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Second Chances

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Title: Second Chances
Author: write_my_dreams
Pairing: past Hakuei x OFC, brief OMC x MiA, overall Hakuei x MiA
Genre: AU, supernatural, vampires. Historical as this fic is set in the 1980s.
Warning: Language, attempted date rape
Disclaimer: The band members portrayed do not belong to me but the writing/story and the original characters are mine.
Chapters: 1/12
Summary: The desire for blood and sex brings Hakuei to Kabuki-cho one night. A chance encounter at a nightclub brings MiA into his life, giving him a second chance at love and happiness after the death of his beloved wife.
Author's Comment: At long last, I'm posting the (longer than planned) side-story that came to me when I was writing When Nightmares Become Reality. I had a vague backstory in mind for the two of them at that time and over the months between that fic and now I've fleshed it out even more. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I would ever get this fic posted because every time I read Chapter 1 I found something new to hate about it. I first wrote it at the end of 2014 and have gone through periods of ignoring it and then working on it. But finally I have a version I'm content with. Not 100% happy, but content. It's MUCH better than the version I nearly posted in January. I don't have a set posting schedule planned but I will try my best to have a chapter out every one to two weeks. That will depend on several factors though. I'll try not to take forever between updates at least.

Kabuki-cho was a vampire’s ideal feeding grounds. Sex and alcohol saturated the popular entertainment district while bars and nightclubs lined the streets. Hakuei had come here for a night (at least an hour or so) of pleasure. Blood packs weren’t satisfying him as they usually did. Neither were his empty bed and widower’s life. Hakuei craved intimacy… with a human because he continued to reject the vampires eager to share his bed. Some, no doubt, hoping to fill the hole in his heart that Kana had left behind. Hakuei suppressed the thought. Now was neither the time nor place to grieve for her.

Hakuei side-stepped the touts accosting passersby with flyers. He knew the types of clubs they advertised for. The ones with pictures of beautiful, scantily clad women giving the camera inviting smiles. Clubs where a man could pay extra to have some private time with the staff. Trashy establishments like those had always repelled him. There was a particular nightclub he favored here. It was more upscale—suiting his tastes; he’d always preferred high quality—so the clientele were higher class than the patrons of the cheap bars that thrived on exploiting the young and beautiful. Hakuei nodded to the bouncer as he entered the building. The dance floor was packed with couples and groups while there were a few open tables and available seats at the bar. Hakuei slid onto a bar stool and signaled one of the bartenders.

A girl in a black dress approached him. “What can I get you tonight?” She gave him a flirtatious smile as she toyed with her blue braid.

“Rum and coke.”

“Sure.” She started a tab then went to mix the drink.  She returned with it, flirty smile still in place. “Can I get you anything else?” She practically purred the words.

Beautiful as she was, Hakuei felt no draw to her. “No, thank you.”

Disappointed by his lack of interest the girl practically flounced off. Hakuei held back a sigh as he sipped the drink. Would he be able to find a partner at all? Any woman he slept with reminded him too much of Kana. She’d been dead for five years now and taking a woman to bed still felt like a betrayal to her memory. Hakuei knew she wouldn’t want him to isolate himself like this. Wouldn’t want him bound to the memory of a dead woman. Regardless, it felt wrong.

Hakuei eventually moved to a table to get some peace. His thoughts were too conflicted at the bar. He was midway through his third drink and contemplating a fourth when he noticed a young brunette wearing a leather jacket over a skimpy shirt and painted on gray jeans being led to the bar by a man with green hair and a trench coat. The brunette was stunning. Had he been alone, Hakuei would’ve gone to him. Asked him to have a drink with him. Men didn’t gave him the same moral dilemma that women did. Hakuei lowered his beer as he watched the pair take seats at the bar. Green Hair was talking, gesturing about something while the brunette listened. If Hakuei wanted he could hone in on their conversation. Catch the brunette’s name. See if he was enjoying the date or…

Or he could stay away. If he were this man’s date, he wouldn’t want someone else coming over to flirt with him. Hakuei finished his beer and cursed. He’d finally found someone who intrigued him. Only someone had beaten him to his company first. It seemed he needed that fourth drink after all. Hakuei got up and approached the bar, pausing as a commotion broke out near the dance floor.

