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Disclaimer: I own nothing but what you see here. And if you've read chapter 35 of Wolfish Possibilities then you'll know that lovely scene is part of this fic. Which features a very different Scott McCall who was raised by the Alpha Pack since the age of 11. And features not only him as the main character but Stiles and Scott's forgotten friend Harley as a main in addition to him. Now… On with the show!

Alone on the highway in the dark of night with occasional rains was one Rebecca 'Harley' Harlowe who had just narrowly avoided getting hit by a BMW. Which had she been hit would have just been the icing on the cake what with Stiles having left her on her own out in the woods after being caught by his dad when they had been looking for a mangled dead body who had one of its arms missing! Then getting nearly getting trampled by a herd of deer and being bitten by some creepy red eyed wolf thing! "I'm gonna kill Stiles..." Muttered the girl annoyed as she held her bitten side before starting to walk.

"Why the Hell did I have to lose my phone out in the woods!?" Wondered the girl to herself as really, it would come in damn handy about now!

As she walked, a dark green Dodge Charger drove up next to her and startled the girl some as the driver rolled down the window. "Hey! You lookin' for a ride?"

Suspiciously, Harley leaned down to look at the driver who looked like a teenager with wild black hair. "How do I know you're not gonna do somethin' horrible to me?" Questioned the girl and making him chuckle.

"I only bite if the other party wants me too. I promise. Besides, it beats walkin' back to town in the rain."

Sighing to herself as the guy had a point and when thinking on it, she really didn't want to get her bite infected either. "Alright, fine, but if you try anything I swear I will hurt you badly." Warned the girl and making him hold his hands up defensively.

"Scout's honor!" Well, if he was a Boy Scout anyway!

Harley quickly got in after that and the two were off and the girl had to admit the guy had a pretty damn nice car! "So what's your name if you don't mind me askin'?"

"Harley, well Rebecca but cause of my last name I like to be called Harley. You?"

"Scott Delwado at your service. And I do mean any kind of service." He told her with a wiggle of his eyebrows even though his actual last name is McCall. But only those closest to him knew that little tidbit.

"Boy, you like to move fast don'tcha?"

Scott chuckled as he turned up the volume on his stereo and Esham was quickly heard on it. "Makes life more fun that way. By the way, you alright?"

"Hah, and more likely to get you in trouble for it." She only got a grin from the boy for that one.

"And I will be, just came across something out in the woods and it decided it wanted some Black Girl for its menu tonight."

"Ouch, you need a hospital?" Though he had a strong suspicion about what exactly bit her as he could detect a faint scent of a Wolf on her thanks to the rain taking away most of it.

Which meant either a Werewolf decided to be a sneaky bastard to get him or herself a new Beta, or was after a snack, or has no control. Which would make for a ton of fun in finding either way and either killing them off or getting them to join his little family. Hell, maybe if things went well, they could get this girl on board too by killing the Alpha. He was broken out of his thoughts when Harley told him no as her dad kept a first aid at home just in case thanks to his being a nurse at the hospital and she'd just use that to patch herself up. Though she had to frown distastefully the more she heard her lift's music. "I gotta tell you man, your music tastes leave a lot to be desired."

"What? Don't like Esham!?"

"I've never even heard of him or them or whatever until now."

"Huh, that's a damn shame but I'ma learn ya babe! I'ma learn ya!"

Harley gave him a funny look that he paid no attention to at all whatsoever. Mostly cause he was starting to get his groove thing on to the beat of the music. Oh God, I'm riding with a total nutjob!

Just seriously her luck man! "I think I'll pass if you don't mind..."

He gave her a thumb's up and a smile and it honestly made her want to roll her eyes at him. She then tried to pay the questionably sane guy no mind as they rode onwards to town until a thought about his car came up in her head. A nice car at that as well that meant either he was well off or had a damn good paying job! "Nice car by the way man, all I have is a rust busket on its last legs." Why oh why did her parents have to insist on cheap instead of not so cheap!?

"Heh, thanks cutie. Parents got it for me a few months back so I could cruise whenever I wanted. I'm actually just gettin' back from a tour show in another town too."

