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Lady Báthory's Favorite Game

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Drusilla closed the eyes of her new doll. He didn’t need a blindfold, he hadn’t been bad yet. In fact, he’d been such a good boy, dying without hardly a sound. Drusilla kissed his cheek proudly. “Don’t worry, mummy will look after you.”

Drusilla stripped her new doll of his silly clothes, knowing she had much finer outfits to dress him in. She closely inspected all his parts, making sure he was in perfect condition, aside from two tiny puncture marks, before she nodded, satisfied with her latest acquisition.

“Now, now, Lady Báthory,” Drusilla said to her favorite doll, a two foot tall princess that watched over the other dolls, her subjects. “I know what game you want to play with him.”

Drusilla clapped her hands together, crying out excitedly to herself as she looked over the whimpering girl, bound and gagged in the corner. A virgin. Perfect for Lady Báthory’s favorite game.

Scrabbling to her feet, Dru pulled the girl over to the body and forced her to her knees. When the girl didn’t do what she wanted, only sobbing and sniveling, wide eyed at the dead body on the floor beneath her, Drusilla grabbed her leg, swinging it over the dead toy’s hips, her white nightdress pooling over his paler skin. Drusilla clapped her hands again at her game, the world before her a black and white picture perfect piece of eroticism. The kind the priests took off the naughty boys.

“Let’s wake Mr. Sleepy up,” she said with a girlish giggle, her face changing as she bared her fangs and tore the girl’s throat out, blood spraying over her doll’s porcelain skin. A small, sharp knife finished her work, cutting at her thighs and her arms and her chest until all her red paint had soaked into her dolly’s skin.

Drusilla placed her hand on his chest, where his heart would never beat again and dragged her fingers through the thick blood that had pooled in his breast bone, drawing with it, painting his name and hers so that they would be together forever.

When he finally opened his eyes, fangs sharp and face monstrous, Dru squealed with joy. “You’re beautiful!”

William blinked, looking down at dried, tacky love heart. “I’m a bloody mess.”