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Blackmail [Hiatus]

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Louis sighed at the computer screen, wishing that all those stories and videos were true. He really needed to stop torturing himself, but he couldn't help it. I must be a masochist, he thought, continuing to look at the Tumblr blogs and Youtube videos dedicated to his and Harry’s 'bromance' Larry Stylinson. How he ached for it to be real. Louis loved him. He knew he did. Yet he couldn't tell Harry. How was he supposed to say it? "Hey Harry - I've been in love with you for two years now and you're the reason I broke up with Eleanor. Just wanted you to know in case there was the smallest chance you feel the same." Yeah, that would go down really well. Not. Louis snorted derisively and closed the computer.

Wandering out of his room to the kitchen, in search of something to eat, he spied a plate of chocolate chip cookies, courtesy of Harry earlier this morning. Bingo. Louis bit into one, moaning as it hit his tastebuds. Harry was the best cook he knew - aside from his own mum, of course.

He continued to chew on the cookie absentmindedly, staring out the window at the typical London weather. It was raining, just like it was the day Louis realised he loved Harry.




The five lads were all sitting around Liam's on a Saturday. It was too rainy to do anything but stay inside. Niall was complaining about being hungry, even though they'd only eaten maybe an hour before. Harry volunteered to make Niall something to eat, only if they all promised to watch Love Actually afterwards. Liam and Zayn groaned the result of seeing that movie one too many times. Niall readily agreed, nodding his head vigorously. Harry motioned for Louis to follow him. He got up from his place on the lounge and walked behind him into the kitchen.

"Feel like giving me a hand Boobear?" Louis sighed internally. This was going to be hard. he'd felt his feelings for Harry slowly change into something more, yet he still wasn't ready to admit to himself - let alone anyone else. But it wasn't love. It couldn't be. Louis was bi; so sure, he'd had crushes on boys before. But he had never truly loved anyone.

Louis realised Harry was still waiting for an answer, so he nodded his head and grabbed the recipe book from the kitchen counter.

They ended up making chocolate chip cookies. Harry put the last batch in the oven while Louis cleaned up, very out of character for him. He wasn't ready to leave the kitchen - and Harry, but he didn't really know what to say, in case he accidentally slipped up and said something he would regret.

Harry’s voice broke his concentration. "You've been really quiet Lou. Is everything alright?" The boy in question turned to the sound of the deep voice and jumped when he saw the object of his affection standing right next to him, closer than he had expected. Those mesmerising eyes seemed to draw him in, endless depths of emerald green. Louis swore he could stare at them for days and never get bored. They seemed to always change colour, anywhere from deep green to pale blue, depending on the light. Harry’s eyes were one of the things he loved most about him.

"See something you like?" Harry whispered, voice husky.

The Doncaster bred man blushed and looked away unwillingly. "N-No. I was just . . . thinking."

Harry stroked his chin thoughtfully. "You're too serious lately. You need some fun." And with that he took a handful of flour and tossed it over Louis, staining his black and white striped shirt and red pants with the white powder.

The flour covered man gasped in mock horror. "Oh, no you didn't!" Reaching behind him and snatching an egg off the bench, swiftly breaking it on his head. He grinned manically and declared war. The kitchen soon looked like a bomb had hit it. There were all sorts of foods everywhere, covering the walls, cupboards and ceiling. Louis crash tackled Harry to the floor, straddling him in the process, planning to tickle him into submission, when the elder got distracted again by his eyes. He stared at Harry for a few minutes and he gazed back with an unfamiliar emotion in his eyes. Louis moved in slightly and the boy beneath him tilted his head in response. Is this really going to happen? he thought, butterflies erupting in his stomach. Just before their lips touched, they’re startled by someone clearing their throat. Louis looked up guiltily. Liam and Zayn were standing in the doorway. Zayn raising his eyebrow in question and Liam looked annoyed. No, pissed would be a better word. "What are you guys doing?! I thought you were cooking, not having a food fight! I just cleaned the kitchen this morning! Now I'll have to clean it - again!"

Louis hung his head in shame. "Sorry Liam. Really, I am. Haz and I will clean it up, promise." Both boys cleaned the kitchen after giving Niall his cookies as promised. But Harry wouldn't meet Louis’ eyes for the rest of the day. He knew something was wrong, but he also knew that he could no longer hide the fact that he was in love with Harry Edward Styles.




"Louis?" Liam's voice startled him out of his thoughts, resulting in Louis dropping the half-eaten cookie on the floor. He looked up at Liam, slightly annoyed. "You made me drop my cookie!"

He grinned sheepishly. "Sorry Lou. I actually just came by to check on you and make sure you're alright." His tone was soothing and full of concern. Louis didn't believe he was here 'just to check up' on him without there being some genuine problem. His thoughts immediately turned to Harry. Liam was the only one he'd confided in about his feelings for Harry, and Liam's usually the one who comforts him when he hooks up with some random slut at a bar or gets a new girlfriend - which is often. Louis narrowed his eyes in realisation. "What happened Liam?" he asked, enunciating his words clearly.

Big brown eyes filled with pity, Liam wordlessly handed over a magazine, opened to an interview with Caroline Flack. Louis skimmed through it, heart stopping when he read that she had gotten back together with Harry. He felt Liam's arms wrap around him, but he felt numb inside. How could Harry go back to her, after the way she had treated him? He was heartbroken when she ended it, severing all contact with him. "Please tell me this is a joke Li." Louis’ voice was hoarse and cracked towards the end, a sign of the tears he was struggling to hold back.

Shaking his head, Liam only spoke three words, but those three words broke his heart. "I'm sorry Lou."