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Lafayette had complained at first. ”Mon cher, do we have to? I have not needed to swim yet, I think it will be alright that I do not….”. Didn’t like doing things he wasn’t good at.

John wheedled him down. Nagged. Pleaded. ”C’mon Laf, it’ll be fun!”

Relentless. Persistent.

Got his way in the end – usually did, when it came to Laf.


Alex declined to come with them. Said he didn’t need a lesson, he already knew how to swim, and he would enjoy the peace and quiet. Teasing. Allowing them their time together, had a date with Lafayette the next morning anyways, just the two of them.

Lafayette was just as naughty a student as he’d promised to be, all those weeks ago in the middle of Disney World. He whined. He teased. He tried to yank John’s training briefs down on more than one occasion. He complained that it was too hard. He “accidentally” brushed John’s cock, his ass, his inner thighs as often as he could.

Somehow, through sheer stubbornness alone, John had Lafayette swimming a passable breast stroke by the end of the hour. He still wasn’t comfortable putting his face under the water for long, but it was a start. It was certainly a far cry from the first few minutes, where Laf was reluctant to even trust his weight to the flutterboard John gave him.

He leaned back against the edge of the pool, watching Laf swim one last lap of the pool. Even unskilled, Laf looked good in the water. His dark skin, defined muscles. The easy athleticism that was evident even though he was unfamiliar with the specific sport. The ripple of muscles as he stroked through the water…

John couldn’t deny the direction his thoughts started to take, memories of the way those muscles looked when Laf was fucking Alexander… the way he imagined they looked when it was him beneath Laf…

Lafayette didn’t stop when he got close, just glided gently right into John, nosing his dick through the tight fabric of his briefs.

“Fuck, Laf!”

John’s laugh turned quickly into a low moan as Laf settled on his knees, grabbed John’s ass with both hands and dug his fingers in. Squeezed hard, tugged John’s crotch against his face, mouth finding his cock through the cloth.

“The lesson is done, non, Monsieur Laurens?”

Laf purred, nuzzling into John’s crotch, just above the water.

“Yes. Laf, we can’t…”

John’s protest died on his lips, Lafayette mouthed the head of his cock through the fabric. John’s knees went weak.


He whined, twining his hands into Lafayette’s hair, trying vainly to pull his head off.

“Laf someone could see!”

He hissed through gritted teeth, trying to resist the way Laf mouthed at him, trying not to look at those big brown eyes, staring intently up at him.


Laf whispered, devilish grin with his lips still on John’s cock.

John blushed furiously.

“We’ll get kicked out!”

“I have been good! I have learned how to do the titty stroke. I deserve a reward.”

“It’s called breast stroke.”

John hissed, still trying in vain to tug Lafayette off.

“Whatever. There is no one in here now, mon cher.”

But he stood up.

John’s relief was short lived. Lafayette crowded against him, trapping him between the edge of the pool and Laf’s body. He looked up at Laf, breath caught in his throat.

“You are a mean teacher, Monsieur Laurens, not to reward your poor student for his good behaviour.”

Lafayette purred, pressing closer yet.

“You can have your reward when we get home!”

John snapped, trying to wriggle out of Lafayette’s grasp. The idea that someone could walk in at any moment was just too much, it was too risky, he liked this gym, didn’t want to get banned from using it-

Laf’s hand cupped his cock, squeezing firmly and staring up a slow, firm rub that had John’s brain short circuiting. He arched into the touch, couldn’t help himself, knuckles white on the edge of the pool.

He tried again, twisting to try to wriggle out of Lafayette’s grasp. Powerful hand on his shoulder wrenched him back, dangerous glint in Lafayette’s eyes now that made John’s cock twitch in his hand.

“Do not swim away from me, John Laurens.”

Laf’s voice was low. No-nonsense. John’s breath caught in his throat and he stilled, helpless under Laf’s demands.

“Good boy.”

John didn’t have time to reply before Laf’s mouth crashed over his in a possessing kiss.

Surrender had never felt so sweet.

John kissed Lafayette back, lips parting in desperate invitation. His arms wound around Lafayette’s neck and he melted against his boyfriend, their tongues tangling together.

“Laf, someone could see.”

John whispered again.

“Let them.”

Lafayette hissed back, leaning in so that John was forced to bend backwards, and kissing down John’s neck. Then John’s briefs were pushed down and Laf’s hand was stroking him under the water, firm, fast strokes that had John arching and crying out against him, fingers digging into Laf’s strong shoulders. Lef’s thumb stroked over the head of John’s dick, already leaking precome, and back down the length again, over and over until John was practically sobbing in his arms, hips twitching.

“Laf, laf, please. Need you. Need your cock.”

John panted. He wound his hands into Laf’s wet hair, tugging.

