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Happily ever after

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Stargate Atlantis

Bringing the city back to earth

John's perspective

We have just arrived back on earth and we are showing Ronan and Teyla the golden gate bridge... it looks amazing to me even though I no longer feel like earth is my home.

There are things I want to do though .... show Teyla Paris ... take Ronan to Mount Rainier I think he would like the challenge of climbing the glacier us against nature. Most of all I really want to go to a ball game .... being in the pegasus galaxy means I am stuck with reruns that Jack sends me from the SGC.

I am just realising how very tired I am .... I need to go to the infirmary but Carson is there and he will say I told you so.... Teyla turns and smiles at me I hold out my hand and she takes it continuing to look out over the bay.

Our interlude soon comes to an end as boats are starting to arrive. I am sure the brass would love to chopper in but I am not sure how they would explain helicopters disappearing and reappearing in the bay considering the fireball in the aky earlier in the day.

I know Jack and Sam will be arriving soon probably to kick my butt for the stunt I pulled earlier but still it wasn't a stunt when I did it.... I truly thought it was the only option .... not many people know Jack is my Father I know weird right he got my Mum pregnant when they went back in time (yeah if I said that outloud in public I would be sectioned for being insane)

I wonder when Sam and Jack will be able to tell people they are a couple and stop hiding there feelings even to themselves.

Teyla and I are ok as she is a private contractor and she is a leader in her own right... I often wonder how i got so lucky as Elizabeth saw our relationship before I did and had it written into Atlantis's charter that relationships weren't off limits.

Due to being in the same chain of command Sam and Jack can't catch a break. When Sam was on Atlantis we often discussed the probability/possibility its hard being the military leader and the expedition leader it sets us apart so we spent a lot of time together. I also wanted to get some stories on Jack as it was weird being related to him (Carson told us he was being nosey about the ancient gene, and why we had such a strong connection to the city)

Enough rambling in my head what is wrong with me I'm not normally so thought provoking in fact Nancy used to tell me I was totally closed off, maybe its Teyla she is having a great affect on me. Or it could be the stresses of the day making me melancholy.

I am going to bed the rest of the world can wait ... i'm tired I tug on Teylas hand and pull her back towards the city. We pass the daycare where we pick up Torren John who is thankfully also asleep and head to the guest quarters of the city the last place anyone will look for us and crawl into the bed . Torren by the wall and me and Teyla curled in each others arms.

My last thought was to the city to make us unavailable until she heard from me next. The city carmly sang us to sleep.