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Through the Rain

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September 17, 1998
8:30pm EST

It had been a very busy evening for the president alone in the oval office. He's well occupied that he had no spare time for dinner, including lunch, nor some snacks earlier that day. Although it's been tiring, God knows how much he's been thanking him for all the non stop workloads on his desk! which played an important role, in his life at the moment, as distraction from the scandal.

Not long ago, Kenneth Starr released a report about his year long affair with Monica Lewinsky. And boy had it been the talk of every news stations, and had served as a feast for every late night shows. Details about his affair had been revealed to the American people. He felt completely exposed, but hell did he deserve all of it.

He'd been trying to avoid his wife, just as she was probably doing as well, since the morning he confessed to her. He felt embarrassed, and felt deeply sorry for her, for making her perspectives a laughing stock.

A vast right wing conspiracy

A vast right wing conspiracy

A vast right wing conspiracy

Which she of all people doesn't deserve.

He doesn't know how to approach her without breaking down. Which would make the situation far more worst. Of all feelings she never liked being pitied at, and because of the scandal he'd sent her over the edge.

It had been over a week, or two since they last shared a room together. She didn't even gave him precautions on what he needed to do, or what he deserves to do, but he did it, he did the first move in kicking himself off their bedroom. Since Hillary gave him a silent treatment after their argument that morning, he also got the message of giving her space in silence.

He was in the middle of reviewing a report about the current economic issues, when a knock on the door had occurred. Being the focused and persistent worker that he is, he didn't notice the sudden commotion. That's when the unknown presence made an act to be known. He cleared his throat, and bill immediately looked up from his desk. Still with his glasses perched on the bridge of his nose.

"Very sorry to disturbed you Mr. President. But the First Lady Sir.." He kept his sentence hanging, intending to hear from the president first before continuing.

"What about the First Lady ?" He relaxed from his seat, resting his back on the swivel chairs splat. And playfully gripped its arm rest.

"She's been ordering wine bottles sir.. From 6pm. And it's been her 4th bottle now sir."

"-I've thought it's time for you to know."

"How is she?"

"Well, that's the case sir, she seemed overdosed."

He ran his hands through his salt and peppered hair.

No ones fault but yours William.

"We were trying to talk her out of it, but she's very hard headed. And there's nothing we can do more about it, but to give the bottle to her. We're very worried about her sir, she's not that far from alcohol poisoning."

He ran his fingers up to his temples, slightly massaging it to ease the light headedness he was feeling. He absentmindedly strips off his glasses, moved his chair backward and rose up from it.

"Where is she?"


Jeffrey told me that she's somewhere around the third floor..

They're married for almost 23 years, he knows every bit of her soul, and that involves her multiple personalities when getting dead drunk. Although Hillary has always been a responsible drinker, and a lady who's good at handling her alcohol intake, there were instances in her life, where she just goes out of her way, and drink.. Heavily.

These "instances" first happened when they were younger, when she was only his girlfriend, when she found out that he was cheating on her. And in 1989 when he asked for divorce. Making this it's third.

I tromped my way up the stairs to the third floor, and as I was getting closer.. I heard music playing.

A glowing ember

burning hot

burning slow

I stopped from my track as I begin to notice the song, and its familiarity through my ears. No!

deep within I'm shaken by the violence
of existing for only you


Did she found the cd?

I know I can't be with you

I do what I have to do

and I have sense to recognize that 

Bill run halfway of the stairs.

The song was about to end,

I don't know how to let you go

When it starts to replay again, he immediately sensed where it was coming from. 

When he made his way to the open door of his music room, he saw her standing on the mini bar, her back facing him.

Hillary was having a hard time opening what seemed to be a fifty years old Johnie Walker scotch, a gift to her husband by a friend.

Bill saw one bottle of wine beside Hillary's feet. He darted his eyes around the room to find the other three, splayed messily on the couch table. Is she trying to kill herself?

When she popped the bottle open, which took her a few seconds to realize she'd finally opened it, proving her being off the wagon. She raised her hands up in the air, while enthusiastically chanting 'I did it', giggling like a 5 year old celebrating her little achievement. she reached out for the glass at the side of the bar, and poured the alcohol in it, but before she could drink it, bill took the glass away from her hands, and chug the alcohol himself.

suddenly the world slowed down from its rotation.