“You fucker!” A woman in a red dress screamed. Makeup was smeared down her face as she shouted at the man in front of her. “I can’t believe you CHEATED on me HERE!” She drew her hand back and slapped him with all her might, so angry she was shaking.

Holding his face the man stumbled back. “Hanako, sweetie, don't make a scene,” he protested.

“Cheater!” Hanako screamed. She hit him again then flounced away while the man all but fled in embarrassment. How despicable. He should be humiliated that he would betray his partner so publicly. And then to accuse her of making a scene.

Hakuei turned away in disgust. Once more his gaze landed on the beautiful brunette he couldn’t forget. He clenched his fists as he watched Green Hair fish a suspicious bottle out of his coat and pour two drops into his distracted date’s martini before pocketing it again. How dare he! Green Hair already had a beauty at his side, yet was so cowardly that he had to resort to drugs to bed the brunette. Hakuei marched towards the pair and seized the tainted martini as the brunette reached for it. Both stared at him in shock.

“What the fuck, man?” Green Hair whined.

“I have no tolerance for rapists,” Hakuei spat. “Tell your date what you just put in his drink.”

“R-Rapist?” Green Hair spluttered. “What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t put anything in MiA’s drink!”

“Taka?” the brunette—MiA— frowned. He glanced from Hakuei to his would be rapist. “What’s going on? Did you touch my martini?”

Taka glared at Hakuei. “Nothing is happening, MiA. This guy’s just nuts.” He slid off his stool and rose to his full height in an attempt to look more intimidating. The attempt failed miserably due to Taka barely reaching his shoulder.

Hakuei shot the man a contemptuous look before turning to MiA. The brunette’s face was a mix of emotions: confusion, uncertainty. Worry. “MiA,” he said. A beautiful name for a beautiful man. “I was on my way to the bar when the couple started fighting. When I looked away I saw this man take a bottle out of his jacket and pour some into your drink.” He set the martini in front of Taka. “Tell your date the truth. Tell him that you drugged his drink.”

“MiA, come on, you can’t believe this creep!” Taka complained. “He’s obviously lying. He wants you for himself so he’s trying to make me look bad.”

Hakuei scoffed. “Try? I do not have to try to make you look bad. Your actions do that for you. Not only are you a coward but you’re a liar. Now confess.”

MiA frowned. “Taka, if he’s lying then there’s no harm in you having a sip.” He nudged the martini closer to Taka. “Prove him wrong.”

Taka looked insulted. “MiA,” he whined. “You seriously think I drugged your drink? I’m a cop! I’d never do that to you. Or anyone!”

“Drink the martini then,” Hakuei said.

MiA’s eyes narrowed as Taka wet his lips. His gaze flicked from the martini to MiA and Hakuei then back to the tainted drink again. “Taka,” the brunette growled. “Your refusal to drink is telling. Did you drug my martini?”


“Then drink it.” One more anxious look made MiA’s patience snap. “Are you fucking kidding me?” he seethed. “I agree to go out for drinks with you and you plan to date rape me? You sick coward!” he flung the martini in Taka’s face. “How long have you been plotting this? Ever since you met me?”

“N-No,” Taka stammered. “I…”

MiA didn’t give him a chance to continue. He shoved away from the bar balling his hands into fists. “I can’t believe you would do something so low! You’re a fucking cop,” he hissed. “You’re working undercover to stop the sale of drugs and you use one on me! You’re despicable! I’m reporting you.”

Hakuei watched, impressed by the fire coming from the deceptively fragile brunette. While he’d needed assistance in learning the truth about the contents of his drink he certainly didn’t need a rescuer now.

“MiA, it wasn’t… I…” Taka tried to argue back.

MiA gritted his teeth. “Shut the fuck up, Taka. I don’t need to hear you lie to me. Get out of here. Now,” he growled. “I will punch you in your fucking face if you ever talk to me again.”

Hakuei seized Taka’s jacket as he got up. “Hand over the drug first.”

“Why, you need it so you can get laid?” Taka sneered.

Hakuei rolled his eyes. As if he would need to coerce a human into his bed. “Take a good look at me, you desperate fool. Do you truly believe that I would have to drug someone in order to have sex with them?” He was well aware of his good looks and how both genders wanted his attention.