Lafayette kissed him again, deep and demanding, possessing John’s mouth with his tongue, and then he was picking John up, carrying him over to the steps, and John’s stomach tightened with anticipation of being taken into the locker room, bent over and fucked in the showers, steam curling around them…

He was pressed to his hands and knees on the pool steps instead, and Lafayette was behind him, covering him, broad chest pressed to John’s back, kissing just behind his ear. There was something primal about being on his hands and knees with Lafayette’s body so thoroughly over him, their bodies pressed flush together. Lafayette’s hand returned to John’s cock, jerking him with a hard and fast rhythm that made John’s hips jerk backwards against Lafayette’s hips, his hard cock grinding into John’s crack.

“Lafffffff! Locker room? Please? Need you to fuck me, need your cock.”

John begged, twisting to try to kiss Lafayette. Laf pressed a kiss to John’s ear, laughed, his breath huffing against the delicate shell of John’s ear and making him shiver.

“I think not. I am going to fuck you right here on these steps.”

John choked back a loud moan, torn between being mortified and even more turned on at the thought of Laf taking him right here, where anyone could walk in and see them, see Lafayette, cock sheathed in John’s ass, all his, taking him, claiming him, right in front of anyone who could see.

Proud enough to own him in front of anyone.

John’s cock twitched in Laf’s hand, dripping pre over Laf’s fingers.

“Like that idea? Want my dick in your ass right here where everyone can see, see that you’re all mine…”

Laf’s smirk against John’s neck, words teasing, hot breath on his skin.

“Y-yes, please Laf, please I need you.”

John ground his hips back against Lafayette, panting, desperate. The low growl that escaped Laf’s mouth went straight to John’s dick.

Lafayette’s hand left his cock, and John could have cried, but then his briefs were yanked down and Lafayette’s finger returned, slicked with lube –where the hell had he gotten lube!?- and stroked a teasing circle over John’s hole.

“Laf don’t tease!”

John wailed, pressing back, spreading his knees farther apart and tipping his hips up, ass just out of the water.

Lafayette chuckled against his shoulder, and then his finger pressed in, agonizingly slow. John whined, and squirmed, pressing back and rocking his hips.

“More, Daddy, need more!”

A sharp slap stung his thigh.

“Hold still.”

Lafayette chided, but he added a second finger, curling them just so inside John and stroking his prostate mercilessly. John arched in the exquisite agony of firm, direct pressure on his prostate, panting hard, desperate for more.

Lafayette withdrew his fingers, smoothed his hand down John’s back, kissed his neck.


“Green, god, please Laf!”

He no longer cared that they were in public, no longer cared that he might lose his gym membership over this if they were caught. It would be well worth it.

“That’s a good boy, that’s my perfect baby boy, letting me fuck you where anyone could see.”

John cried out as Laf’s cock slid home, stretching him, filling him. Lafayette gave him no time to adjust, pulling back out and slamming home again with a fast, rough thrust.

“Is that what you want, my naughty boy? You want someone to walk in, see me pounding your tight little hole, filling it with my cum?”

Lafayette fucked him hard and fast, hips snapping against him.

“Yes, fuck, want someone to see, want them to know I’m yours, want them to see you cum in my ass.”

John babbled, coming quickly undone as Laf’s cock stroked in, nailed his prostate with every hard thrust, the idea that anyone could walk in ramping up his arousal. By the time Lafayette returned his hand to John’s cock, it took only a few quick strokes before he was coming hard into Laf’s hand, moaning loudly.

Laf’s hand appeared in front of his face, dripping with cum, and John licked it clean, sucking one of Laf’s long fingers into his mouth with a practiced swirl of his tongue just as Laf’s hips stuttered and he came deep inside John.

“My good boy.”

Laf pressed a soft kiss to the back of John’s neck and pulled out carefully. John stayed where he was, hands and knees on the pool steps, ass in the air, catching his breath. Laf tugged his briefs back up, gave his ass an affectionate squeeze.

“Come on little one, let’s get cleaned up.”

John sat up, reaching for Lafayette, who smiled and nodded, leaning down to pick John up. John nestled against him, let Laf carry him into the locker room and sit him down on a bench.

Laf wrapped a fluffy white towel around him and went to start the shower. John stayed where he was, waited for Laf to come back before he stood and shed his briefs, then followed Laf back to the showers. They washed each other’s hair, traded soft kisses under the shower stream, Laf whispering praise in John’s ear that warmed him from head to toe.

“Where’d you get the lube?”

John murmured, leaning heavily against Lafayette’s chest, the hot water on his back making him sleepy. Laf’s soft chuckle made him smile.

“I brought it, of course.”

Lafayette reached around John, turned off the water, and wrapped John in a fresh towel. Kissed his nose.

“Lafayette! We came here to learn!”

John scolded, wagging an admonishing finger at Lafayette.

“We did learn. It is good to be prepared, non?”

Lafayette lifted his hands in an unapologetic shrug, and all John could do was shake his head and laugh.

“You’re impossible.”

“You love me.”

“I do.”