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The Last Three and a Half Years

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Still Hurting - John Watson

Sherlock is over and Sherlock is gone...
I’ve long decided it's time to move on.
I should have new dreams I can build upon--
But I'm still hurting.

Sherlock arrived at the end of a fall.
He was convinced that that would solve it all.
Sherlock had left me with one final call,
And I'm still hurting.

Was it all lies, Sherlock?
What about things
You deduced to be true
I believe in you, Sherlock.
I believe in you.

Sherlock ensured something wonderful died.
Sherlock decides it's his right to decide.
Thought I was just there along for the ride.
Now I am hurting.

Go and hide and run away,
Run away, run and find something better!
Go and try to fade away,
Fade away. Like it's simple.
Like it's right...

Give me a day, Sherlock,
Come back to life--
Our life before the fall.
Maybe I'd see
How you could leave
Two Twenty-One B
With such empty halls.


Sherlock is over and where can I turn?
Adding more scars for each day that I yearn.
I said “don’t be dead,” but you haven’t returned.
‘Cuz that doesn't change the fact;
That wouldn't speed the time;
You pulled off your final act,
And I'm
Still Hurting