She raised her head to look at the alcohol thief beside her. Although it did took her mind a little while to process what was happening. Her eyes fell on his jaw, down his throat. His adams apple popping out of his skin, as he guzzle down the drink. She gulped.

As soon as he dropped the glass on the bar,
He turned his body to her, and they Locked eyes. both felt the heat that was rising above their chest. Intoxication from the warmth lost in weeks.

Hillary licked her lips as she tries to suppress herself from falling into his arms. which became very difficult for her, due to the great amount of alcohol that are lurking inside of her.

They were lost in each other's eyes, lost with the reflection of lust in their blues.

He was sweating. Inhale, and exhales becoming the only music to their ears.

Music, It stopped for awhile, but only for awhile. And the last thing they knew, the cd player started to replay the exact same song, over again. that made them broke them from their reverie.

What ravages of spirit
conjured this temptuous rage

She turned away, away from him, as her cheeks burned from embarrassment.

created you a monster
broken by the rules of love

Bill looked away from her too, cursing himself in his thoughts to stop the rising temptation in him.

They remained that way, for quite a short time. Acting shy around each other.

and fate has lead you through it
you do what you have to do

and fate has led you through it
you do what you have to do ...

But then she saw the cd's cover that was laying on top of the table, and her mood quickly changed. She walked around the furnitures to where it was, and furiously grabbed it.

and I have the sense to recognize that
I don't know how to let you go

"I hope you don't mind me, listening to the cd your bimbo gave you.."


She was looking down at the cover, hands shaking while holding it, and tears building up in her eyes.

Bill spun around to see his wife, emotionally broken. An image not a lot of people had bound to witness.

"-It says here that she wants you to listen to this song..  have you?"

I did,  but I can't, I shouldn't.  It would break her to pieces, so i've made my mind not to say a thing,  I just looked at her. God, I miss her so much.

"So.. was this... your love song?" Slurring with her words while pairing it up with over emphasized hand expressions. She looked up. finally, meeting his gaze.

"Fucking- answer me!!" She threw the cover to his direction. Her eyes blazing with flames.

"-I.. hillary.."

"Was she good?"

Her eyes completely red.

"How different- was- she- from your other- floozies? TELL ME!!"

And the next thing I knew, Is that i was only a feet away from her.

"That- narcissistic- bitch!- Who- who does she think she is?- Dictating you-" She points her fingers to his chest, slightly pushing him rearward. "to listen to this piece of shit?"

She looked at him in the eye, and she saw tears lingering around his sclera. She looked down, and instantly noticed the small scale of space between them, that made her step a foot backward from it's stance. She turned her back to him, and when she was about to walk away she felt his hand grip her arm, that resulted a sideway turn of her head to him, with her jaw clenched, paired with cold stares that could burn. She furiously yanked her shoulder, to free her arm from his hands.

She walked back to the mini bar, and lift the bottle of scotch from the top of the table, poured alcohol inside the glass, which unintentionally got mixed with tears, that freely fell from her eyes. She raised the Tumblr up to her lips, and chugged the whole glass.

As much to bills dismay, He'd made the mistake, and it's time to pay the price, to suicide watch. He didn't stir in protest. He just watched his wife suffer from his unfaithfulness.

She was keeping herself from breaking down, but she couldn't. She couldn't keep her emotions intact.

I heard her whimper
Saw her lose her life.

When she filled the tumblr again, that's when I made my way to stop her from trying to kill her self. I  walked as fast as I can to where she was.

She was about to consume the strong drink, when bill fought her from doing so. Bill took a strong force, that made the alcohol spill a little on both of them. He took a quick glance at her, and she wasn't really pleased about his actions. His eyes got caught by the tumblr, that made him drink the remaining liquid.

When he was in the middle of drinking, Hillary drank the alcohol straight from it's bottle, that made him stop from consuming the rest of the tumblr. He dropped the glass, and forcibly grabbed the bottle from Hillary's grip, but she didn't let go that easily. Instead, both had come across of a little tag of war, until it ended with the bottle falling to the ground. soaking it's carpet, by a half of a hundred year whiskey.

She slapped him hard. Slapped him so hard that her hands marked his face.