Though what Scott didn't actually know is that his little family of Alphas minus the Twins as they occasionally liked his music had only really gotten him the car as they had claimed that they had felt he was ready to drive on his own and cause chaos or whatever while they trained and the like. But the real reason they got him the car, a reason he still has no idea about, is because the adults were all tired of hearing his choices in music as it was dirty minded garbage in their views and it was starting to drive them nuts! His musical choices were one of the many reasons Scott was such a dirty minded flirt who'd smile widely when on a killing spree. Something that had even managed to freak out his family a few times as well cause of how disturbing it was! Sure, they liked killing and all but smiling and humming some happy tune was just a little too much even for them while killing!

"Ohh, sounds cool."

"Totally man, totally. It was a real freakin' drag havin' to ask for rides all the time. That and they always hated hearin' the good sounds of Esham, Necro, and other great stuff when I rode with 'em!"

Gee, can't imagine why...

Eventually, Harley made it home after letting him know where she lives and having to put up with his seriously horrible music and flirting. "See ya around gorgeous!" And sped off into the night with Dark Half's Sex Slaves song starting up.

"So long as you ain't flirtin' or playin' that God awful music I'm okay with you." Muttered the girl as she went inside to clean up and get patched up.

As she did so, Scott soon found himself parking at a rather classy hotel and after what some would call 'harrassment' for the poor valet who'd been in attendance to take his car. The young man soon made his way to the Penthouse Suite while singing some lyrics of the band who's show he'd been at earlier. Making for quite a few to frown at him distastefully for it! Reaching the door of his new home, Scott let himself in and quickly made his arrival known. "Boys and girls, the most sexiest Alpha of all time is now home! And please, don't hold back on the applause!"

And here I was enjoying the peace and quiet. Came the thought of a man sitting on a couch.

Now the interesting thing about him is that he was wearing sunglasses despite the fact he was inside. But unfortunately for him he had been blinded in an uncalled for attack on his eyes by a man known as Gerard Argent. A man who is thankfully in prison for his actions after a friend of the blind man's went with him to the police to report what happened. This man is known as Deucalion, leader of the Alpha Pack and is known as the Demon Wolf. He's also responsible for Scott coming into the care of the Alpha Pack as he'd seen the young man at the age of eleven defending a little Redheaded girl from two little punks and the blind man felt there was potential there. And so he took the boy and claimed his mother had unfortunately passed away a mere hour ago and that he was an old friend who'd been instructed to take care of him. He'd end up becoming a grandfather of sorts while his fellow Alphas Ennis and Kali took over the roles of father and mother though it would be Deucalion who would give him the Bite.

Under the tutelage of Deucalion and Ennis, and sometimes Kali, Scott quickly became something of a ferocious little Werewolf and during his first Full Moon had killed over thirty orphans when under the influence of the Moon's powers. And rather then being traumatized by it, he embraced the fact he had killed those orphans thanks to what he'd been taught by his new family. It took him a little while to get himself under control so that he wouldn't hurt his new family, but in the end, the mental image of his dead mother would oddly enough become his Anchor for control. As Grandpa Deuc had told him his mother had been brutally attacked by a rapist before killing her and he thought that having her as his Anchor would be a way to honor her memory and utterly reveled in ripping apart any rapists he came across. Though as time went on, Momma Kali and Poppa Ennis split up but remained friends and recently as of two months ago it seemed like his mom had found herself someone. Even if it was online!

"Welcome home my boy, I trust you had an enjoyable evening?" Asked the man after he put his book down and cocked his head to the side.

"Sure did Gramps! Got me some fine ass bitches too that would probably give you a heart attack had you met them while I was there! Oh yeah, don't be too surprised if I end up havin' to pay for more Child Support."

With long practiced ease from dealing with his grandson's antics, Deucalion kept from rolling his eyes as he let out a sigh. "I wish you would treat women with more respect then what you do. But other then that, I am most glad you had a good time tonight. But I think you would be most surprised to know Scott that I can still handle the ladies with relative ease."

Scott just grinned at the man in amusement. "Yeah, one day we're gonna test that claim man."

"Perhaps, perhaps not."