Taka scowled then swore, shoving the bottle into Hakuei’s hand. “There! Take it,” he spat. “Have fun with MiA.” The look he shot the brunette made Hakuei uneasy. He brushed Taka’s thoughts, disgusted yet unsurprised to find the coward plotting to blame MiA for the entire ordeal.

“I’ll tell the Chief that MiA seduced me. Then he was embarrassed so he lied. Made up a story about how I drugged him and made him have sex with me. He’s young. Unimportant. Chief will never believe him over me.”

Hakuei pulled Taka closer. He would not see MiA punished for this man’s cowardice. “Do not even consider pinning the blame on MiA.” There was authority behind his next words, a compulsion that no human could resist. “Take responsibility for your cowardice and confess to your boss. Tell him you took advantage of MiA, that you planned to drug him. You will never speak to MiA again and if you even think of drugging someone, I will find you.” He pushed thoughts of the consequences into Taka’s mind and watched the color drain from his face. “Well?” he snapped.

“Y-Yes.” White as a sheet Taka bolted for the door without looking back.

Shaking his head Hakuei turned to MiA. “Are you alright?”

“I'm fine. I… Thank you for intervening,” the brunette said. He raked his hand through his hair with a gusty sigh. “I never thought he would do something so awful. He’s a coworker. He’s nice… or at least I thought so. Then he tries to drug me on a date.”

“You’re welcome.” Hakuei dumped the bottle into the empty martini glass. “You’re a very beautiful man, MiA. Desperate perverts like Taka are everywhere so you need to be careful from now on.” People like MiA were ideal targets for the depraved. Hakuei knew several vampires who would be all over him wanting to sink their fangs into his throat while they fucked him. It pained him to picture MiA at a vampire’s mercy.

MiA’s lips curved into a smile. “Thanks. You are too… though you haven’t told me your name yet. Who are you?”


“My name is MiA. Though you already heard that.” MiA sighed as he zipped his jacket. “I’m really glad you caught him. Otherwise I’d be a drugged out mess.” He shuddered at the thought.

“As am I.” Hakuei indicated Taka’s vacated stool. “May I sit with you?”

“Go ahead.”

Hakuei sat down. “Thank you. I’d offer to buy you another drink, but I imagine you’d prefer to leave this place. If you let me I’d like to walk you to the train station.” Seeing MiA narrowly escape being date raped had roused his protective instincts.

MiA arched an eyebrow. “Is that a roundabout way of asking me to leave with you?”

Hakuei laughed. Definitely a lot of fire and personality wrapped up in a gorgeous little package. “I prefer a direct approach to finding a date. That’s not what I’m looking for though. You’ve only just met me on the night your coworker tried to drug me. After that experience, you surely don’t want to leave with me. Nor would I ask you to do so.”

MiA smiled sheepishly. “You must think I’m crazy for saying this after what just happened, but I wouldn’t mind leaving with you. Not to go to a love hotel or to your apartment, but to walk with you. You’re honest. And you’re not expecting me to fall into bed with you for saving me.”

“I’m not that arrogant. And I don’t think you’re crazy. “

“I imagine a lot of people want to fall into bed with you,” MiA said. “You’re hot. Really hot.” Blue-contacted eyes looked Hakuei over in approval before roaming up over his chest and to his face. Every moment with MiA was endearing him to Hakuei even more. He’d come to Kabuki-cho for blood and sex, but he couldn’t imagine taking the former. There was no rush for the latter.

“They do.” Again he thought of the vampires who all but threw themselves at him. The humans who looked at him eagerly hoping to catch his attention. Perhaps the reason he was drawn to MiA was because the brunette wasn’t trying to get in his pants.

“Do you let them?”

“Not often.”

MiA grinned. “I bet that frustrates them.” He laughed then reached out to curl his fingers around a lock of Hakuei’s bright pink hair. “I like your hair. You look like a rock star with your tattoos and your pink hair.”

“My friend would be delighted,” Hakuei said dryly. “He insisted I dye my hair a lighter color because ‘it’s a good way to brighten my life.’” He glanced down at his hair. “I’m not sure it works but I’ve grown fond of the color.”

“You weren’t at first?”

“Definitely not,” Hakuei laughed. “I’ve had black hair most of my life so dyeing my hair pink was a drastic change.”

