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Through the Rain

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9:20pm EST

Her slap made his head reel. It was loud and destructive. He got slapped. He got slapped in the face by his wife. It stung, it burned. But more importantly, it made him lose his patience. Hillary was shocked. She didn't purposely want to slap him, as if she owned a hand made of steel. But she got completely carried away by her inebriate condition.

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. I just hit him.

Hah! I just hit him.

Wait... I hit him?

Oh, Shit.

Okay, don't make him think that you regret it. Don't make him think that you're sorry. When he looks at you, look at him straight in the eye Hillary. Straight in the eye.

Bill was taking his time of composing himself. He was trying really hard to calm his senses, and his anger towards his wife. After all, he deserved more than a smack on the face. He never laid a hand on Hillary, and he wouldn't do it now. But he was livid. Livid in a different way, livid in an erotic kind of way. His anger wasn't really because of the slap, but the realization it brought to him: the lack of physical contact between him and his wife for more than he can remember. He longed for her touch, craved for the contact of skin. He desired for his hands and lips all over her body. He longed so much of her.

He couldn't help himself anymore, and when he turned to face her, his eyes turned dark with lust. She welcomed those pairs though, with an exchange of those innocent eyes in defense of his lustful ones. However, it only escalated the fire that burned within him. She got trapped in its spell. Both of them got trapped in the spell of alcohol and lust. Bill shifted his eyes on the floor. He travelled his gaze slowly to her feet. Her smooth porcelain thighs. Her thick hips. Then, his eyes stopped for a while at the center of her hips, in which she noticed. That made her breath hitch. It made the center of the small fabric, in the middle of her hips drip with moisture. She continued following his sinful gazes. He admired her stomach for a couple of seconds. Of course he would admire them, like he always did, since it bore the fruit of their passionate love. They wanted so badly to have more, but it wasn't meant to be.

He then went back to his task, moving his eyes at the two mountains that hanged freely beneath the negligee he bought. He licked his lips in anticipation of the things he would do to them, when the events had played well into his favor. His eyes was caught by her sultry collarbone, that he would frantically shower with nibbles and kisses. Up to her neck, from which she got herself in a lot of troubles, through the years

Thank God for her three best friends: Turtlenecks, scarves and concealers. If not for them, hickeys that had to do with the first couple, would've ended up in the headline of news programs. Then her face, her sweet but not so angelic face, that he'd love to capture in his mind each time it makes different faces. And those eyes, those beautiful set of deep blues that clutched his gaze. They locked eyes for a moment. Everything stopped. Time paused for a moment. Then suddenly, it played fast. He went to her quick. His arms violently encircled her waist. She looked up to his lips, and before she can think of another thought, he already crashed his mouth on hers. He kissed her hungrily, his hands running up and down to her sides. Hillary grabbed the lapels of his coat, pulling him as close as possible to her. The kiss was hard, hurried, and full of avidity. He turned his aim to her chin, down to her jaw. He bit down the sensitive spot that he knew she liked so much as it sent shivers through her nerves. An unsolicited moan escaped her mouth, proving his predictions were right.

She wrapped her legs tightly around his, and ran her hands up to his nape. Then, she turned her head to the side giving him more access to her neck. He groaned. They missed this. Ever since they became president and First Lady, given the cruel reality of it's very unpredictable nature, they grew far apart from each other. Which unfortunately had never come to anyone's notice even theirs. Sex had became the least option for them. It had been a very long time since they felt the fire of greed for passion.

His lips made a pathway back to her lips, those lips that he yearned for days. No, actually for years. He missed being a 24 year old charming Yale law student. He missed being the guy who would proudly kiss and cling to her even with a lot of people around. He missed being young wild and free with Hillary Rodham. He missed being what they used to be.

Both of them wanted skin, so even if she didn't want to, she pulled herself back from the kiss. She looked at him seductively, while pushing his coat out of his arms. When the coat was off, she grabbed it with both of her tiny hands, and encircled it on his nape, using it to slowly pull him back to her. She looked at him innocently, and when his face was inching closer to her lips she turned her face aside making his lips land on her cheek. She tiptoed to reach his right ear. "Touch me," she whispered sensually. She moved back to her feet, and waited for him to attentively follow her instructions.

He crossed his arms around his chest. He examined me first. I bit my lip. I thought he was playing coy "Aren't you--?" I was cut off by his sudden movement. He walked to my back and i felt his arms circled around me, I felt his fully hardened member nudge the space in between the dimples on my lower back, that turned my carnal desire on even more.

His hands slowly made its way around the middle of the belt that was securing her garb. His fingers fondled with the knot as he leaned closer to the side of her face while his fingers untie her belt. He was sucking, nipping and licking her ear lobe. The belt fell on the floor, and the small piece of garment that hugged her curves loosened, leaving her bare on the stomach. His left hand ran its way down her thighs while the other one ran up to her breast. He pulled away from her earlobe and seductively whispered "Like this?"