Shaking his head in amusement, the young Alpha went to the kitchen and grabbed himself a drink. He then took a sniff to see who all was in the Suite with them. "Hey Gramps, where's Ma?"

"Out on a date actually with that individual she met online."

"Ooh, Ma gonna get freaky tonight!" Replied Scott as he wiggled his eyebrows and did lewd gestures with the lower half of his body.

Deucalion merely sighed over the younger Alpha's crude words. Words he knew the boy would dare not say around his mother! As Kali would surely glare at him and slap him roughly upside the head for it! "Don't be disrespectful to your mother!" Yelled out Ennis gruffly from his room.

"I'm not Pops! I'm just cheerin' her on in a way she wouldn't like, cause she's a mom… And stuff."

"And she'll kick your ass for that kinda cheerin' too when she finds out!" Yelled out his dad again.

Scott rolled his eyes over that as Deucalion chuckled as both knew what a suck up the balding man was when it came to Kali. Mostly doing it in the hopes she'll one day give him another chance after having had caught him partying it up with several busty Nymphs. She always told him he was even lucky for allowing him to be friends with her considering what he'd done to her while they dated. "So, where's the twins?" Asked Scott to his grandfather.

The twins being Ethan and Aiden Carver or Delwado as Scott liked to think of them that the Pack had met back when Scott himself had been around 13 at the time and they being 17 then. Once they had massacred their entire Pack and taken the Alpha power for theirselves at the same time thanks to their super form Scott had quickly taken to seeing them as his older brothers and they felt the same way about him as their younger brother. The trio liked to occasionally prank the Hell out of Ennis much to Kali's endless amusement. Though she wasn't so amused when the two got Scott into Motocross and his near constant requests to have his own motorcycle that came sometime after it. Something that finally happened when he turned 16 courtesy of Ennis much to Kali's dislike and Deucalion's unfortunate luck. "Already in bed as there's a big day coming up as I recall."

Snorting at that as he knew exactly what Gramps was talking about and hating it as it meant enrolling in yet another school yet again for the 10,000th time. Though Scott was at least mollified by the fact Deucalion had promised him they'd be there a good long while! "Right, well I better hit the shower. Gotta look my best for the ladies and even the studs!" Wiggling his eyebrows and giving out an exaggerated howl, the young Alpha left to head for the shower and leaving his grandfather to once again contemplate if whether or not he should regret having taken young Scott considering how the boy's turned out so far.

"Hmmph, the boy's still a work in progress so I guess that's something." Muttered the man to himself before heading off to his own room.

The time for school soon arrived and our beloved dirty minded Alpha awoke with a groan as his alarm went off and nearly smashed it to pieces in his haste to turn the damnedable thing off. Forcing himself up and to the edge of his bed, Scott yawned as he stood up and stretched and then went on to do what was needed to be done. And it wasn't long before the Twins joined him as this time they were also going to high school with him even though they no longer had too but wanted to anyways. Well, that and to possibly see about influencing the newest generation of the Martin Line and Danny Mahealani due to his computer skills in some form or another as per Deucalion's orders. Once the three boys arrived at the school on their bikes, Scott couldn't help but show off with a wide grin that had a whole lot of people looking his way while his brothers rolled their eyes at him. However, he soon spotted the girl he gave a lift too near the entrance to the doors talking to some pale bald kid and even showing him her patched up bite wound. Though there was something oddly familiar about the kid she was talking too but he couldn't quite figure it out.

One of the more noticable things about Scott's current attire is that his red shirt had writing on it in the form of 'I live for the Snu-Snu', causing several to grin in amusement when they saw it and for others to roll their eyes in disgust. The young Alpha and his brothers watched as the bald kid tried and failed to grab the attention of a Redheaded girl. The same Redheaded girl Aiden's meant to get on the good side of enough to influence. Though it certainly wasn't gonna stop Scott from messing with her! As the bald kid ranted about being scarlet-nerded by Harley, Scott rushed up and put his arms around both of the teenagers. "Hey hey kids! Long time no see Harley!"

"Uhh… Who the Hell are you!?" Asked Stiles while Harley just groaned as she knew exactly who the guy was!

"Oh you know, just the guy who gave this beauty here the ride of her life." Answered the teenager with a smirk on his lips while earning another groan from Harley.