“I’m guessing your friend has colorful hair too?”

“Pink like mine though his is cotton candy pink with streaks of black. We’ll be keeping his lover busy this weekend—he’s adjusting our colors this weekend.” Hakuei wondered what MiA would think of Tsuzuku and Koichi if they were ever to met. Koichi with his pastel pink hair and his blue eyes, unafraid of mixing colors and patterns while Tsuzuku tended to shy away from anything brighter than red.

“Well, I think pink suits you. I’ve never met a guy with pink hair before but it looks good on you. It seems to fit your personality too. I can tell you don’t give a fuck about what someone else thinks about you. So the hair and tattoos fit.”

Hakuei shrugged. “The opinions of others matter little to me.” He didn’t care if people scowled at him for having dyed hair and tattoos. Each one was a decoration. Artwork. The body was a canvas after all and if he wanted to splash color and designs onto his canvas, then he would. And no one could stop him.

“Good. I’m kind of jealous,” MiA touched Hakuei’s hair again. “I used to dye my hair blonde, but I haven’t been able to at my work.”

Hakuei studied him as he pictured him with blonde hair rather than his natural black. “You’d look good as a blonde.” MiA was beautiful so he could easily work any color or style. “Wait, you’re not allowed to dye your hair but Taka can?” Speaking the man’s name left a foul taste in his mouth. At least he would never trouble MiA again. Perhaps he should make it so Taka could never trouble anyone again. He could hunt him down and drink his blood. Show him the horror of having something done against your will.

MiA shrugged. “Like I said, Taka works undercover so he’s allowed to dye his hair to blend in with his suspects. I hate him for what he tried to do, but I envy his freedom.” He wrinkled his nose as he fiddled with his hair. “I wish I had that same freedom. I’d love to dye my hair blonde and wear color contacts to work. But I can’t.”

“Your blue contacts look nice with your hair.”

MiA smiled. “Thanks. I like blue… sometimes I wear green or purple, but the blue is my favorite.”

Hakuei hesitated, wondering if he was pushing things, then laid his hand over MiA’s. “Would you like to go somewhere else? We could go to a restaurant if you’re hungry. Or there’s probably a Starbucks still open if you’d like a coffee.”

“Let’s get out of here.”

Hakuei paid his tab then escorted MiA outside. Kabuki-cho was unfortunately lacking in five star restaurants making it impossible for him to give MiA the best. Or would such an establishment make him uncomfortable? He’d gone to Kabuki-cho on a date after all. “Where would you like to go?”

“I’m kind of hungry.” MiA’s stomach took that moment to growl, making him blush and Hakuei smirk.

“Your stomach confirms that.” Hakuei laughed as he studied the man at his side. MiA was more than just a pretty face: there was strength and pride to him. Similar to Kana in some ways despite the differences in their outward appearances. Kana. Would her face cross his mind whenever he found someone? He’d loved her for over three hundred years and experienced so much with her. He would still be with her if she hadn’t been murdered. It was only natural that moving on would be difficult.

“Hakuei?” MiA’s warm hand on his arm drew him back to the present. “Are you okay? You looked so sad all of a sudden.”

“I was thinking of my late wife.” Hakuei drew MiA closer at his startled intake of breath. He’d only known this man for less than an hour and he already felt more of a pull to him than to any vampire these last few years.

MiA squeezed Hakuei’s hand. “I’m sorry about your wife. Did she die recently…?”

“It’s been a few years. We married at a young age and thought we’d be together forever. Moving on hasn’t been easy for me.” More like impossible. Yet here he was, opening up to a human he’d just met about a deeply personal loss. “I’m trying though. She wouldn’t want me to deny myself the chance to love again.”

“I can imagine it’s been hard,” MiA agreed then he smiled at Hakuei. “I do hope you weren’t looking for someone to start a meaningful relationship with in Kabuki-cho.”

Hakuei chuckled. “I didn’t come to Kabuki-cho for a relationship. I merely wanted a drink and some good sex.” He wouldn’t be getting either tonight but he didn’t mind.

“Have you found either of those yet?”