"Oooooh yeeees! Fuck, please just like that," I cried.

He stroked his way down her center atop her panties and when he reached her entrance He made circular motions around it.

"Babe...your...panties...are...soaked," he said each word in between kisses on her jaw. His hand went under her black laced bra and then squeezed her right breast hard, that made hillary scream with pleasure. Bill’s fingers moved the small piece of fabric aside and he immediately slipped one finger inside of her.

In each pump of his fingers in and out of her tight trench, she felt her knees getting weaker and weaker. He pinched her hard nipples, and thrusts another finger in.

I was losing my mind, that i started grinding my buttocks to his member. I felt how fully erected it was, ready to swim deep inside of my wet folds.

Bill felt her walls grip his fingers, reminding him that she's close to her peak, so he curled up his fingers to reach her g-spot, and presses up his thumb on her clit, and started rubbing it hard.

I couldn't hold it any longer, I was whimpering. bill felt that I was losing my balance, so he holds me tight on my stomach.

"Yes, that's it. cum for me baby. Cum for me.." He seductively said to me.

"You know what i will do to this rosebud right here? I'd fuck it with my dick so hard later, that you'd scream so loud, It'd reach the
Second floor."

And with that she came hard, while screeching his name. her juices flowing warm and slick on his fingers. She was panting heavily.

Bill showered her sweaty neck with wet kisses. Making butterflies fly inside her stomach, of how affectionate it felt like for her.

I smiled.

When she recovered from her emotional high, She turned around to face him with a smirk on her face.

Now, it's showtime.

She grabbed his necktie, choking him a little. Being pulled towards her lips, Bill was expecting that she'd steal a kiss but to his surprise, she stuck her tongue out, and licked her way from his bottom lip up to the bridge of his nose, and mopped it all over his face. She cockily smiled at him, while unfastening his neck tie. She ripped the buttons of his shirt open. She got really aggressive going as far with pushing him down the floor. She pulled down the zipper of his pants, and strongly pulled it out off his legs with his briefs. Without his breeches, his manhood stood proudly. She grabbed the bottle of liquor on the side where it fell, and to both of their surprise, there was still a bit of wine left. Suddenly, an idea popped out of her head. She knelt down in between his bare thighs, and without hesitations spilled the liquor on both of his upper leg. "I wish Monica was here so I could show her how it's really done." She leaned closer placing her hands on each side of Bill's thighs, and rapidly licked her way up to his member, tasting the alcohol mixed with his sweat. Hillary clasped her hands around his shaft. She looked up aiming to lock eyes with him while doing it. But she saw him, eyes closed.

Bill was praying, that his seeds would not spill in any minute.

"Open your eyes, and look at me."

And he did. She gripped him hard, She planted a wet kiss on his testicles as she made an up and down rhythm with his member.

He writhed in agony of the burning sensation within him.

She tongued her way to the head of his cock and kissed it deeply. She made out with his other head. Then she sucked...


"I can't do this anymore. I think that's all I can remember Bets." Hillary said while covering her face with a throw pillow, embarrassed.

They were in the living room of the private residence. She invited Betsy for lunch to tell her the big news herself, before she found out from some other sources when the press unpremeditatedly finds out. Also, she wanted to ask her good, loyal friend some much needed advice.

"Well that's quite an information alright,” Betsy carelessly responded as she sips her green tea. "You know Hills, I didn't know that you had a talent for narrating."

"Oh, God! No!" She buried her face deeper into the pillow, praying she'd just disappear from the surface of the Earth.

"I mean, I didn't know you can get pregnant through oral se-" before Betsy could even finish her sentence hillary was already shooting daggers at her, that made her stop from speaking.

"Well, uhmm. What's the plan? To be honest I can tell from the moment you walked in the room, that you've gained a slight amount of weight from the chubbiness of your face. And it's only been what? 4 weeks?"

"Oh my Lord! Really?" Hillary dropped the pillow and immediately palmed her face to feel the added flab on her cheeks.

"So.. what did billy boy say? I'm guessing his ego flew up to Mt. Everest when you told him! Like, you cheated on your wife with an intern, you're in deep shit with your presidency, and you get her all knocked up on a drunken night? What a karma!" Betsy scoffed as Hillary's face turned tomato red.

"What would people think of me?" Hillary sobbed.

"Oh! Hillary. Where's the Hillary I know? You never give a fuck about what people thinks or says about you! You're going to be fine. It's a baby! You've waited so long for this baby right here!"

"But!- what about the baby? I don't want the baby to live with all this pressure around him or her. And, of all the years, God why now?!" Hillary cried louder.

Betsy chuckled "I know Hon, but God does have a strange humor sometimes."