The bald kid just gaped at him for a moment until Harley herself started to explain what really happened. Making for the kid to wince over the reminder of leaving his best friend behind in the woods on her own. "And don't think you won't pay for leaving me on my own either Stiles. That was NOT cool."

"Ooh, she gonna get youuuu!" Sing songed Scott with a grin and making the girl roll her eyes at him.

"So you go here too then?" Harley asked as they came inside with the twins not too far behind.

"Yep, as of today I do. Which is good cause these fine boys and girls need such sexiness as mine to grace them!"

"Hey, don't listen to him. He's just nuts alright?" Called out Aiden with a grin on his face as he knew Scott wasn't gonna like that!

And sure enough he got a glare from his little brother while Ethan looked on in amusement. "Don't kill my vibe brotha!"

"When you actually get one then I won't." Aiden told him cheekily and making Scott pout as neither of the two ever really believed in the younger boy's epic tales of sexy times.

Harley and Stiles quietly exchanged looks between the two of them as the conversation went on until they had to split up for their lockers and classes. Leading to Harley meeting one Allison Argent-Yukimura in her first period class and beginning a legendary tale of romance and tragedy. Or something close to that anyways! Scott himself would get his first chance to talk with the stunning Lydia Martin before the beginning of third period and he couldn't help but grin as the girl proved to be quite the challenge! Man, Aiden's gonna have a challenge on his hands!

"Come on babe, I'm clearly enough to satisfy you so why look elsewhere?"

Lydia gave him a look before responding. The kind of look that implied she was about to impale him with something if he didn't back off but unfortunately for her he didn't get the message. "Because, I am already with a winner so why would I even need to bother with you? As it is, I don't see anything impressive."

Scott just chuckled at the girl. "Trust me babe, I've shown many a lady and fella a good time and they've ALWAYS wanted an encore afterwards." He got an eye roll in response after that.

"What. Ever." The bell chose then to ring and Scott sat down in his seat next to her's.

He then leaned over before the teacher started to talk. "Alright, we'll talk later." He told her with a grin while she just scoffed at him.

Six and seventh periods saw the flirty Wolf who was already gaining quite the reputation as being one Hell of a flirt having a rather enjoyable chat with a Japanese-Korean girl by the name of Kira Argent-Yukimura. The young man couldn't deny he found her to be captivating with her quirky nature and ramblings. The fact he made her blush a few times was a huge bonus too! And after seventh period was over with, Scott willingly followed the dark haired beauty out to a field where it seemed quite a few other kids were practicing with a bunch of sticks. "What the Hell is this?!" Wondered Scott and Kira simply shrugged as she hadn't a clue since all she knew is that her sister had sent her a text saying to come out here since its where she was going to be.

Spotting her sister, she called out and gave a wave and soon met up with her and apparent new found friend in Lydia Martin. Who quickly groaned when she saw Scott with the girl! "Oh, its you."

"Oh yes, its all me baby." Replied the boy with a lecherous grin.

Not bothering to give the annoyance anymore of her time, she turned her attention to the girl who had brought the Annoying One with her. "And you are?"

"My sister, Kira." Quickly informed Allison as she wasn't liking the way her new friend was acting towards her sister.

"Oh, well nice to meet you Kira and nice outfit by the way." As hey, it clearly seemed to work for her so why not give a somewhat truthful compliment?

"And I'm Scott Delwado, finest male specimen in all the land." Came Scott's voice with a wiggle of his eyebrows and causing Kira to giggle a little, Allison to look at him strangely, and for Lydia to shake her head at the boy.

Scott's attention was soon focused on the practicing going on and it would be Lydia who would inform him of what was happening. "Huh… Sounds neat."

"Think Coach would let me try out?"

"Considering you've never even heard of Lacrosse until now I don't think your chances would be all that great." Challenged the girl condescendingly.

Scott only grinned at her as the poor girl had no idea he was all too willing to accept any challenges that came his way! As how else did he win 2,000 bucks in a high stakes poker game with the Calaveras once? Something that had put him on Araya Calavera's s**t list ever since! Well, that and the fact he killed fifteen of her men afterwards anyway. Getting up close to her right ear before she or anyone else could blink, Scott breathed into it and spoke aloud. "Baby… Consider that challenge accepted."