“Alcohol, yes, but I didn’t think I’d find a suitable partner at all until I saw a gorgeous brunette walk in. Sadly he already had a date… and the guy turned out to be an asshole. Tried to drug him so I had to intervene.” Hakuei reached out to smooth MiA’s hair back. “The moment you entered the club I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You were so beautiful and I haven’t felt such an attraction to someone since Kana died. I liked you even more when you shouted at Taka.”

MiA swallowed. “What would you have done if I was alone?”

“Exactly what I did earlier. I would have asked to sit with you and if I could buy you a drink.”

“And if I said no?”

Hakuei shrugged. Rejection wasn’t something he was accustomed to but he wasn’t going to be nasty about it. “I would have left you in peace.”

“Not all guys would do that.”

“I’m not like most guys,” Hakuei said simply. “All I want tonight is to have dinner with you and then walk you to the train station.” He started walking again pausing as he noticed MiA eyeing Hub. Koichi had dragged him there for fish and chips a few times and their food was good if not greasy. “Would you like to eat here?”

“I can give you that.” MiA rubbed his stomach as it growled again. “Here’s good.” He walked down the stairs and pulled the door open, holding it for Hakuei before heading inside. They found a table near the bar and ordered lemonade with their fish and chips. If MiA wasn’t drinking alcohol then neither would he.

“Tell me, MiA, what’s your role in the police station?”

MiA shrugged. “I’m sort of an officer.”

Hakuei snorted. “How is one sort of a police officer?”

“I don't actually do anything to help the public,” MiA said dryly. “I have a desk job so I do a lot of paperwork. Bring senior detectives their coffee. Take notes at meetings. It’s… kind of boring. I keep hoping I’ll get promoted to something where I can actually be out in the field.”

Hakuei nodded. “I’m sure you will.  Just give it time; you’re still young.”

“And you’re not?” MiA teased.

Hakuei laughed. He hadn’t considered himself ‘young’ in a very long time. He wondered how MiA would react if he knew that the man across from him was a vampire born during the Sengoku Jidai. “I’m an old soul.”

“Well your body looks very young.” MiA looked him over then smiled. “What about you? Where do you work?”

“I’m the head of security for a company.” It wasn’t much of a lie, but it was still a lie. Hakuei hoped he wouldn’t have to tell MiA too many of those. He didn’t want to lie to this man when he felt like something would come out of this meeting.

MiA’s eyes widened. “Wow, really? I bet that’s interesting.”

“It can be. Sometimes there’s a lot of paperwork. Boring meetings with people who don’t want to hear my advice on how to improve security. Want to know a secret?”


“I hate paperwork.”

MiA burst out laughing. “So do I.”

Hakuei reached for MiA’s hand and squeezed it. “I think we’ll get along well.”

“Me too.” MiA smiled at him.

After dinner (Hakuei insisted on paying) he walked MiA to the train station. “I do wish we’d met under better circumstances but I enjoyed talking and having dinner with you. Can I see you again?”

“I’d like that. What are you doing Friday night?”

“Taking you out to dinner?” Friday was three days away so it’d give him a chance to feed. He didn’t want to risk biting his date… not that he expected their second date to extend past dinner. If it did, he wanted to be prepared. There was something repelling about the thought of biting bright, warm MiA who had no idea that his rescuer was a vampire. If MiA stayed in his life Hakuei would tell him the truth. Eventually.

MiA laughed. “You’re cute. Yes, we are going to dinner. I’ll give you my number so we can figure out a time and place.” He unzipped his jacket pocket to take out a small notebook and pen. They exchanged numbers, Hakuei tucking MiA’s into his wallet. “I’ll call you when I get home. And thanks… for everything.”

“You’re welcome.”

MiA smiled at him. “I’ll talk to you later.” He waved goodbye then passed through the turnstile. Hakuei watched him go, waiting until he’d disappeared from view before turning away.

It seemed he’d found his second chance after all.

1) Originally Hakuei had black hair and MiA was blonde. Then I recalled how conservative Japan was and knew there was no chance MiA could get away with blonde hair at work. He'll be blonde eventually. Hakuei's pink hair came to me on a whim and is inspired by his look in "Rainbow"
2) The first three chapters of this fic will be strictly centered around Hakuei and MiA, but Tsuzuku and Koichi will be coming in later. Along with some other vampires.
3) Word of warning in advance: this story will take on a very dark turn. MiA's vampire origins aren't happy ones.