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You Are My Daytime, My Nighttime, My World, My Life

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You can’t sleep.

It’s almost one in the morning and you’re wide awake, scrolling through Facebook, utterly bored. Around you, the house is deadly quiet. Your siblings have been asleep for hours. Nathaniel had been the first, eyes drifting during dinner until he couldn’t keep awake anymore and dozed off with a piece of pasta dangling from his mouth.

Lila and Cooper were next. One second you were all watching a movie, laughing away when Bailey let Destiny collide with a wall; and the next, they were both asleep, Cooper’s head resting on top of his sister’s. Your mom carried Cooper while you carried Lila and together, you had put them to bed.

Not long after that, your mom got up and pressed a long kiss to your head and stated she was heading to bed too. You knew it wasn’t true; she was struggling to sleep just as much as you were.

You shift on your bed, moving so you’re now lying on your side with an arm tucked under your head before averting your attention back to your dim phone screen.

A sigh escapes your lips.

Wanda hasn't texted you back and you miss her a lot. 

You spot a video captioned: Absolutely hilarious! Must watch!

You’re about to click it, interest piked, when your door creaks open slightly. Your eyes snap up and you wordlessly watch as it slowly moves. You instantly regret switching Finding Dory to The Hills Have Eyes because now you’re sure a cannibal is sneaking into your room. The door stops and so does your heart.


When there’s no answer, you sit up, phone being forgotten on your bed.

“Cooper? I swear to God…”

Forcing all thoughts of cannibals from your head, you get up and throw your door wide open. You’re momentarily glad there’s no one there. You peer down the hallway, eyeing all the closed doors before glancing at the stairway. There is no explanation as to why your door opened like that.

“This house is so creepy at night.”

You’re quick to close your door, feeling marginally safer when it’s shut. You turn. And scream.

There, lying on your bed with that devilish smirk, is Wanda.


“Wanda!” You all but tackle her into a tight hug. “You’re back! Wait, you’re supposed to be with my dad, is he okay?”

Wanda nods as she brushes your hair from her face. You shift to sit on her lap, arms still around her neck.

“He is fine. I was just able to get back earlier.” She replies, looking at you fully.


“Is it possible that you’ve gotten even more beautiful since I left?”

You can’t help but smile at her words, no matter how cringey. Your cheeks redden.

“Oh shut up.”

Wanda winks at you.

“I love how easily I can make you blush.”

You shoot her a glare.

“You know what else I love making you do?” Wanda asks as her hands rest on your hips.

“What’s that?”

“How easily you melt into me…” Wanda leans forward and presses her lips firmly onto yours. “...whenever I kiss you.”

Instead of replying, you capture Wanda’s lips once more and kiss her deeply. Wanda is quick to take control and she’s kissing you harder, a fervent need that you have never known before. Her hands grip you tighter and she drags you down until you’re both lying awkwardly on your bed. She nips at your bottom lip and you open your mouth, about to grant her access, because, fuck, you want this so much, but a sudden thought comes into your head and you find yourself pulling back.

“Dare I ask how you got in here?”

Wanda shakes her head and kisses you again.

“Wanda,” you giggle when she tries to follow you, “if my mom catches us…”

“Then we’ll have to be quiet.” Wanda says. “Now, less talking, more kissing.”

This time, Wanda’s tongue invades your mouth straight away and you can’t help but gasp. She groans softly, low in her throat as she rolls you over onto your back. Her hands disappear under your shirt once more, fingers brushing your bra…

The video you were going to watch suddenly starts playing and it is heart stoppingly loud. The pair of you jerk apart and you frantically move to grab your phone to silence it. When you do, the quiet is almost deafening. You’re both breathing hard as you listen.

For a second, you think you’re in the clear but when you hear footsteps coming your way, Wanda dives off your bed and disappears into your closet just as your mom knocks lightly.

“Hey kiddo, you okay? It’s late.”

You know you’re flustered as you hastily yank your top down.

“Yeah, sorry - I didn’t know my phone was gonna play the video so loud.”

Your mom smiles at you.

“Can’t sleep either, huh?”

“No...guess I’m just missing dad more than I thought.”

“Me too. Hey, he’ll be home next week. And I think Pietro and Wanda are coming with him too…”  Your mom waggles her eyebrows.

“Mom,” you groan.

“How’re things going with you two?" she asks. "Is she a good kisser?”

“Oh my God, no! I’m not having this talk now!”

Your mom raises her hands in a mock surrender.

“Okay, okay.”

She walks into your room and pecks your forehead.

“Get some sleep, okay?”

“I will if you will.”

“We got ourselves a deal, kiddo.”

“Night, mom.”

“Night, Y/N.”

Your mom walks back to your door, but stops before she leaves.

“Goodnight, Wanda.”

You cover your face with your hands as you hear Wanda’s reply,

“Night, Laura.”

“The door stays open tonight.”

You can only nod.

When your mom goes, you look up from your hands and only when you hear her bedroom door shut, does Wanda vacate the closet. You’re happy to see she’s blushing too. When you make eye contact, you both burst out laughing.

“I really thought we had gotten away with that.” Wanda says as she sits down next to you.

“I would have been surprised if we had.”

The two of you are silent then and when Wanda’s hand rests on top of yours, you can’t help but smile.

“So…” Wanda says, pursing her lips a little. “Am I good kisser?”

You snort, reach blindly behind you and smack her square in the face with your pillow.