He walked off after that leaving the Redhead staring in surprise and trying to repress the tingly shudder his close breath had caused her. "Well, that just happened." Joked Kira and making Allison giggle a little.

Lydia looked at the two and glared hotly at them. "That did absolutely NOTHING for me." Declared the girl vehemently and causing for a new round of giggles for both girls as they weren't quite willing to believe that while Jackson could be seen glaring heatedly over what he'd just seen!

Coach Bobby Finstock soon found himself interrupted by someone who's name he had no clue of when he was trying to talk Harley out of trying out for Lacrosse and failing so far. "What do you want!?" Snapped the man annoyedly.

"Oh God, I don't wanna know!" Moaned Harley as Scott came up to them.

"I wanna try out for this Lacrosse thing Coach."

Finstock eyed him skeptically at first. "Have you ever even played Lacrosse before?"

"Nope, but now sounds like as good a time as any."

Sighing in annoyance, Finstock waved his hands. "Alright, fine, whatever. Go grab some of that extra gear on the bench and then join the others. But know this you two, I will NOT be responsible for whatever happens to the two of you so I expect you both to watch one another's backs. Am I clear?"

"Yes Coach!" Spoke up Harley quickly while being extremely happy she got her chance!

"Ooh, I'm definitely gonna do that so no worries boss!" Replied Scott with a wink to Harley who just shook her head.

The two quickly hurried off to do as told and ended up putting on a rather impressive performance that had Stiles, Kira, and Allison cheering excitedly for the two. Jackson would not be happy about it considering what the jerk off had been trying with his girl and Lydia realized she was gonna have to re-examine her views of the Annoying One along with this girl who was allowed to try out. Both of whom Coach ended up quickly claiming they had spots on the team even if it was on the bench for the time being until he decided otherwise. Which was just fine with the two as they were more than willing to put in the effort to make him change his mind! A little while later after washing up and chatting a bit with Kira, making her blush a few more times, implying a few things where Allison was concerned, and even further getting on Lydia Martin's nerves saw Scott head on home with a pleased smile on his lips for a damn good first day of school. He'd be greeted by Kali who would happily hug her boy once he was inside. "Hey Ma! Your boy is on the Lacrosse team!"

"Well… I'm benched but still on it!"

"And however did you manage that I wonder?" Questioned the woman curiously while hoping she wasn't gonna have to make any apologies!

"With my usual charm and grace Ma, with my usual charm and grace. That and the Martin girl pretty much challenged me to it."

Ah yes, her boy never could pass up a challenge… Something she wasn't quite sure of where he'd learned it from! "Oh, and this brand new Beta got on the bench with me too. Not that she knows what she is anyways."

"Interesting, could be something for your grandfather to look into. Maybe have you focus on it as well."

Scott shrugged his shoulders as he didn't really care either way even if the girl honestly did remind him a little of his old long lost friend Cheryl... "I'm down for whatever Ma."

"That's my boy." Chuckled the woman as she kissed him on the cheek.

He then grinned as he remembered the fact his darling mother had been on a date last night as she focused on some paper work. "By the way, how'd that date of yours go? And please, don't give me ALL the details." He told her with a shudder as hearing about his mother's sexual adventures was not something he wanted to know of as even he had a limit!

Kali gained a soft smile on her lips as she stopped her work and it genuinely surprised Scott as usually he only saw that look in his direction! "It went… I think it went really well and there could be something there." But she could detect the faintest scent of sadness from her date and it made her damned curious the entire time even if she wasn't wanting to be.

Pleased to hear that, Scott quickly hugged his mother and pecked her on the cheek. "I'm happy to hear that Ma, I really am. But if they ever hurt you I won't hesitate to hurt them."

"Aww, sweetheart, you're so sweet!"

Rolling his eyes at her, he gave his mom another peck on the cheek before heading to his room to get started on the horrible thing called homework. Just as he was doing so, the twins showed up and neither were all that happy! "Where is he!?" Growled Aiden.

"Its payback time." Threatened Ethan with a growl of his own.

