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I am his mate

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“Ten days…” I stare blankly at the lamp that he bought for me. Who is he you ask? He goes by many names “The Curator of the Sands, General Nasus, and The Ascended”. I on the other hand call him by his actual name.

“Nasus” It came out only as a whisper. I do not wish to wake the hulking mass of muscle behind me. He currently has me between his arms. I tried to smile at the notion of him actually having affections for me. He only did this just to secure me. So that I won’t get out of bed.

You see. It’s been three months since he kidnapped me. And it’s been ten days since he actually let me sleep without any handcuffs on. I managed to earn some of his trust. All I needed to do was stop fighting him and stop trying to get away.

Months ago. I was a normal teenager who got lucky enough to watch one of the League of Legends World Championship Tournament of 2066. There it was. The Summoners and their partner Champions on the center of the coliseum. I cheered for my favorite team and caught a glimpse of my ex-crush and idol “Nasus”.

Everyone screamed and shouted for their team to win and when the whole event was finished. I managed to go to the meet and greet booth of the event. My friend ushered me to go and interact with my idol and even when I told him that I might choke up and faint. He pushed me forward and I got greeted by a dark wall of muscle. It was Nasus wearing nothing but his police officer outfit (minus the top). He flashed those fangs at me as he smiled and flash forward to a few days of getting the feeling of being stalked. Here I am. Trapped in a Shuriman household with the beast himself.

“You’re up early” He strokes my thighs and I admit that it made me feel weak.

“Did I wake you up?” He places his head between my neck and my cheek. He inhales I bit my lip to prevent myself from moaning.

“I sense that you are at an unease. Is something bothering you?” That voice of his is deep and powerful but whenever he talks to me. He does his best to sound gentle.

One large hand soothes my chest while the other caresses my backside. My face heats up and I hid my face on the pillow. His large rod is hard and he rubs it between my butt cheeks.

“It’s only been a few hours. Are you getting this horny in the morning?” I murmur behind the pillow. He chuckles before lathering my neck with his tongue.

“Can we please, just not do this right now?” He stops licking me and I hear him hum. He must be thinking whether to take me right now or heed my request.

“Give me a genuine kiss and then I’ll be content” He laughs a little before turning me around to face him. He draws circles on my waist while staring at me with those alluring eyes.

“I’m waiting” He wants me to give him something that he has yet to take. My first kiss.

“You already took my virtue. Why take my kiss?” My voice failed to sound aggressive. He cups my cheek and licks the tears pouring down my eye.

“You are my mate. Tis a formal sign of acceptance. We have already bonded” He shushes me with his finger when I try to explain myself.

“You’re conflicted. I know how you despise your world. You think too little of yourself” He gets out of bed to fetch something from his drawers. I continued sobbing and dismissed the hand that tried to touch me.

“I see nothing but a star that had been hindered by the ideals that your kind forced down upon you. You are capable of shining so bright and yet you fall into shadow because of your world’s taint. I want you to know that because I care for you. Also, I still cling to my humanity because of you. You make me feel normal again” He holds both of my hands and places them on his chest. His other hand starts to wipe at my wet face.

“This heart, beats for you”