, I'd love to meet him."

Nodding he bid her goodbye and left the hospital.

For the rest of the school year and even the summer, he focused on his relationship with Ares and strengthening his magic, trying not to focus on the hurt he felt when the pack continued to ignore him beyond the Monster of the week.

During this time, he discovered something that both scared him and excited him.

He was pregnant.

Deaton had told him that it was his magic's way of granting his innermost desire, which was to never be alone. He informed him that because of his magic, he would only be pregnant for six months instead if the standard nine or ten, and that while it was rare, he'd seen it once before and would be able to help him.

Ares was so excited, he'd called his mother immediately to tell her the good news. Stiles called his dad only to get his voicemail. He told him they needed to talk and that it was important.

He never got a response.

Ares proposed to him the next day.

He told Melissa, who was happy for him, although she told him she wished he'd waited until he was finished with school. And Deaton, whose stoic facade fell so that he could smile and genuinely congratulate him.

They got married the week before junior year started after only seven months of officiallydating, only Deaton and Melissa bothered showed up on his side, while Ares' mother, Katerina and younger sister, Esmeralda showed up.

No one else even noticed he was with someone, let alone happy.

It hurt.

When Melissa asked if his dad knew about Ares and the baby, he couldn't bring himself to lie.

He'd tried so hard to tell his dad about this amazing new part of his life, but the man was barely ever home and when he was he went straight to bed and was gone by the time he got up for school. He hadn't even noticed that Stiles barely slept at home anymore.

He cried himself to sleep that night in his new husband's arms.

He had Deaton teach him concealment spells for his scent and his ever-growing abdomen. The druid did so, teaching him the least taxing ones as well as creating a pendant that would protect his unborn child while he was helping the pack with whatever monster attacked Beacon Hills. Junior year started, and with it came the Alpha Pack and the Darach. He was running himself into the ground with stress and training, even as Ares and he fought about it repeatedly. Melissa and Deaton try to get him to slow down and he tried to get them to realize that he truly couldn't. It wasn't even an option, not with enemies closing in on two fronts.

He used his magic to keep up his glamours as he found himself once again knee-deep in the pack meetings and research, as well as his pregnancy and marriage.

He couldn't even say he was surprised he went into labor early.

Bazyli Aiolos Cisneros came into the world at Deaton's clinic, a week before school let out for winter break. Deaton, Ares, Melissa, Katerina and Esmeralda were all present.

When he let out his first cry, Stiles burst into tears of bittersweet happiness. His son was alive and in his arms, but his family would never see it. His father was so wrapped up in work he barely noticed him anymore and his mother was gone. Melissa was there though and while it didn't make his father's glaring absence any less noticeable, it lessened the pain just a little bit.

It also weighed on his heart because hiding the supernatural from his father was hard enough and while he knew it was only partially his own fault his father didn't know about Ares and Bazyli, it hurt to be keeping yet another secret from the man.

Deaton and Melissa gave him week of bed rest.

Two days later the Darach took his father.

She took Melissa.

And Allison's father.

And suddenly bed rest was no longer an option.

He found himself in a tub of iced water, Allison and Scott on either side of him in their own iced baths, and he hoped Ares would forgive him for leaving him and their son alone.

Deaton gave him a sad look, and then Lydia was pushing him under.

'I'm so sorry, Bazyli. Looks like mommy won't see you grow after all.'

He thought, clutching his own father's badge tightly.

'Please forgive me, Ares. Please.'