Kali cocked an eyebrow at her two boys and had what was coined 'A Scott Feeling' well up inside her. "Let me guess, he did something that was unbearably annoying?"

"YES!" Shouted out Ethan with annoyance clear in his voice.

"Little turd hid our spark plugs around the school next to what I'm sure was his own crap!" Grumbled out Aiden as he crossed his arms.

A sigh escaped their den mother as of course her boy would do something like this! Though whether it was cause he was bored and wanted to cause a little mayhem or because he was looking to get back at the two for something that was said or done she didn't know yet. "He's in his room. Just… Try not to break too much alright?"

"TRAITOR!" Came Scott's voice from his room as the two boys grinned maliciously and headed that way.

Sounds of fighting could soon be heard from the bedroom and Kali just shook her head in slight amusement as she went back to focusing on a recipe for tea she'd learned from Talia once upon a time. Several days would pass until Friday arrived for everyone, Scott would even have more than one encounter with Jackson who was rather convinced he and Harley were on some Juice to have the kind of ability they did to pull off some impressive moves on the field since they were complete amateurs when it came to Lacrosse and the kid would always walk away highly annoyed much to a grinning Scott's pleasure. Mr. Harris quickly became one of the young Alpha's least most favorite teachers of the school and more than once he had to bite down on the urge to kill the man right in front of everyone. Stiles, or Baldie as Scott liked to call him in his head, shared his sentiment of wanting to see the guy get knocked down a peg or two and had to even admit he found Scott to be familiar somehow. Something the young Alpha admitted to feeling the same way about him until both decided to shrug it off as just one of those odd things of life. Lydia had even officially dubbed Scott as 'The Annoying One' due to all his flirting and barely there boundaries when around her.

The fact he even pulled Kira into a horrible dance attempt when she dubbed him that in the hallways only added on to the girl's ire as she quickly walked away while shaking her head. Other girls and even some boys like Danny also captured Scott's attention as well and Danny wasn't sure if he should be flattered or creeped out as Hell by the guy. Harley and Stiles as the pervy Alpha would come to know the guy as worked at an Animal Clinic headed by the man he knew to be the Hale Pack Emissary and also the not so secret lover of Talia Hale. Why the two kept it a secret when it was the worst kept one was beyond the boy however. Harley would also be kept a close eye on by Scott as he knew the Full Moon was coming and it was also clear as day that the newbie Beta and the daughter of a Hunter were interested in one another. Even having made jokes about threesomes with him much to their combined ire and getting slapped hard in the arm for it multiple times. Lydia's upcoming Friday night party was also a rather hot topic amongst his fellow students and the young man was even a little surprised when Kira asked him if he wanted to go with her.

Unfortunately for him he had to turn her down much to his and her's immense dislike! Something he gave Deucalion an earful over too since he'd rather be spending time with a cute girl like her then having some boring ass meeting with the Hales! "Ahh, lovely to be in the same room with you once more Talia." Commented Deucalion with a smile once everyone was situated in the living room of the Hale home later that Friday night.

Though it was apparent that Derek wasn't anywhere to be seen. "I'm not quite so sure I can return the sentiment old friend." Replied Talia with her arms crossed.

"Ahh… Such a pity."

"Yeah, a real drag." Muttered Scott sullenly.

Off to Talia's left a scoff was heard from the brunette haired girl known as Cora, one of Talia's youngest. "What? Disappointed you're not out ripping off the limbs of babies and screwing poisonous snakes?"

"No, disappointed I'm not out showin' you a good time baby." Snickers from the twins were heard after that and he just smiled cockily.

Cora sneered at him with a growl, one that had Laura adding her own as well. "I wouldn't let you near me with a 40 inch pole you piece of trash."

"Ooh, she called me trash. Whatever will I do?"

Growling again, Cora took a step forward when Talia spoke up. "ENOUGH!"

"Talia is right, behave yourself young man." Ordered Deucalion sternly.

"Yeah, yeah whatev-OW!"

"Can't take you anywhere." Grumbled Kali after slapping her boy upside the head for his lack of respect and earning a few snickers from the twins, Cora, and Laura in the process for it.

Deaton stepped forward from his spot with the intention to get things back on track. "Now if we've all had our fun, I believe we can get on with the reason for why we are here?"

"Before we do so Alan, where is young Derek? I would have thought him to be here for such an important meeting between our two Packs." Wondered Deucalion curiously as he searched out the scent of Derek.

"Out keeping an eye on a new Beta." Provided Talia and making her old friend nod in understanding.

"Ah yes, Scott informed me of that situation. And still no clue on who the one responsible is?"

"No, which is annoying enough as this is my territory and some unknown running around does not sit well with me."

Deucalion chuckled over that as he knew just how seriously his old friend took the duty of protecting the town of Beacon Hills. "Probably just want to add whoever the Rogue Alpha is to your Pack." Muttered Cora in distaste.

"Perhaps I do young lady, perhaps I do. Or I can always recruit the Harlowe girl to my cause instead if the Rogue Alpha proves to be too much of a troublesome matter."

He got a sneer in response and Talia cleared her throat. "Aside from that matter, there is the matter of whether or not you intend to start trouble with me while you are here Deucalion."

"Oh what are you gonna do about it Hale? All you ever do is preach peace and all that crap while makin' sure this place is safe for the weak." Spat out Ennis with a sneer.

Fixing the bald Alpha with a steely gaze that he met head on, Talia began to address him. "Should an attack be made on us, I will ensure you are all wiped out by either my own hand, help from fellow Packs, or by bringing in the Argents as I know they are in the area for who knows how long. Though I truly hope it does not come to that as I remember who you all once were and still hope that those parts of you can be brought back." Every member of the Alpha Pack could hear the seriousness in her voice and knew her threat was no bluff.

"Sorry Tal, but that's not gonna happen." Replied Kali as the only real goodness left in her was on account of Scott and the twins.

A sigh escaped the older woman. "Perhaps, perhaps not. But either way I will hope."

"You have my solemn word old friend that myself or my fellow Pack members will not attack any of you in your Pack. As why cause trouble when there doesn't need to be any?" Informed Deucalion as he idly played with his cane.

Though he wouldn't hesitate to attack if it came down to it. Frowning to herself as Talia wasn't sure she should be able to believe her old friend as by now it was well known the kind of path he and his Pack had caused over the years. But another part of her that knew the kind of man he was once did want to trust her. "Very well, I will hold you to your word."

Nodding in satisfaction that she hadn't requested more, he was about to speak up when a faint roar could be heard, causing everyone to look in the direction it had come from. "Heh, guess Harl's completed her first full shift." Scott said with a chuckle.

"Why not go see how that's going to turn out my boy?" Suggested Deucalion though in reality it was an order.

"Hell yeah, beats bein' here with you guys!" Crowed the boy and was soon gone before more could be said.

Deucalion chuckled while Kali rolled her eyes fondly at her son while the twins and Ennis grinned in amusement. "Ahh, such energy the young man has. Makes even me tired on occasion."

As the Alpha of Alphas attempted to joke and get no laughter in return, Scott quickly made his way through the woods on foot and by the time he got to where he needed to be, he soon found Harley and her arm stuck to a tree courtesy of an arrow. "Take her." Came the voice of one Chris Argent and the young Alpha decided to step in as he could detect the smell of another Were besides himself and Harley.

Must be Derek.

He got himself a free show as he watched the Hale send Argent's two men flying away before pulling the arrow out of Harley's arm and hauling ass with her. Chuckling to himself, Scott came out of hiding and stepped towards Chris. "Boy, you really screwed the pooch tonight didn't ya Argent? Or is it Yukimura? Or whatever as its hard to keep track sometimes."

Chris tensed as the young man came up to him. "And who the Hell are you? Someone trying to protect one of his own?"

"Who? Me? Nah! That's the Hales doin' that even if the Beta's not actually theirs. Which… No one knows who she actually got Bit by."

That made Chris frown as the implications hit him. "So you're saying there's an unknown Alpha in the area?"

"Pretty much Old Sexy." Responded the young with a grin.

"As for who I am? Well… That would be tellin' but let's just say I'm with a Pack of Alphas who decided that I needed some stability in my life."

Scott had to laugh when he found the man's crossbow aimed at him. "Whoa now! I'm not gonna do anything to ya! I mean with a body like that it would be an absoooolute crime to hurt it badly!" Oh yeah, that definitely made the man want to trust the kid!

Several seconds went by and Scott let out a sigh as the man was still aiming the crossbow at him. "Alright, look, I promise I'm not gonna kill you or anybody else alright? Me and my family are just here for awhile as we just wanted to take a break from all the travelin'. And so long as you and yours leave us alone we'll leave you alone. Sound good?"

Chris regarded the young and highly dangerous Alpha as he had a feeling about just who exactly he was and it made him nervous as he matched the descriptions he'd heard of over the years. "Fine, but you and yours do anything out of line and we will be putting Wolfsbane bullets in you faster then you can blink."

"Heh, get in line cause Old Lady Hale will be after us first."

The two stared at one another intensely for another minute before Scott broke it. "Anyways, you have fun now." And walked off, leaving the man on his own in the woods with his men still knocked out.

Course Scott couldn't help but shake his head over Derek's words to Harley as he went on his way. "'We're family now'… Riiight. Think the Old Lady needs to work with her baby boy on his sales pitches."

Monday soon came and Scott had quite the challenge on his hands in getting Kira to look his way without her turning into a blushing beacon after some of the more interesting texts he'd sent her over the weekend. A vision known as Sydney had even slapped him for some of the texts he'd sent her much to Lydia's immense pleasure! Sydney would even tell him she regretted giving him her number and made a frustrated noise when he asked her if it was still okay to text and call as she walked away and making him grin widely. And once the end of the school day had arrived and it was time for Lacrosse, Scott followed Harley to where he knew the girl would be in anticipation of meeting up with Allison since rumor had it the two hadn't even so much as talked the whole day. Which seriously made him wanna roll his eyes! He got interrupted from his peeping when Kira accidentally ran into him.

"Damn, I always knew I was hot enough to blind someone!" Joke the teenager and making her blush in the process.

"S-sorry! Just was in a hurry and didn't watch where I was going!"

Scott chuckled as he helped her with her books as they stood back up. "Nothin' to worry about babe, nothin' to worry about at all as it happens to the best of us."

"Something tells me you're the exception."

"Heh, you'd be surprised."

Kira would have said more until she noticed her dad had arrived. "Oh! There's my dad, well, not actually my dad as he's more like my step-dad but its just easier to call him dad. You know?"

Chuckling at the girl and her cute ability to ramble, he gave a nod. "Oh yeah, definitely. I'm adopted myself." Kira winced after learning of that.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry!" Said the girl apologetically and hoping she hadn't just seriously offended him!

"Whoa, hey, its okay cutie! You didn't know!" Placated the Alpha as he squeezed her shoulders gently with a re-assuring smile.

A smile Kira found rather cute and couldn't help but get lost in the boy's eyes as they stared at one another. Their moment much to their dislike was broken however when Allison called out to them. Making for the two to break contact and look around a bit awkwardly. "Right, umm… Talk later?"

"You know it babe." Smiling at him, the girl took off for her ride home.

Scott however noticed the small glare he got his way from Chris and just waved cheekily as he walked up to Harley. "Soooo, guess you two made up?"

The two watched as the red Suburban drove off with two of their favorite people on board. Well, three perhaps since Scott wouldn't mind a little one on one fun time with the dad! Or with him and the two girls for that matter since it wouldn't exactly be the first time he'd had someone cross a boundary like that! "Yeah, we did." Harley responded happily with a smile on her lips that made Scott chuckle.

"Good on ya babe, now I believe we got practice to get too."

Hearing the word 'practice' snapped the new Beta out of her little dream world with a muttered 'That's right' and the two were soon on their way and Scott couldn't help but wonder how Harley was gonna do today since he had a feeling she hadn't done much just yet when it came to control. Meh, cross that bridge when it comes down to it.

Author's Notes: And this concludes the first chapter of 'Altered Life!' Hope you all enjoyed! And fear not folks on a long waiting time as I've already gotten at least 8 more chapters already written so you can all expect the second chapter in a day or so!